Round five of the 2012 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, CA – the win goes to Ryan Villopoto! James Stewart second, Chad Reed third, and Ryan Dungey fourth. Villopoto takes over points lead. In West Lites Regional, Eli Tomac wins 15 Lap Main Event, and extends points lead.

Angel Stadium

Another beautiful day. Check out the track photos – this week there are two different sand sections that should make for some great racing. (Results, points, more photos, and videos below.)

Round 5 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2012 - Anaheim II - Photo 1 of 46
Track overview

Top 10 250 West Lites qualifying – Valli/Star Racing/Rockstar/Yamaha’s Nico Izzi was fastest (56.57 seconds), Ryan Sipes (56.69 seconds), Cole Seely (57.08 seconds), Dean Wilson (57.35 seconds), Eli Tomac (57.46 seconds)

Top qualifying times in the premiere Supercross class – Muscle Milk Honda Racing’s Justin Brayton had the fastest time of the day so far (55.87 seconds) over James Stewart (55.905), Ryan Villopoto (55.92 seconds), Ryan Dungey (56.22 seconds), Kevin Windham (56.31 seconds), and Chad Reed (56.38 seconds).

Round 5 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2012 - Anaheim II - Photo 3 of 46
Kenny Roczen with his dog Rocky

Opening ceremonies kicked off with yet another spectacular transfer jump by fan favorite, Kevin Windham. His leap from the finish line jump landing to another section of track was measured at 97 feet. Even in Supercross racing, that is big! Once again, following James Stewart’s introduction, the crowd both cheered and booed for the star racer, but series co-leader Ryan Dungey was greeted with welcoming applause. Chad Reed and Ryan Villopoto both said that they are excited to be in Anaheim.

250 West Heat 1 – 7:31pm Vince Friese seems to like Anaheim as he jumped out to another holeshot, but was quickly overtaken by B. Huffman – briefly. Friese re-took the lead position after one lap. Veteran Lites rider Martin Davalos had a top five start, but as one of the quickest qualifiers of the day, jumped from fifth to first by lap two. Dean Wilson also worked his way through the pack early on and was able to get within striking distance of the number 31 Suzuki.

On lap three, Wilson was able to square off Davalos and overtake the lead, rapidly opening up a sizable gap back to second place. As the second fastest qualifier of the day, Ryan Sipes did not seem ready to settle for the second place position after moving around Davalos. Instead, he went on a charge after Wilson. But at the finish, Sipes was just a split second off and had to settle for second after all.

The finishing order was Wilson with the win, Sipes, Davalos, Friese, and Ryan Marmont in fifth. Also qualifying to the main event were Killy Rusk, Topher Ingalls, J. Ramos, and Matt Moss.

250 West Heat 2 Billy Laninovich holeshot, but Marvin Musquin quickly passed the Honda privateer for the lead. Within the first lap, Musquin, Eli Tomac, and Nico Izzi seemed to be in a class of their own, as they broke away from the rest of the pack. But Anaheim I winner Cole Seely was not about to let them get away that quickly, gaining tenths of a second each lap.

On lap three, Tomac had figured out some unique timing through the first rhythm section, which he used to get around Musquin. Meanwhile, Seely had gained on Izzi, who was the fastest qualifier of the day, and began to pressure the Yamaha rider for the number three position. On the final lap, Seely was able to make the move in the second turn, placing bumping him up to third place.

The finishing order: Tomac wins, Musquin second, Seely third, Izzi fourth, and Michael Leib fifth. Rounding out the top nine were Billy Laninovich, Bruce Rutherford, Gavin Faith, and Jason Anderson.

450 Heat 1 – 7:58pm. Ryan Dungey looked to have the holeshot, but James Stewart snagged the number one position and within one lap, already had a three second lead over second place rider Josh Hansen. Dungey did not want Stewart getting away too quickly, and was the first to get around the number 100 rider, followed shortly thereafter by Chad Reed.

The damage had already been done. With Stewart’s blistering pace – already had a six second lead on Dungey in second place … until Stewart had a get-off in the first rhythm section that took him out of the race, and had the Asterisk Mobile Medical staff immediately on site. Fortunately, Stewart was up and walking before the end of the race.

Dungey inherited the lead following Stewart’s crash, and he and Reed were ready to capitalize on Stewart’s misfortune. Edging ever closer to Dungey as the laps clicked off, Reed would set himself up to make a pass in the whoops on three different occassions, with the crowd going wild at every attempt. On the final lap, Reed nearly made the move work thanks to his excellent whoop skills, but Dungey was able to fight the number 22 off for the win.

At the finish Dungey took the win, followed closely by Reed. Finishing out the top nine were Andrew Short third, Josh Hansen fourth, Broc Tickle fifth, Kyle Partridge sixth, Jeff Alessi seventh, Justin Sipes, and Nick Wey.

450 Heat 2 – Holeshot artist Mike Alessi had the best jump off the gate, but was quickly passed by Davi Millsaps. Following the lead duo were Jake Weimer, Justin Brayton, and Kevin Windham as they entered lap three. Defending champ, Ryan Villopoto had not gotten the greatest of starts and was forced to work his way through the pack. However, before the halfway point, he had worked his way well into qualifying position.

Before the end of lap three, Millsaps made a mistake in the second turn, low-siding his machine. Alessi did not see the error himself, clipped Millsaps’ bike and also went down. Brayton and Weimer took over the lead, but in the tight right handed sand section next, the two were very close together and Weimer got pushed over the berm.

Brayton would go onto lead the next several laps before a charging Villopoto would force his way around the Honda rider and take over the lead with one lap remaining.

Villopoto takes the win, ahead of Justin Brayton, Mike Alessi, Kevin Windham, and Davi Millsaps. Jake Weimer, Kyle Chisholm, Brett Metcalfe, and Weston Peick rounded out the top nine qualifying positions.

Following his big Heat Race crash, Stewart not only walked off the track, but was able to line up again for the Last Chance Qualifier. After making it cleanly through the first turn mayhem, Stewart only had to deal with Jimmy Albertson, whom he passed on the first lap. From there the number seven rider would go onto an easy win, saving his championship hopes, and would eventually go onto an easy win in front of the sold out crowd.

250 Lites West 15 Lap Main Event – Cole Seely jumped out to another great start in front of his hometown crowd, followed closely by Eli Tomac, Marvin Musquin, Nico izzi, and Dean Wilson. Tomac, in all red and white including his number plate, looked ready to put a charge toward Seely in the opening laps, but Seely seemed to find some extra speed. Just before the mechanic’s area on lap three, Seely washed out in the flat turn, and Tomac took over the number one position. Seely was able to remount very quickly to salvage second.

Further back, Wilson was not content with fifth place and put a solid block pass on Izzi just before the whoop section. As the laps clicked off, Tomac continued to increase the gap back to second. At the same time, Wilson continued to close the gap on third place rider Marvin Musquin. Izzi had started the race off well, but seemed to move backward through the pack, being displaced by Ryan Sipes by the mid-point of the race. Unfortunately, Sipes progress took a step backward when he fell in a sand section in the closing laps.

Meanwhile Tomac continued to put in an impressive ride – racing to his third victory in a row for aboard his GEICO/ Honda CRF250. Seely held on for second, followed by Musquin, WIlson, and Izzi.

Round 5 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2012 - Anaheim II - Photo 4 of 46

450 Supercross Main Event – Justin Brayton jumped out to a great start, but overshot the turn allowing Ryan Villopoto and Chad Reed to slip by. A few mistakes in the whoops behind the lead pack caused some carnage, but out front Reed and Villopoto were in front. By the end of the first lap, Villopoto had moved into first, with Reed in second, followed by Brayton, Millsaps, and Stewart. Stewart, knowing he had the speed to run up front, quickly moved his JGR ahead of teammate of Millsaps, and shortly thereafter overtook Brayton.

A clear track in front allowed Villopoto to lay down the fastest lap of the night, increasing the gap back to second. As the race neared the halfway point, Stewart was within two seconds of Reed, but did not seem to be gaining on his career-long rival. Further back, series co-points leader Ryan Dungey had to battle with the likes of Millsaps, who he eventually passed. But Brayton proved to be a new challenge for the former SX and MX champion.

Just as it looked like Stewart was settling into Reed’s pace, he found a place to make a move on the number 22, forcing the issue in the same rhythm section that he crashed in during his heat race. The distance up to Villopoto, while big, was not necessarily insurmountable. With the laps winding down, Villopoto’s lead decreased ever so slowly and he looked to be cruising to his second win of the year.

On the last lap, Stewart and Reed had continued to eat away at Villopoto’s lead, but the defending Supercross champ was unrelenting. Villopoto captured his second win of the season, becoming the first repeat winner of 2012. Stewart, Reed, Dungey, and Brayton rounded out the top five.

Round 5 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2012 - Anaheim II - Photo 5 of 46

Anaheim II Supercross Photo Gallery – click on the thumbnails to view larger images!
250 West 15 Lap Main Event Results
  1. Eli Tomac – HON
  2. Cole Seely – HON
  3. Marvin Musquin – KTM
  4. Dean Wilson – KAW
  5. Nico Izzi – YAM
  6. Michael Leib – HON
  7. Matt Moss – KTM
  8. Vince Friese – HON
  9. Travis Baker – HON
Supercross 20 Lap Main Event Results
  1. Ryan Villopoto – KAW
  2. James Stewart – YAM
  3. Chad Reed – HON
  4. Ryan Dungey – KTM
  5. Justin Brayton – HON
  6. Kevin Windham – HON
  7. Davi Millsaps – YAM
  8. Mike Alessi – SUZ
  9. Brett Metcalfe – SUZ
  10. Broc Tickle – KAW
250 West Point Standings
  1. Eli Tomac – 113
  2. Dean Wilson – 91
  3. Marvin Musquin – 84
  4. Cole Seely – 79
  5. Zach Osborne – 67
  6. Nico Izzi – 62
  7. Tyla Rattray – 60
  8. Jason Anderson – 54
  9. Matt Moss – 53
  10. Ryan Sipes – 53
Supercross Point Standings
  1. Ryan Villopoto – 108
  2. Chad Reed – 105
  3. Ryan Dungey – 103
  4. James Stewart – 95
  5. Kevin Windham – 73
  6. Jake Weimer – 71
  7. Andrew Short – 59
  8. Brett Metcalfe – 57
  9. Davi Millsaps – 56
  10. Justin Brayton – 53


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