James Stewart wins his sixth 450 Supercross Main Event in a row! Stewart and Reed tied on points! Ryan Dungey win 250 West Supercross Main Event and takes over points lead!

450 Supercross Results
1. James Stewart YAM
2. Chad Reed SUZ
3. Andrew Short HON
4. R Villopoto KAW
5. Davi Millsaps HON
6. Mike Alessi SUZ
7. K Windham HON
8. Michael Byrne SUZ
9. Nick Wey YAM
10. Ivan Tedesco HON
11. J Summey KTM
12. T Hahn
13. K Chisholm YAM
14. Tim Ferry KAW
15. H Voss HON
16. T Adams
17. S Boniface
18. Ben Coisy
19. Broc Hepler YAM
20. Josh Grant YAM
450 Point Standings

James Stewart 152
Chad Reed 152
Andrew Short 122
Josh Grant 112
R Villopoto 106
Ivan Tedesco 102
Kevin Windham 96
Davi Millsaps 91
Mike Alessi 83
Tim Ferry 74
Josh Hill 64
H Voss 51
P Carpenter 46
N Wey 44
B Coisy 34
K Chisholm 31
M Boni 24
J Summey 23
C Siebler 23
S Boniface 22
250 West Results
1. Ryan Dungey SUZ
2. Ryan Morais KAW
3. Jake Weimer KAW
4. Trey Canard HON
5. Ryan Sipes KTM
6. J Brayton KTM
7. C Blose HON
8. J Moss HON
9. J Alessi HON
10. C Seely SUZ
11. McCrummen HON
12. B Evans HON
13. S Borkenhagen HON
14. D Costella HON
15. A Martin HON
16. M LaPaglia SUZ
17. R Clark HON
18. D Reardon HON
19. D Bajza HON
20. M Sleeter KTM
250 West Point Standings

Ryan Dungey 135
Jake Weimer 133
Ryan Morais 124
Justin Brayton 103
Ryan Sipes 85
Chris Blose 82
Dan Reardon 59
Trey Canard 54
Jeff Alessi 51
PJ Larsen 51
McCrummen 48
B Evans 45
J Lawrence 34
A Chatfield 34
K Cunningham 33
C Seely 31
R Clark 29
S Borkenhagen 29
J Moss 20
M Sleeter 20

San Diego Supercross! Qualcomm Stadium!

It’s a beautiful day in San Diego. A lot of rain in the days previous, but today (Saturday) is glorious. The weather – great. The track – great. And the riders – they seem to be more relaxed and comfortable than any event so far this season. You’ll see in some of the photos (like Chad Reed and Ryan Villopoto) that they are wearing ‘Chargers’ gear – the Chargers are the San Diego NFL football team.

7:38pm: First heat of the night goes off – 250 West heat number 1. It’s Trey Canard with the lead, on a perfectly groomed, Rick Johnson designed track! Jake Weimer, 250 West Supercross points leader is in second. And that’s how they finish – Canard first, Weimer second.

7:50pm: 250 West heat number 2 takes off. It’s Ryan Morais and Ryan Dungey up front. At the end of the six lap heat race, it’s Ryan Dungey with the win, Ryan Morais second, and Chris Blose third.

8:00pm: First 450 Supercross heat 1 blasts off. (But first, let’s mention that Michael Byrne, number 26, riding for the Rockstar Makita Suzuki team, has made his 2009 return to racing.) Davi Millsaps emerges as the early leader, with Michael Byrne running in second. Mike Alessi is third, with Andrew Short fourth. But on lap four, Mllsaps falls over. Byrne takes over the lead … Andrew Short is right behind him though. Mike Alessi is third. On lap five, Andrew Short goes past Byrne and into the lead. It’s Short, Byrne, Alessi, and then Tedesco. Windham is in fifth. At the finish, it’s Andrew Short, Michael Byrne, Mike Alessi, Ivan Tedesco, and Kevin Windham.

8:13pm: For the first time in a long, long time as far as we can remember, the top two riders in supercross (James Stewart and Chad Reed) run together in one of the eight lap qualifying heats. In this case, it was heat number 2. And Broc Hepler has returned to racing as well. The holeshot goes to … looks like Villopoto into the corner first, but James Stewart emerges (again) out of the first corner in first place! After one lap, it’s Stewart out front, Chad Reed in second, Ryan Villopoto in third. At the halfway point, it’s James Stewart out in front, Chad Reed in second, Ryan Villopoto in third, Josh Grant in fourth, and Broc Hepler in fifth. Grant is looking a little reminiscent of the ol’ Marty Tripes – not putting his foot down as he corners, but standing up on the bike. Very cool. Villopoto and Grant are closing up on Chad Reed for second. On the last lap, it’s Stewart comfortably out front, Chad Reed finishes second, Ryan Villopoto right on his @#$ in third. Josh Grant finishes fourth, and Broc Hepler fifth.

Uh oh – a big commercial broke out in the middle of a supercross!

The 250 West 15 lap main event takes off at 9:13pm! At the end of the first lap, it’s Ryan Dungey with the lead. Ryan Morais is running second, Daniel Reardon third … points leader Jake Weimer is in sixth. At the halfway point, it’s Dungey still out front comfortably, Ryan Morais is second, team-mate Jake Weimer is third, and Trey Canard is in fourth. At the finish – Ryan Dungey shows he’s still in the hunt for the West championship, as he takes the win! Second goes to Ryan Morais, third goes to Jake Weimer, and fourth is Trey Canard. Dungey has taken over the points lead over Weimer now, by just two points!

The track, as mentioned, designed by Rick Johnson, had some nice changes on it – a lot of the corners were more ‘wide open’ instead of being tight corners. Rick’s input had some of the track’s corners more sweeping and off camber, rather than tight 90 degree or 180 degree corners.

9:38pm: The 450 Supercross Main Event shoots off the line, with Mike Alessi taking the lead out of the first corner, … but coming out of the second corner, James Stewart goes past and into the lead! Chad Reed is in second! A crash in the first corner area, which included Tim Ferry.

As they settle into their third lap, it’s Stewart out front, Chad Reed about two seconds behind, Broc Hepler is in third, followed by Mike Alessi, Andrew Short. Short goes past Alessi .. and then Hepler goes down! On the fifth lap, it’s Stewart out front, Reedy in second, Andrew Short third, then Mike Alessi, Kevin Windham, and Ryan Villopoto. Josh Grant is in listed right now in 20th place.

On lap eight, Stewart is out front cruising, Reed is in second a ways back, Andrew Short farther back. Then it’s Alessi, but the best racing so far is between Ryan Villopoto and Kevin Windham – they are bar-to-bar! Ryan Villopoto finally emerges as the leader of that battle, and is now closing up on Mike Alessi. Josh Grant’s bike goes careening off the track, and Josh is tumbling off the track as well.

On lap 13, James Stewart is looking like he’s heading for his sixth main event win in a row … and he’ll take over the points lead for the 2009 AMA/FIM Supercross Series Championship as well. (Actually, he and Chad will be tied, but Stewart wins the tie-breaker with more wins.) Chad is in second, about eight seconds back. Third is Andrew Short. Fourth is Ryan Villopoto, and Davi Millsaps has moved up to fifth. Josh Grant is being taken off the track in the medical cart.

James Stewart is making it look easy. After 20 laps, he takes his sixth win in a row of the season. Amazing. Chad Reed finishes second. They are now tied on points as the series heads to Atlanta. Third is Honda’s best rider this season, Andrew Short. Fourth goes to Ryan Villopoto, then Davi Millsaps, followed by Mike Alessi and Kevin Windham.

Next week, the 250 Supercross class East Coast series gets going again, as the West Coast riders get to take a break. Next week’s race will be in Atlanta.

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