JP (Jessica Patterson) did it again!! Another victory today at Steel City at the final round of Women’s Motocross for 2009! Ashley Fiolek, although broke her collarbone in moto 1, wins the 2009 AMA Women’s Motocross Championship Series!

AMA / WMA Results
1. Jessica Patterson 1/1 HON
2. Mariana Balbi 2/2 HON
3. Sara Whitmore 5/3 KTM
4. Tarah Gieger 4/4 YAM
5. Jacqueline Strong 3/7 KAW
6. Elizabeth Bash 6/6 KAW
7. Sara Price 8/5 YAM
8. Allison Vrba 10/8 YAM
9. Penni Cyrus 9/10 KAW
10. Alyssa Fitch 12/9 HON
AMA / WMA Points

Ashley Fiolek 336
Jessica Patterson 295
Sherri Cruse 258
Sara Price 208
Vicki Golden 192
Elizabeth Bash 187
Sara Whitmore 149
Penni Cyrus 134
Mariana Balbi 126
Jacqueline Strong 114

Steel City MX

Moto 1Jessica Patterson on the Gieco Powersports Honda locked in another win for Moto 1. She continued her strong riding just as in the past few weeks. Mariana Balbi definitely had her highlight of the year by taking the 2nd place position, and Jacqueline Strong reeled in 3rd position.

In Moto 2 – it was Jessica Patterson once again with the win, securing the overall. Jessica has been training with retired rrofessional MX racer, now trainer – Ryan Hughes on and off the bike, including a diet designed by Ryan which include his personal brand of organic foods. Mariana Balbi took home second place again, which makes her second overall on the day. Interesting fact about Mariana – she flies back and forth for each race from Brazil. She has contractual obligations there, which earn her the money to keep racing in the USA!

The big story of the day though – Ashley Fiolek regained her AMA Women’s National Motocross title, becoming the 2009 AMA Women’s Champion.

Click on the thumbnails to view the larger images: Mariana Balbi is number 5, Sheri Cruse is number 3, two photos of Ashley Fiolek, broken collarbone and all, receiving her number 1 plate for 2009, two more photos of Fiolek on the bike (#1), Jessica Patterson after her win at the post race press conference, number 250 is Patterson on the bike, 11 is April Zastrow.


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