James Stewart wins his fourth Supercross in a row, taking the 20 lap 450 Supercross Main Event! Jake Weimer takes the 15 lap 250 West Supercross Main Event victory!

450 Results
1. James Stewart YAM
2. Chad Reed SUZ
3. R. Villopoto KAW
4. Josh Grant YAM
5. Andrew Short HON
6. K. Windham HON
7. Josh Hill YAM
8. Davi Millsaps HON
9. Mike Alessi SUZ
10. Ivan Tedesco HON
11. Heath Voss HON
12. Ben Coisy
13. Cole Siebler
14. K Chisholm YAM
15. D McCoy HON
16. T Bowers
17. Josh Hansen HON
18. Troy Adams
19. P Carpenter
20. S Boniface
450 Points
Chad Reed 108
James Stewart 102
Josh Grant 95
R Villopoto 88
Andrew Short 87
Ivan Tedesco 73
Kevin Windham 68
Mike Alessi 58
Tim Ferry 56
Davi Millsaps 55
Josh Hill 51
Heath Voss 40
P Carpenter 39
Ben Coisy 31
Nick Wey 26
Cole Siebler 23
Matt Boni 15
Josh Summey 13
K Chisholm 11
T Adams 11
250 West Results
1. Jake Weimer KAW
2. Ryan Dungey SUZ
3. Trey Canard HON
4. J. Brayton KTM
5. Ryan Morais KAW
6. Ryan Sipes KTM
7. Dan Reardon HON
8. K Cunningham
9. PJ Larsen
10. E McCrummen
11. Cole Seely
12. J Keeney
13. S Borkenhagen
14. A. Chatfield
15. Chris Blose HON
16. T Ingalis
17. M Sleeter
18. B Sheren
19. S Collier
20. Jeff Alessi
250 West Points
Ryan Dungey 92
Jake Weimer 88
Ryan Morais 80
Justin Brayton 68
Chris Blose 56
R Sipes 54
Dan Reardon 42
PJ Larsen 38
J Lawrence 34
B Evans 31
Trey Canard 27
K Cunningham 27
E McCrummen 27
A Chatfield 24
Jeff Alessi 23
C Seely 20
M Sleeter 19
Soubeyras 18
R Clark 17
Borkenhagen 17

San Francisco Supercross

Afternoon: A wonderful day in San Francisco – bright, warm sushine, and a wonderful facility hosting the event – AT&T Park. It’s got to be one of the most scenic facilities in the country – normally it’s the home of the San Francisco (baseball) Giants. Right on the waterfont – very pretty.

In the first 450 Supercross practice, it was James Stewart, winner of the last three events in a row, with the fastest practice lap – just under 50 seconds, followed by Series points leader Chad Reed.

Night time: Opening ceremonies – always entertaining as the lights go out, the music cranks up, and the fireworks and lasers get going. James Stewart was introduced in his ‘rock’ get up – doing Bon Jovi’s ‘Dead or Alive’ song, complete with ‘playing’ the guitar, ‘singing’, and riding out on his bike with his long ‘hair’ and sequined jacket. Classic! And last one introduced, the reigning AMA/FIM Supercross Champion, number 1, Chad Reed!

In the 250 West Supercross Lites, it was announced that defending champion Jason Lawrence would not be racing – he’s ill.

7:31pm: The first race of the night, the 250 West Supercross Lites heat 1 takes off. At the end of the first lap, it’s Justin Brayton 114 on the KTM leading, with Ryan Morais 116 right behind. At the end of that six lap race, it’s Brayton with the win, Ryan Morais second, Cole Seely third (#220 on a Suzuki) and East Coast Lites Supercross Champion Trey Canard finishing fourth.

7:40pm: The second race is the 250 West Supercross Lites heat #2. The holsehot goes to … Ryan Dungey #10, but coming out of the second corner it’s Jake Weimer leading, with Dungey right behind! And the are close, and they are flying! Thre laps in they are already far in front of everyone else. Great, great battle! They are both ‘going for it’. At the checkered, it’s Jake Weimer winning, Ryan Dungey right behind, with Sean Collier finishing third.

7:52pm: The 450 Supercross, heat 1, eight laps. Early leader – Josh Grant! Chad Reed is back in seventh. Ryan Villopoto is 11th. At the end of four laps at the halfway point it’s Josh Grant with a very nice lead, Ben Coisey 979 second, Josh Hill third, Ivan Tedesco fourth, Chad Reed fifth. Villopoto is in eighth. The checkered flag at the end of eight laps – Josh Grant first (and he said he was ‘feeling it’ tonight!), Josh Hill second, Ivan Tedesco third, Reed right behind in fourth, and Ryan Villopoto works up to fifth.

8:04pm: The second 450 Supercross heat takes off! And heading into the first corner, a left hander, it’s Mike Alessi with the holsehot. Just out of the second corner, it’s Davi Millsaps and Tim Ferry on the ground, with what looks like Andrew Short as well. At the end of the first lap, it’s Mike Alessi leading, James Stewart second. But going down the long whoop straight away, Stewart goes by Alessi and into the lead.

Stewart is already way out front at the halfway point. Way out front. The score board shows Andrew Short second … but we’re not sure if he’s getting lapped or not. At the checkered, it James Stewart win the win, Andrew Short second, Mike Alessi third, and Kevin Windham fourth. Ferry and Millsaps have to go to the LCQ.

9:02pm: The 250 Main Event literally blasts off! Jake Weimer with the holeshot of the 15 lap race! At the end of the third lap, Weimer has a nice lead, Ryan Dungey is in second, with Trey Canard in third! At the end of seven laps, Dungey has moved up closer to Weimer. They are a bit ahead of third place Canard, who is followed by Justin Brayton.

With five laps to go, it’s just like their heat – Weimer leading, Dungey right behind. Canard is third, Brayton fourth, Morais fifth … but all eyes are on Weimer and Dungey, battling for the lead! But on lap 12, as Dungey goes inside Weimer on a tight left hander for the lead, Dungey goes down! Now with three laps to go, it’s Weimer out front, Canard in second (his best ride of the season), Dungey back to third.

On lap 14, Dungey and Canard are battling! Dungey passes Canard and moves into second!

The 250 West Main event win goes to … Jake Weimer! He was very fast and very agressive all race! Finishing econd, and still points leader is Ryan Dungey! Canard takes third. Brayton finishes fourth, Morais fifth.

9:27pm: The 450 Supercross Class takes off! It’s James Stewart with the holeshot! At the end of lap one, James Stewart is leading, Mike Alessi is second, Chad Reed right behind, followed by Ryan Villopoto. Will Stewart take his fourth win in a row?

Stewart’s out front on the fourth lap, Alessi about two seconds behind, Chad Reed almost right next to him, and Villopoto right there as well! Reed finally goes past team-mate Alessi, Villopoto goes past Alessi. The top five after five laps – Stewart, Reed, Villopoto, Alessi, and Josh Grant.

Stewart is making it look easy (and it’s not easy to win a supercross!). He’s got a four second lead over Reed in second, with Villopoto about one second behind Reedy. Fourth is Josh Grant, fifth is Andrew Short.

It’s pretty much stayed the same now as they are on lap 16 – Stewart comfortably out front, Reedy in second, Villopoto about 2 second behind Reed, then Josh Grant, and then Andrew Short.

At the checkered, the crowd is on their feet as James Stewart wins! Chad Reed takes second, Ryan Villopoto third, Josh Grant fourth, and Andrew Short fifth.

Stewart looked good. Obviously real good! Reed is leading the points, using consistency as his main ‘weapon’ right now, leading James by six points. They look set to battle the rest of the season, and it should be a lot of fun!

Can’t say enough good things about the track, the weather, and the venue itself. The sold-out crowd says volumes for how the night was – awesome!

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San Francisco 2009 Photo Gallery

Click on the thumbnail to view the large image. In these photos below you’ll see: The 250 West Podium, The 450 Supercross Podium, James Stewart taking the win, James Stewart in a corner, Trey Canard, who had his best ride of the sesaon, Ryan Villopoto, Ryan Dungey in practice, Josh Grant doing a nice whip, James Stewart 7, Ryan Morais 116 in practice, Mike Alessi leading Ryan Villopoto & Chad Reed, Chad Reed 1 in practice, two photos of Reedy in the main event, Andrew Short in practice, overview of the stadium and track during the day, James Stewart in practice, three of the biggest supercros fans ever!, overview of the track at night, with James Stewart on the big-screen in his ‘rock’ gear, Ryan Villopoto in practice, Jake Weimer in practice, Weimer leading Ryan Dungey in the 250 main event, and two photos of Jake Weimer jumping, one as he’s taking the checkered flag.


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