James Stewart wins 20 lap Anaheim 2 Supercross Main Event. Josh Hansen wins 15 lap 250 West Regional Main Event. Round five 2011 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series, an FIM World Championship, at Angel Stadium in Anaheim!

Supercross Results
1.James StewartYAM
2.Ryan VillopotoKAW
3.Chad ReedHON
4.Justin BraytonYAM
5.Trey CanardHON
6.Andrew ShortKTM
7.Ivan TedescoKAW
8.Kevin WindhamHON
9.Mike AlessiKTM
10.Davi MillsapsYAM
11.Brett MetcalfeSUZ
12.Kyle RegalYAM
13.Matt BoniKAW
14.Kyle ChisholmYAM
15.Nick WeyYAM
16.Tye SimmondsKTM
17.Jason ThomasSUZ
18.Chris BloseKAW
19.F IzoirdKAW
20.Ryan DungeySUZ
Supercross Points
James Stewart117
Ryan Villopoto112
Chad Reed90
Trey Canard87
Ryan Dungey79
Brett Metcalfe67
Andrew Short64
Kevin Windham59
Justin Brayton57
Ivan Tedesco48
Kyle Chisholm46
Davi Millsaps44
Kyle Regal38
Nick Wey35
Chris Blose31
Matt Boni20
Mike Alessi20
Weston Peick15
Jason Thomas14
Grant, Stroupe12
250 Lites West Results
1.Josh HansenKAW
2.Eli TomacHON
3.Ken RoczenKTM
4.Broc TickleKAW
5.K CunninghamYAM
6.M DavalosSUZ
7.Ryan MoraisSUZ
8.B RutherfordKAW
9.R MarmontKTM
10.J DecotisHON
11.Cole SeelyHON
12.A BalbiKAW
13.J CanadaKAW
14.Ben EvansKAW
15.S ChampionKAW
16.C HinsonKTM
17.K BeatonKAW
18.P EckmanHON
19.Y IkegayaSUZ
20.N PaluzziYAM
250 Lites West Points

Josh Hansen113
Broc Tickle105
Eli Tomac91
Ryan Morais84
Cole Seely70
Ken Roczen69
Martin Davalos60
K Cunningham60
Tyla Rattray58
James Decotis51
Ryan Marmont48
A Balbi40
Nick Paluzzi39
Bruce Rutherford38
Travis Baker37
Ben Evans34
Jake Canada29
Casey Hinson16
S Champion15
Gared Steinke10

Angel Stadium

A beautiful day in southern California, as round 5 of the 2011 AMA Supercross Series come to Anaheim for the final time this year. It’s a pink-themed breast cancer awareness event as well.

There is a tangible excitement and buzz in the air for this event, starting early in the day. The event was announced as a sell out early on, not one ticket to be had anywhere. As mentioned in a previous article on Supercross.com this week – the sport of Supercross seems recession proof. The racing hasn’t even started yet and this place is off the hook.

As the lights go out the opening ceremonies begin with music, lights, lasers, fireworks and more.

Gate drops for the first race of the night – the 250 West Regional Heat 1. It’s Kyle Cunningham number 35 on his Yamaha in the lead. He’s being chased by number 19 Eli Tomac. A ways back is Ryan Morais, and Ryan Marmont. This will be a six lap heat race. The top riders are running approx. 1 minute lap times.

Round 5 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Anaheim 2 - Photo 1 of 49

At the finish of this heat, it’s Kyle Cunningham winning, Eli Tomac is second, Cole Seely third, Ryan Morias fourth, and Ryan Marmont is fifth.

250 West Regional Heat 2 – Josh Hansen out front! As they start lap two, it’s Hansen leading, Martin Davalos is giving chase, Broc Tickle is in third, Ken Roczen fourth. J Decotis fifth.

Round 5 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Anaheim 2 - Photo 2 of 49

Halfway thru – Hansen is leading, but Davalos is close behind. Tickle just a ways back, and Roczen is chasing.

The top four are getting just a bit closer together. Hansen leading, but Davalos chasing hard. Tickle third, and Roczen pushing. All are being very aggressive on how they attack the track.

The finish of this six lap heat – Hansen wins! Davalos with a nice ride in second, Tickle is third, Roczen with a nice fourth.

The Supercross Class Heat 1 blasts off, and we mean ‘blast off’. The power, the sound, the action … the leader is James Stewart on the number 7 Yamaha! He is followed by Ivan Tedesco on the pink number 9 Dodge Hart & Huntington machine. Ryan Villopoto has worked his way past Kevin Windham into third. Windham fourth. Kyle Chisholm is next.

Round 5 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Anaheim 2 - Photo 3 of 49

This is an eight lap qualifying heat. Stewart is pulling away. Villopoto has moved into second now at the halfway point. Tedesco third. Windham fourth. Chisholm fifth. Then it’s Davi Millsaps, Brett Metcalfe and Tye Simmonds.

On the final lap, Windham and Tedesco crash together. Stewart goes on to the win! Ryan Villopoto is second. Third is Kyle Chisholm, then Brett Metcalfe, Davi Millsaps, Tedesco and Windham remount for sixth and seventh. The top two guys in the series finish one-two in their heat.

Supercross Heat 2: As they blast off into the left hand corner – it’s Ryan Dungey with a nice holeshot! He’s being pursued by Trey Canard. Third position is Justin Brayton, then Andrew Short, Nick Wey and Chad Reed.

Round 5 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Anaheim 2 - Photo 4 of 49

Dungey is looking smooth and aggressive in the lead. Canard looks fast in second too. Brayton is just a bit off the pace, running in third. Short a few seconds behind in fourth on the KTM 350.

As they start lap four, Canard has tightened up the gap on Dungey. Brayton back in third. And Short and Reed are battling close together for that fourth position.

Lap six – Dungey and Canard are starting to put some distance on third place Brayton. Reed has passed Short.

All these riders are looking very strong and aggressive as they attack a track that has some tough and varied section, including some tight sand corners, and a long, 11 ‘bump’ brutal straight-away that most are taking in four or five leaps.

The defending Supercross Champion Ryan Dungey wins this heat! Trey Canard finishes an impressive second. Brayton holds third. Reed is fourth. Short fifth.

The 15 lap 250 West Main Event. Josh Hansen is the leader. He’s chased hard already by Eli Tomac, and third is Ken Roczen.

By lap three, Roczen has passed Tomac and is into second place. “The Kid’ is learning supercross quickly. And he’s riding quickly.

Round 5 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Anaheim 2 - Photo 5 of 49

Lap four is Hansen leading, Roczen a few bike lengths behind. Tomac in third. Broc Tickle is fourth. Martin Davalos is fifth. The pace and frenzy of the top riders is really something to see.

The top three now are like a run-away freight train. Hansen, Roczen, Tomac. They are flying. Roczen is trying to make a move to pass Hansen in a right – left hand combination. And now Tomac goes past Roczen! On lap eight Hansen still leading, Tomac is right behind him, and Roczen is right behind Tomac. They are going at it tooth and nail. Tickle just a ways back in fourth, Davalos still fifth

Tomac is now pressuring Hansen. Those top three are riding so aggressively! What a show! Exiting the first corner on the start of lap ten – Tomac passes Hansen! And then at the end of the following straight, Hansen passes him back! At the end of ten laps, Hansen first, leading Tomac by half a second. Roczen is now right on Tomac. And Tickle is closing on them as they battle each other.

As they start lap 13, Hansen is pulling just a little more of a lead. But Tomac and Roczen and still going at it. And Broc Tickle has now officially entered that battle! These top four are flying! Literally! They seem to be spending more time in the air negotiating all the track obstacles!

15 laps of action and the winner is Josh Hansen! He leads from the start, and officially led all 15 laps! Second place goes to Eli Tomac, another great ride for the supercross newcomer. And third place, his first podium in AMA Supercross goes to Kenny Roczen! Fourth is Broc Tickle, fifth is Kyle Cunningham.

Round 5 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Anaheim 2 - Photo 6 of 49

A great race and the top four riders put on a great show for the fans.

The Supercross Class 20 lap Main Event blasts off and it’s James Stewart with a big holeshot!

Round 5 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Anaheim 2 - Photo 7 of 49

At the end of lap one, it’s Stewart first, Ryan Villopoto in second, Chad Reed is third, Mike Alessi fourth, and Kyle Chisholm fifth. Then it’s Brayton, Short, Boni, Tedesco, Supercross Champion Ryan Dungey in ninth, then Millsaps, Windham and Canard.

On lap five the top three are already spread out, and distancing themselves from fourth. Stewart is first, Villopoto is second, and Reed is third. Alessi a ways back in fourth, then Chisholm, Brayton, Short, Dungey into eighth, Boni, Millsaps, Windham, Canard, Tedesco, Metcalfe, Regal.

As lap seven begins, it’s almost amazing how much distance the top three have already put on the rest of the field. Stewart is leading Villopoto by almost five seconds, Reed by over eight seconds. Brayton has moved into fourth, although 20 seconds behind. Then Chisholm, and Dungey keep on pushing and is now into sixth. Followed by Alessi, Short, Canard.

Dungey is off the track! He is pushing his bike because of a broken chain! Ryan and his mechanic are pushing the number 1 bike back into the pits. Heartbreak for the defending Supercross Champion.

Now at the halfway point, Stewart is leading Villopoto by a five second gap. Reed is equidistant behind by 10 seconds. Brayton is fourth, almost 24 second behind. Canard has moved into fifth, then Short, Alessi, Tedesco, Millsaps, Windham, Metcalfe, Regal, Chisholm.

The class of Supercross 2011 so far, James Stewart and Ryan Villopoto, have once again dominated, showing right now they have the speed, talent, and aggressiveness above their competitors.

At this race enters it’s final stages, it’s James Stewart – way out front. Ryan Villipoto is running second, almost by himself. And Chad Reed is running third – another rider almost racing by himself. They are that spread out, and that far ahead of everyone else.

On the last lap James Stewart is making it look easy and he takes the win! Ryan Villopoto is second, and Chad Reed finishes third.

Round 5 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Anaheim 2 - Photo 8 of 49

James Stewart rides by crowd, waving to the crowd as he revs his motor for a little ‘victory lap’.

James Stewart said after the win, “I am so proud of everyone on my team for making this happen. It’s awesome to come here and win in front of a sold-out crowd here at Angel Stadium. I am out here racing against the best guys in the world, so this is never easy.”

Round 5 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Anaheim 2 - Photo 9 of 49

With this win, James extends his series points lead over Ryan Villopoto five points as the series heads to Houston. Heartbreak for defending Supercross Champion Ryan Dungey, as his night ended with him pushing his bike back into the pits.

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