Ashley Fiolek wins overall today at Mt. Morris by sweeping both motos! Results, points, and photos below. Includes comments from Media Day by Women’s National Motocross Champion Ashley Fiolek, and Elizabeth Bash!

AMA / WMA Results
1. Ashley Fiolek 1/1 HON
2. Jessica Patterson 4/2 HON
3. Sherri Cruse 3/3 SUZ
4. Vicki Golden 2/4 HON
5. Elizabeth Bash 5/5 KAW
6. Sara Price 6/6 KAW
7. Kimberly Kocher 8/9 KTM
8. Sarah Whitmore 11/7 KTM
9. Tatum Sik 9/10 SUZ
10. Jackie Ives 12/8 KAW
AMA / WMA Points

Ashley Fiolek 197
Jessica Patterson 163
Vicki Golden 154
Sherri Cruse 154
Elizabeth Bash 119
Sara Price 117
Sarah Whitmore 94
Penni Cyrus 85
Kimberly Kocher 81
Tatum Sik 77

High Point Raceway

Ashley Fiolek was the big winner today, as she won both motos. She has won every round of the AMA Women’s National Motocross Series in 2009 – four in a row!

Round 4 - AMA Women's National MX - Mt. Morris PA - June 13, 2009 - Photo 1 of 12

New Rider Profile – April Zastrow #11

Friday, June 12 – Media Day. Racers on included Elizabeth Bash, and Women’s National Motocross Champion Ashley Fiolek. Below are our questions and their answers from today:

Being a Professional Motocross racer, there is a lot of traveling involved – what’s the toughest part of that, & what are some necessities that you like to take with you on the road?

Elizabeth Bash: Probably the toughest thing is leaving my comfy bed and my dog, Buster. I take Buster with me everywhere. but he’s just too big to take on an airplane. And I don’t leave home without the computer and my cell phone & charger, because I am always on the phone.

Ashley Fiolek: I really like to travel … I’m not sure what the hard part is, but when I went to Europe that was tough with the time difference and culture. Here I just have a good time with it, so it’s not that big of a deal for me. My top thing to bring with me is my T-Mobile sidekick – I’d be lost without it – I have to take that to all the races so I can keep in touch with everybody.

Next weekend will be your first weekend off – what will you do for yourself to relax and enjoy the weekend?

Elizabeth: I actually have another race next weekend at the Loretta Lynn’s Regional, where I will race the women’s 14+, so I don’t really have a weekend off.

Ashley: I’m kind of bummed because I like the races to be all in a row, but it will be nice to be home. I will most likely do the same thing I do every week: train and get ready for the next race, which is going to be Colorado. I am just going to enjoy the weekend, and hang out with friends. I just got a new puppy, he’s a bulldog and his name is Turbo. I also have another dog, his name is Rocco-so-solid – my brother named him. So we will get out and do something for sure, because I don’t like to sit around much. They are really cute dogs and we have a lot of fun having them around and they are always so mischievous, it’s fun. I wanted to bring them to more races, but bulldogs don’t really like the heat much and there not big on traveling.

How do you prepare for a mud race, and how difficult is it to race in the mud?

Elizabeth: I am from California, so it’s really had to prepare for mud, because it never rains there, so I am pretty much going to go out and just pin it. Hopefully it won’t get too tough out there. As for preparation, I will put on extra tear-offs and go to Dunlop and get the proper tires.

Ashley: I don’t want to think about the possibility of mud, … I like this track, it’s really awesome. We will just have to wait and see, but I know I will try my best, go out there and ride. I am used to the mud after racing in Europe, so we will see what happens tomorrow.

Notes: 15 time AMA Supercross / Motocross Champion Ricky Carmichael was on hand to sign autographs

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