Ryan Dungey has won the Anaheim III Supercross 20 lap Main Event. Second place goes to Davi Millsaps. Ryan Villopoto finishes eighth. Millsaps maintains the series points lead. In the 250 West SX class, Kenny Roczen has won the main event and extends his points lead heading into San Diego next weekend.

The track - 9am Saturday morning

The track – 9am Saturday morning

In the 250 West SX Qualifying, it’s defending champion Eli Tomac on top with the quickest lap of 51.9 seconds. Current series points leader Kenny Roczen is second at 52.2. Third thru tenth – Jason Anderson, Martin Davalos, Zach Osborne, Kyke Cunningham, Max Anstie, Christian Craig, Travis Baker, and Tyla Rattray (53.6). 65 riders are attempting to qualify.

In 450 SX Qualifying, in the last practice session it’s James Stewart on top with his quickest lap at 51.7 seconds. Defending series champion Ryan Villopoto is next at 52.4 seconds. Then it’s Josh Grant 52.5, Davi Millsaps 52.6, Trey Canard 52.8, Chad Reed 52.9, Ryan Dungey 53 even, Justin Barcia 53.3, Justin Brayton 53.5 and Jake Weimer tenth at 53.6. There are 53 riders entered into Qualifying.

James Stewart - quickest in practice today

James Stewart – quickest in practice today – 450 SX

Today also includes the return of the KJSC – the KTM Junior Supercross Challenge.

To view the AMA’s (American Motorcyclist Association) Live Timing, you can open this link to their site.


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7:40pm – 250 West Heat 1 – Martin Davalos emerges with the early lead. At the end of the first lap, he leads, followed by Jessy Nelson, Ken Roczen, Cole Seely, and Derek Anderson.

Next lap – Roczen goes by J Nelson. Seely goes past Anderson. It’s Davalos leading Roczen, then Nelson, Seely, Anderson. Is there enough time in this six lap race for Roczen to catch Davalos?

It’s Davalos leading on lap four over Roczen by about 4 seconds. Team-mates Nelson and Seely are battling for third.

Davalos wins. Roczen second. Seely moves to third.

7:55pm – 250 West Heat 2 – holeshot goes to#1 Eli Tomac. Second is his team-mate Zach Osborne. Halfway thru the first lap, Joe Savatgy going inside Osborne – and Zach hits the dirt. His bike is pushed off the track, and he’s sitting down on the side of the track.

Meanwhile, Eli Tomac is riding with purpose. Determined. He’s riding strong and pulling away.

Tomac is dominating. Jason Anderson is pulling up on Joey Savatgy to battle for second. They are close … and Anderson goes down!

Tomac wins. Savatgy second. Anderson remounts for third.

8:09pm – 450 SX Heat 1 – Davi Millsaps rockets out of the first turn in the lead. Justin Barcia is second. The 450’s set a fast pace, and sound incredibly powerful. At the end of the first lap it’s Millsaps, Barcia, Robert Kiniry, Phil Nicoletti … then Chad Reed. Ryan Villopoto is 12th!

Davi Millsaps and Justin Barcia are checking out. Very aggressive and fast. And a man on a mission – Andrew Short – he has jumped up all the way to third! Fourth is Reed. Ryan Villopoto has moved to ninth. We are halfway thru this eight lap race.

On lap six, Davi Millsaps is slightly pulling away from Barcia. On the inside of a tight left hand corner, Reedy slips underneath Short to take over third. Running order – Millsaps, Barcia, Reed, Short … and Ryan Villopoto up to fifth!

Davi Millsaps wins. Then Barcia, Reed, Short, Villopoto. Nice race.

8:24pm – 450 SX Heat 2 – Josh Grant with the holeshot! Ryan Dungey has some problem at the end of the start straight – he’s stopped. He gets moving again – very slowly. Looks like the back of the bike is low and compressed – like the rear shock is broken. He rides straight into the tunnel and heads back to the pits.

Lap 3 – it’s Joe Gibbs MX Racing team-mates Josh Grant and Justin Brayton up front. Mike Alessi next. Then Trey Canard. James Stewart is sixth after a bad start.

Halfway thru lap 5 – Canard has moved into third. And Stewart puts a move on Alessi. Running order as they start lap six – Grant, Brayton, Canard, Stewart, Alessi.

Brayton moves by Grant on lap seven … and now those top four are close. It’s Brayton, Grant, Canard, Stewart …

Last lap – Canard gets sideways out of a turn and over a small jump. Stewart goes by. The finish – Justin Brayton wins. Josh Grant second. James Stewart third. Trey Canard fourth, Mike Alessi fifth.

LCQ Drama: In the 250 LCQ, it was Zach Osborne winning, with Christian Craig second. Two people that did not make the main event – Tyla Rattray and Malcolm Stewart. And in the 450 LCQ – more drama. Ryan Dungey was in this race – and he was involved in a massive pile up in the second corner. Ryan came all the way up to second in this short race to make it to the main event. Jimmy Albertson was the winner.

9:31pm. Time for the 250 West SX Main Event. 15 laps. Joey Savatgy leads Kenny Roczen and Martin Davalos out of the gate!

Not for long though. Ken Roczen goes into first quickly. Martin Davalos moves to second. Savatgy third. Travis Baker is next, followed by Zach Osborne. Eli Tomac is eighth.

At the end of lap five, Roczen is riding just like he’s done when he won the MX2 World Championship. Strong. Aggressive. Smooth. Stylish. And fast. Martin Davalos is running well in second. Although a ways back, Joey Savatgy in third. Eli Tomac has moved up to fourth.

Lap ten: Roczen leading, but Davalos is hanging tough. Eli Tomac is third – a good distance back. Fourth is Kyle Cunningham, then Travis Baker, Zach Osborne, and Joey Savatgy. Jason Anderson is next. Cole Seely is having a tough ride in 12th.

Ken Roczen has won. Just like last week. And he extends his series points lead. Martin Davalos with a nice ride in second. Eli Tomac finishes third. (Full results below.)

Kenny Roczen wins the 250 Main event - 2013 Anaheim 3 Supercross

Ken Roczen

10:02pm. Time for the 450 SX Main Event. 20 laps. It’s barely noticeable … but there is a slight mist failing. Not enough to be considered rain. But maybe enough to mist up riders’ goggles quicker than normal. It’s not affecting the track at all.

It’s Mike Alessi with the holeshot! Ryan Dungey is second! Then Trey Canard and Davi Millsaps. James Stewart follows. Then Barcia. Those top six are close.

Towards the end of the second lap, Mike Alessi goes down. Ryan Dungey is leading. He’s now chased by Davi Millsaps. And James Stewart! Barcia is next, then Canard. Villopoto is ninth. Reed is 11th.

Lap four – Millsaps is hounding Dungey. Stewart right behind. Great race.

Running order at the end of lap five – Dungey, Millsaps, Stewart, Barcia, Andrew Short, Broc Tickle, Chad Reed, Matt Goerke, Kyle Chisholm, Trey Canard … where is Ryan Villopoto? Villopoto has dropped to 16th.

Lap 7 – on a tight left hand corner, Stewart goes inside and passes Millsaps for second. Dungey leads, Stewart now second, then Millsaps.

Halfway point – lap ten. Dungey is starting to pull away. He’s on his way to  his first Main Event win of the season. Had to go thru an LCQ to do it. And if he wins, it would make a KTM sweep combined with Roczen’s win in the 250’s.

Running order – Dungey, Stewart, Millsaps, Barcia, Short, Chad Reed, Tickle, Canard, Matt Goerke, Kyle Chisholm, Justin Brayton, and Ryan Villopoto 12th out of 20 riders.

Lap 14. Davi Millsaps passes James Stewart to take back second place! Dungey leads, Millsaps second, Stewart third, Barcia fourth, and Chad Reed is fifth. Trey Canard eighth. Ryan Villopoto ninth.

Barcia battles past Stewart!

Ryan Dungey has won this race. Amazing night for both he and KTM. Davi Millsaps finishes second. Justin Barcia third. Then James Stewart and Chad Reed. RV finishes in eighth. What a race! (Full results below.)

Ryan Dungey had a great night in Anaheim

Ryan Dungey

250 West Main Event Results:

  1. Ken Roczen – KTM
  2. Martin Davalos – KAW
  3. Eli Tomac – HON
  4. Kyle Cunningham – YAM
  5. Jason Anderson – SUZ
  6. Travis Baker –
  7. Joey Savatgy – KTM
  8. Austin Politelli
  9. Max Anstie – SUZ
  10. Jessy Nelson – HON
  11. Zach Osborne – HON
  12. Cole Seely – HON
  13. Christian Craig – HON
  14. Josh Cachia
  15. Scott Champion
  16. Kade Mosig
  17. Jean Ramos
  18. Dakota Tedder
  19. Tyler Bereman
  20. Derek Anderson

250 West Point standings:

  1. Ken Roczen -116
  2. Eli Tomac – 96
  3. Cole Seely – 89
  4. Martin Davalos – 70
  5. Jason Anderson – 68
  6. Zach Osborne – 68
  7. Kyle Cunningham – 67
  8. Christian Craig – 54
  9. Joey Savatgy – 52
  10. Jessy Nelson – 49
  11. Malcolm Stewart – 45
  12. Tyla Rattray – 45
  13. Austin Politelli – 39
  14. Travis Baker – 38
  15. Max Anstie – 38
  16. Ryan Sipes – 31
  17. Jake Canada – 21
  18. Josh Cachia – 20
  19. Michael Leib – 16
  20. Jean Ramos – 14

450 Main Event Results:

  1. Ryan Dungey – KTM
  2. Davi Millsaps – SUZ
  3. Justin Barcia – HON
  4. James Stewart – SUZ
  5. Chad Reed – HON
  6. Andrew Short – HON
  7. Trey Canard – HON
  8. Ryan Villopoto – KAW
  9. Broc Tickle – SUZ
  10. Justin Brayton – YAM
  11. Matt Lemoine –
  12. Jimmy Albertson
  13. Matt Goerke – KTM
  14. Kyle Chisholm
  15. Vince Friese
  16. PJ Larsen
  17. Mike Alessi – SUZ
  18. Josh Grant – YAM
  19. Chris Blose
  20. Jake Weimer – KAW

450 Point standings:

  1. Davi Millsaps – 107
  2. Ryan Dungey – 93
  3. Trey Canard – 92
  4. Ryan Villopoto – 90
  5. Chad Reed – 81
  6. Andrew Short – 71
  7. Justin Barcia – 61
  8. James Stewart – 56
  9. Justin Brayton – 53
  10. Jake Weimer – 48
  11. Matt Goerke – 47
  12. Broc Tickle – 47
  13. Josh Grant – 40
  14. Kyle Chisholm – 37
  15. Vince Friese – 30
  16. Mike Alessi – 29
  17. Matt Lemoine – 26
  18. Weston Peick – 22
  19. Kevin Windham – 21
  20. Jimmy Albertson – 21

Ryan Dungey and Chad Reed watching the fast 250 guys

Ryan Dungey and Chad Reed watching the fast 250 guys

James Stewart and Justin Barcia checking out the 250 practice

James Stewart and Justin Barcia checking out the 250 practice


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