Ivan Tedesco wins his first ever 450 Motocross AMA National! Jake Weimer scores his first victory in AMA 250 National Motocross in Colorado!

450 Results
1. Ivan Tedesco 1/1 HON
2. Andrew Short 2/2 HON
3. T Hahn 7/3 KAW
4. C Reed 3/7 SUZ
5. M Byrne 6/4 SUZ
6. J Grant 5/5 YAM
7. R Dietrich 11/6 KAW
8. J Albertson 10/9 YAM
9. Kyle Summers 9/10 HON
10. Jake Moss 4/33 HON
11. Cody Cooper 32/8 YAM
12. Chris Blose 8/30 HON
13. Nick Wey YAM
14. R Castro KAW
15. T Bowers HON
16. Kyle Keylon HON
17. Tim Ferry KAW
18. Jeff Alessi HON
19. J Sipes KTM
20. W Peick HON
450 Points
Chad Reed 195
Andrew Short 181
I Tedesco 160
Josh Grant 151
Mike Alessi 142
Thomas Hahn 123
Michael Byrne 117
Cody Cooper 104
Ricky Dietrich 88
Justin Brayton 79
Nick Wey 77
J Albertson 70
Dan Reardon 68
R Villopoto 55
Weston Peick 47
Jake Moss 45
Jeff Alessi 43
Matt Goerke 41
Chris Blose 40
Josh Hill 39
250 Results
1. Jake Weimer 2/1 KAW
2. C Pourcel 1/6 KAW
3. Tommy Searle 5/3 KTM
4. Justin Barcia 9/2 HON
5. Ryan Dungey 6/4 SUZ
6. Broc Tickle 3/8 YAM
7. Brett Metcalfe 7/5 HON
8. B Wharton 4/11 HON
9. Tyla Rattray 8/9 KAW
10. Darryn Durham 10/12 YAM
11. Max Anstie 12/13 KTM
12. Ben Evans 13/14 HON
13. M Lemoine YAM
14. W Hahn KTM
15. M Davalos KTM
16. L George KAW
17. S Clarke SUZ
18. C Seely SUZ
19. S Borkenhagen HON
20. A Martin HON
250 Points
C Pourcel 217
Ryan Dungey 208
Tyla Rattray 160
Tommy Searle 153
Blake Wharton 144
Brett Metcalfe 141
Trey Canard 139
Broc Tickle 130
Justin Barcia 117
Jake Weimer 113
Matt Lemoine 79
Wil Hahn 70
Darryn Durham 69
Ben Evans 66
K Cunningham 61
Max Anstie 50
PJ Larsen 43
Steven Clarke 42
S Borkenhagen 35
Austin Stroupe 34

Thunder Valley MX

Notes: In the 450 Motocross practice and qualifying, it was Josh Grant with the quickest lap, 2 minutes 14 seconds. In the 250 class, it was Christophe Pourcel with the quickest practice lap, 2 minutes 15 seconds. Tim Ferry is back racing.

250 Moto 1: Series points leader Christophe Pourcel, #377 on the Pro Circuit Kawasaki, has the lead on the first lap. We see Ryan Dungey way back in the pack. As the moto settles, Pourcel is out front, looks like he’s riding effortlessly. Jake Weimer with his best ride to date in second. Third is Broc Tickle, then Blake Wharton, fifth is Tommy Searle, followed by Brett Metcalfe, World MX2 Motocross Champion Tyla Rattray, and in eighth place is Ryan Dungey.

Not a lot of passing near the top of the pack … except for Ryan Dungey – he’s been coming thru the pack, while C Pourcel cruises in first.

The top ten as the checkered flag falls at the end of 30 minutes plus two laps of racing: Christophe Pourcel, Jake Weimer, Broc Tickle, Blake Wharton, Tommy Searle, Ryan Dungey, Brett Metcalfe, Tyla Rattray, Justin Barcia amd Darryn Durham.

The 450 Motocross class, Moto 1, we can see that Mike Alessi, with a broken left kneecap, is on the starting line! As the riders battle on the first lap, Mike Alessi is in the top group of riders … but goes down in a right hand corner! He’s being carried off the track. Couple minutes later – he’s back on the track – but way back. He finally pulls off the track and into the pits. Hard to say what, if any, more damage Mike has to his knee.

The leader is number 9, Ivan Tedesco. His Honda Red Bull team-mate and ‘hometown’ rider Andrew Short is running in second. Series points leader Chad Reed is currently in fifth.

Tedesco is riding strong in the lead. Short is looking good in second. #42 in third is Jake Moss on a Honda! Chad Reed is fourth, followed by Josh Grant and Michael Byrne.

Not a lot of action going on near the front, except Reed has passed Jake Moss.

But by far, the most impressive ride of the moto, and his most impressive ride of the season – Ivan Tedesco. At the checkered flag, Ivan scores his first victory of the year!

Results in 450 Motocross moto 1: Ivan Tedesco, Andrew Short, Chad Reed, Jake Moss, Josh Grant, Michael Byrne, Thomas Hahn, Chris Blose, Kyle Summers, Jim Albertson, Ricky Dietrich, Tim Ferry and Jeff Alessi.

The sun is setting in the west at 250 Moto two takes off. The early leader – Jake Weimer! Ryan Dungey is quite a ways back, and Christophe Pourcel is even farther back!

Five laps into the race, we have a new leader – rookie number 151 Justin Barcia! Weimer is in second, Martin Davalos is next, followed by Tommy Searle, Brett Metcalfe, Matt Lemoine, Tyla Rattray, Broc Tickle, Ryan Dungey, and then Christophe Pourcel!

On lap nine, Jake Weimer has moved past Justin Barcia and back into the lead! What’s gotten into Jake? : ) He’s looking like he’s going to win his first AMA National Motocross! Third is Brett Metcalfe, then Tommy Searle, Matt Lemoine, Broc Tickle, Tyla Rattray, Ryan Dungey, and Christophe Pourcel in ninth.

Lots of close action in the last few laps. At the checkered flag, with the moto win, Jake Weimer secures his first ever overall vicotry in the 250 class of AMA Motocross!

The results of moto two: Jake Weimer, Justin Barcia, Tommy Searle, Ryan Dungey, Brett Metcalfe, Christophe Pourcel, Matt Lemoine, Broc Tickle, Tyla Rattray, and Martin Daval

In between 450 motos, there was a meeting between doctors, MXSports officials, Daytona Motorsports Group personnel, and others, regarding whether Mike Alessi will be allowed to race the second moto. Ultimately, the decision will be made by the doctors, and then if they give the OK, Mike will determine to give it a go or not.

As we look on the starting gate, there is no Mike Alessi, he will not start. But as the 450 Moto two takes off, it’s the ‘hot’ Ivan Tedesco up front! He’s followed by Andrew Short, Thomas Hahn, Michael Byrne, Ricky Dietrich, Kyle Summers, Kyle Keylon, Josh Grant, and Chad Reed in ninth.

In addition to Jake Weimer winning his first ever 250 National Motocross today, Ivan Tedesco is dominating in the 450 class – heading for a two-moto sweep, and his first 450 Motocross victory! He is definitely the best rider on the day. At the halfway point, he leads Andrew Short by six seconds. Thomas Hahn is running strong in third on his Kawasaki. Four Byrne, fifth Dietrich, then Josh Grant, followed by Kyle Summers on a Honda 450. Next position belongs to Chad Reed.

Ivan Tedesco is looking great out front. Thomas Hahn has put in a great ride, and has passed Andrew Short for second! On lap 12, Hahn has a bobble somewhere, putting Short back into second. A the end of 12 laps, it’s Tedesco leading, Short second, Hahn still in third! Then Byrne, Dietrich (another great ride for the off-roader), J Grant, Chad Reed, Cody Cooper, Kyle Summers (another off-road rider similar to Ricky Dietrich) and tenth is Jim Albertson on his Yamaha.

Tedesco is the man in the 450 class today, no doubt! As the checkered flag falls, it’s Tedesco win another win, securing his first ever 450 Motocross victory!

The results of 450 moto two: Ivan Tedesco, Andrew Short, Thomas Hahn, Michael Byrne, Josh Grant, Ricky Dietrich, Chad Reed, Cody Cooper, Jim Albertson, and Kyle Summers.

Round 5 Series Statistical Report – courtesy MXSports

The mile-high altitude wreaks havoc on the bikes, causing them to run with less power but also forcing the temperature of the engine to increase due to the extra effort necessary to make them run. Riders must adjust to the thin air via pre-race training as they prepare to endure two 30-minute plus two lap motos. Privateer rider Jimmy Albertson captured the Ricky Carmichael Hard Charger Award for Valli Motorsports Yamaha, passing 21 riders in the first 450 Class moto at High Point Raceway.

450 Class Stats: The first Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship race was held at Thunder Valley on July 24, 2005, with Ricky Carmichael winning on a Suzuki. This will be only the fifth time the gate has dropped for the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship at Thunder Valley. Thunder Valley wins by brand: Kawasaki – 2, Suzuki – 2

Ricky Carmichael and James Stewart are the only two riders to ever win at Thunder Valley. That will change this season. After waiting seven years for his first career victory, Chad Reed will look to earn his second in consecutive races. Colorado-native Andrew Short has been on the cusp of achieving his first overall at this track and perhaps has his best opportunity to do so this season. Brand sweeps (wins in both 450 and 250 classes, same year) at Thunder Valley – Kawasaki – James Stewart and Ben Townley (2007); Kawasaki – James Stewart and Ryan Villopoto (2008).

450 Class – Thunder Valley Overall Winners (2005-2008)

July 28, 2008 James Stewart (Kawasaki)
July 22, 2007 James Stewart (Kawasaki)
July 23, 2006 Ricky Carmichael (Suzuki)
July 24, 2005 Ricky Carmichael (Suzuki)

450 Class Overall Wins: Mike Alessi – 2, Chad Reed – 1, Ryan Villopoto – 1
450 Class Moto Wins: Mike Alessi – 4, Chad Reed – 2, Ryan Villopoto – 2
450 Class Wins by Brand: Suzuki – 3, Kawasaki – 1

450 Class Laps Led:

Mike Alessi – 51
Josh Grant – 24
Chad Reed – 20
Ivan Tedesco – 18
Ryan Villopoto – 8
Andrew Short – 1

450 Class Muscle Milk Recovery Rider of the Day – High Point Tommy Hahn (M1: 18, M2: 4) – 14 Positions

250 Class Stats: The first 250 Class race was held July 24, 2005, with Ivan Tedesco winning on a Kawasaki. Pro Circuit and Kawasaki have won every race at Thunder Valley in the 250 Class. Local rider Andrew Short was on the verge of claiming the 2006 event aboard a Honda before bike failure forced him out of the lead in the second moto. Wins by brands at Thunder Valley: Kawasaki: 4. First time winners at Thunder Valley: Ivan Tedesco – 2005 (Kawasaki). There as never been a repeat winner at Thunder Valley and that trend will continue in 2009. In fact, Thunder Valley will see a first time winner at the track this season.

250 Class – Thunder Valley Overall Winners (2005-2008)
July 28, 2008 Ryan Villopoto (Kawasaki)
July 22, 2007 Ben Townley (Kawasaki)
July 23, 2006 Ryan Villopoto (Kawasaki)
July 24, 2005 Ivan Tedesco (Kawasaki)

250 Class Overall Wins: Ryan Dungey – 2, Christophe Pourcel – 2
250 Class Moto Wins: Christophe Pourcel – 5, Ryan Dungey – 3
250 Class Wins by Brand: Kawasaki – 2, Suzuki – 2

250 Class Laps Led:

Christophe Pourcel – 40
Justin Barcia – 32
Ryan Dungey – 29
Trey Canard – 21

250 Class Muscle Milk Recovery Rider of the Day – High Point Brett Metcalfe (M1: 19, M2: 7) – 12 positions

Video News Highlights courtesy MX Sports


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