Kevin Windham wins 450cc supercross in Texas – his first win in three years.

Austin Stroupe wins first ever 250cc Western Lites Main.

450 Supercross Results
1. Kevin Windham HON
2. Chad Reed YAM
3. Tim Ferry KAW
4. Josh Hill YAM
5. Andrew Short HON
6. Nate Ramsey YAM
7. Josh Summey YAM
8. Davi Millsaps HON
9. Nick Wey KTM
10. David Vuillemin SUZ
11. Paul Carpenter HON
12. Ryan Clark HON
13. Jeff Gibson KAW
14. Jake Marsack HON
15. Jason Thomas HON
16. Dustly Klatt KAW
17. B Johnson HON
18. Antonio Balbi HON
19. Josh Hansen YAM
20. Travis Preston KAW
450 Supercross Points
Chad Reed 169
Kevin Windham 137
Tim Ferry 119
Andrew Short 101
Davi Milsaps 98
Nate Ramsey 85
Josh Hill 82
Nick Wey 77
Mike Alessi 69
David Vuillemin 60
Paul Carpenter 54
Ivan Tedesco 53
Josh Summey 53
James Stewart 47
Grant Langston 38
Heath Voss 36
Troy Adams 36
Josh Hansen 32
Eric Sorby 30
Jake Marsack 29
250 Lites West Results
1. Austin Stroupe KAW
2. Jason Lawrence YAM
3. Jake Weimer HON
4. Ryan Dungey SUZ
5. Brett Metcalfe KAW
6. Daniel Reardon HON
7. Robert Kiniry
8. Wil Hahn YAM
9. Michael Lapaglia SUZ
10. Matt Lemoine YAM
11. Kyle Cunningham
12. Thomas Hahn
13. Billy Laninovich KTM
14. Michael Blose SUZ
15. Chris Blose SUZ
16. Jeff Northrup HON
17. Adam Chatfield SUZ
18. B Graham KTM
19. B Sheren SUZ
20. Matt Willard HON
250 Lites West Points
Jason Lawrence 135
Ryan Dungey 129
Austin Stroupe 113
Brett Metcalfe 112
Thomas Hahn 101
Daniel Reardon 95
Justin Brayton 85
Robert Kiniry 71
Wil Hahn 69
Billy Laninovich 62
Gavin Gracyk 62
Broc Hepler 59
Kyle Cunningham 57
Jake Weimer 55
Chris Blose 52
Michael LaPaglia 49
Jeff Northrop 39
Michael Blose 33
Matt Willard 29
Andrew McFarlane 17


Kevin Windham wins 450cc supercross in Texas … his first win in three years! Austin Stroupe wins his first ever 250cc Western Lites Main.

450 Supercross class: Davi Millsaps was the early leader, but he crashed. Kevin Windham was then the leader, and he rode strongly all the way to the win in the 20 lap main event – no contest! It’s Kevin’s first victory in three years!

Second on the night went to series points leader Chad Reed, riding smartly to maintain his championship points lead, after not-so-great start. Third place went to Tim Ferry. Millsaps eventually worked his way back up to 8th place. Reed leads Windham in the series point standings, 169 – 137.

250 Western Division Lites class: There were three story-lines – Austin Stroupe, Jason Lawrence, and Ryan Dungey.

Austin Stroupe, a rookie riding for Team Pro Circuit Kawasaki, won his first ever supercross main event!

Jason Lawrence, who is battling with Ryan Dungey for the points lead, finished in second place, and has a six point lead over Dungey, as the Western Division has one round left to decide the championship between those two riders – the Seattle event in April. The West series takes a break until then, as the Eastern Division series gets going next Saturday night in Atlanta.

Dungey was an early leader in the race, but fell two times, eventually working his way back to fourth place.


Round 7 - AMA Supercross 2008, Houston, TX - Feb 16 - Photo 1 of 2
Round 7 - AMA Supercross 2008, Houston, TX - Feb 16 - Photo 2 of 2

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