Ryan Villopoto wins Anaheim Supercross! Josh Hill and Ryan Dungey tied for 450 Supercross points lead! Trey Canard wins 250 West Main Event! Weimer eighth! 2010 AMA Supercross Series heads East to Indy next weekend!

450 Supercross Results
1. Ryan Villopoto

2. Josh Hill

3. Kevin Windham

4. Ryan Dungey

5. Davi Millsaps

6. Justin Brayton

7. Kyle Chisholm

8. Michael Byrne

9. Dan Reardon

10. Nick Wey

11. Ivan Tedesco

12. Chris Blose

13. Grant Langston

14. J Browne

15. Fabien Izoird

16. Cyrille Coulon

17. Justin Keeney

18. Weston Peick

19. Jason Thomas

20. Matt Boni

450 Point standings

Ryan Dungey 123

Josh Hill 123

Ryan Villopoto

Davi Millsaps 98

Ivan Tedesco 87

Justin Brayton 87

Kevin Windham 86

Andrew Short 69
Nick Wey 61
Thomas Hahn 56

Kyle Chisholm 53

James Stewart 51

Michael Byrne 49
Grant Langston 40
Chris Blose 35
Fabien Izoird 32
Jason Thomas 27

Dan Reardon

Cyrille Coulon 20
Austin Stroupe 18

250 West Results
1. Trey Canard

2. Broc Tickle

3. Wil Hahn

4. Blake Wharton

5. PJ Larsen

6. P Nicoletti


7. Travis Baker

8. Jake Weimer

9. Antonio Balbi

10. Jeff Alessi YAM
11. Ryan Clark HON
12. S Borkenhagen

13. Hunter Hewitt

14. E McCrummen

15. Robert Kiniry

16. Chris Gosselaar

17. Josh Hansen

18. T Reidmam

19. Tiger Lacey

20. Hugo Dagod

250 West point standings

Jake Weimer 135

Trey Canard 121
Wil Hahn 114

Broc Tickle 100
Blake Wharton 89
Cole Seely 76
Max Anstie 63
Josh Hansen 60
Phil Nicoletti 56
Jeff Alessi 56
Travis Baker 54

Robert Kiniry 44

Ryan Morais 42

Hunter Hewitt 35

Antonio Balbi 33
Ryan Clark 32

C Gosselaar 31

Gautier Paulin 30
Borkenhagen 30

PJ Larsen 29

Angel Stadium

Great weather for the last California Supercross of the 2010 season. It’s warm and sunny. It’s also the last ‘supercross’ for the Western Regional riders for a while, as the East Regional riders start their part of the 2010 AMA Supercross season at the next event, which is next Saturday in Indianapolis.

Today is a special day, as everyone participates in a special Breast Cancer Awareness Day!

7:29pm – time for racing! The 250 West Regional Lites class heat number one takes off. Early leader is Josh Hansen number 100. He is followed by Blake Wharton and Broc Tickle. At the end of this six lap race, it’s Josh Hansen winning, Wharton second, and Tickle third.

250 Heat 2 – no surprise on the guy up front – 250 West series points leader Jake Weimer! But Jake is passed by Trey Canard! On the third lap, it’s Canard and Weimer first and second, with Max Anstie in third. However, there are some major crashes – this race has been red-flagged.

The restart has Jake Weimer up front, Wil Hahn is second, Trey Canard is third. Great race between the top three – very close! Weimer holds on to win, Hahn is next, followed by Canard.

Now it’s time for the two 450 Supercross Qualifying heats. In heat one, it’s Ryan Dungey with the holeshot! He’s followed by Kevin Windham, Matt Boni and Davi Millsaps as they complete the first lap. This is a great track design Feld Motorsports has put together for this final Anaheim race of 2010. Challenging, lots of lines, a sand section, interesting new corner designs – makes for great racing. Dungey is holding off Windham as the laps tick by. Millsaps has moved into third.

At the end of this eight lap race, it’s Ryan Dungey with the victory. Windham finishes second, and Millsaps third.

450 Supercross heat two – it’s Josh Hill out front! He’s followed by Justin Brayton, Daniel Reardon, Ryan Villopoto, and Ivan Tedesco. At the end of this race, it’s Josh Hill with the win! He’s followed by Justin Brayton, Ryan Villopoto, and Ivan Tedesco.

Time for the 250 Main Event! Wil Hahn with the lead off the gate! At the end of lap one with have three guys going for it up front! Hahn, Canard, and Jake Weimer! Canard passes Hahn for the lead going into a left hand corner. It’s Canard leading on lap three, Hahn second, Weimer third, and Broc Tickle right behind them!

Canard is pulling a bit of a lead. Weimer had gone down! It’s Canard leading, Tickle is in second, Hahn is next … and Weimer had remounted in 19th place. Lap times are averaging right around 1 minute exactly.

At approximately the halfway point of this 15 lap main event, it’s Canard with a nice lead, Broc Tickle is running second, Wil Hahn third, Blake Wharton is fourth, PJ Larsen is fifth, and Jake Weimer has moved to 12th.

At the end of the main, it’s a convincing victory for Trey Canard! Broc Tickle puts in his best ride with a second. Wil Hahn is third, followed by Blake Wharton and PJ Larsen. Jake Weimer comes back to finish eighth after a crash.

At 9:59pm, the 450 Supercross class Main Event takes off! The leader is …. Ryan Villopoto followed by Josh Hill, Davi Millsaps, then Kevin Windham and Ryan Dungey.

This is a 20 lap main event. At the five lap mark, it’s Villopoto with the lead, Josh Hill second, Davi Millsaps third, Kevin Windham fourth, and Ryan Dungey fifth. The top five are evenly spread out, but going very fast.

On lap eight, Villopoto is starting to run into lappers. The next four guys (Hill, Millsaps, Windham and Dungey) are very close together now! At the halfway point (10 laps in), it’s Villopoto with a comfortable lead, then Hill, Windham and Dungey are racing hard. Millsaps back to fifth. Great racing between Hill, Windham and Dungey. Dungey spins out in a corner, doesn’t crash, but Millsaps goes past. The running order on lap 14 – Villopoto, Hill, Windham, Millsaps, Dungey.

Villopoto has lead this thing from start to finish. He wins the 450 Supercross Main Event! Second place is Josh Hill, third place goes to Kevin Windham, next is Ryan Dungey, and then Davi Millsaps.

Ryan Dungey and Josh Hill are now tied on points for the 2010 AMA Supercross Series Championship!

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Click on thumbnail to view larger image – photos by Gerald Geronimo. Blake Wharton 21, Wil Hahn 49, 12 is Jake Weimer, 20 is Broc Tickle who had his best finish ever in supercross, Jake Weimer 12, Trey Canard winning the 250 Main Event, the 250 podium, 450 Supercross class start, Josh Hill number 75, number 5 Ryan Dungey, 14 is Kevin Windham, Ryan Villopoto number 2 winning the 450 Supercross Main Event, 450 podium with ‘the pink chair’, Jeff Alessi 801, Cora and Laurette, Davi Millsaps and the Big A sign, number 20 Broc Tickle, number 49 is Wil Hahn, 38 is Trey Canard, Blake Wharton number 21 thru the sand section, number 48 is Max Anstie, number 12 Jake Weimer, number 9 is Ivan Tedesco, number 100 is Josh Hansen, next photo is a shot of the ‘over / under’ bridge, Jason Lawrence 338 leads Ryan Villopoto 2 in practice, number 14 is Kevin Windham, number 75 is Josh Hill, 5 is Supercross Series points leader Ryan Dungey, final photo is overview of track in morning.

Facts & stats courtesy Feld Motor Sports:

AMA Supercross Class Titles by Brand: Honda: 15 (1982, ’83, ’84, ’86, ’88, ’89, ’90, ’91, ’92, ’93, ’94, ’95, ’96, ’02, ’03), Yamaha: 11 (1974, ’77, ’78, ’79, ’80, ’98, ’99, ’00, ’04, ’08, ’09), Kawasaki: 6 (1976, ’85, ’87, ’97, ’01, ’07), Suzuki: 3 (1981, ’05, ’06), Can-Am: 1 (1975)

AMA Supercross Class Wins by Brand: Honda: 192 (First win 1976), Yamaha: 161 (First win 1974), Kawasaki: 94 (First win 1976), Suzuki: 53 (First win 1976), Can-Am: 7 (First win 1974), CZ: 2 (First win 1974)

AMA Supercross Class Champions: Jeremy McGrath: 7 (’93, ’94, ’95, ’96, ’98, ’99, ’00), Ricky Carmichael: 5 (’01, ’02, ’03, ’05, ’06), Bob Hannah: 3 (’77, ’78, ’79), Jeff Stanton: 3 (’89, ’90, ’92), Jeff Ward: 2 (’85, ’87), Chad Reed: 2 (’04, ’08), James Stewart: 2 (’07, ’09), Rick Johnson: 2 (’86, ’88), Jim Ellis: 1 (’75), Jim Weinert: 1 (’76), Mike Bell: 1 (’80), Mark Barnett: 1 (’81), Donnie Hansen: 1 (’82), David Bailey: 1 (’83), Johnny O’Mara: 1 (’84), J. M. Bayle: 1 (’91), Jeff Emig: 1 (’97)

Round 6 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2010 - Anaheim - Feb 13 - Photo 31 of 31


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