Chad Reed sweeps 450 Motocross and into points lead! Christophe Pourcel sweeps both motos in 250 Motocross to take the overall victory and points lead as well!

450 Results
1. Chad Reed 1/1 SUZ
2. Andrew Short 2/2 HON
3. I Tedesco 3/3 HON
4. M Byrne 4/5 SUZ
5. Cody Cooper 5/6 YAM
6. Ricky Dietrich 8/9 KAW
7. Nick Wey 7/10 YAM
8. Josh Grant 6/11 YAM
9. J Brayton 13/7 KTM
10. T Hahn 18/4
11. Jeff Alessi 9/14 HON
12. Justin Sipes 14/12
13. J Casillas 12/16 KAW
14. G Gracyk 35/8 KAW
15. J Albertson YAM
16. A Balbi HON
17. Josh Hill YAM
18. J Thomas HON
19. T Adams HON
20. B LeMay YAM
450 Points

Chad Reed 161
Mike Alessi 142
Andrew Short 137
Josh Grant 119
I Tedesco 110
Cody Cooper 91
Thomas Hahn 89
Michael Byrne 84
Justin Brayton 79
Dan Reardon 68
Nick Wey 66
Ricky Dietrich 63
R Villopoto 55
J Albertson 47
Matt Goerke 41
Weston Peick 40
Josh Hill 39
Davi Millsaps 37
A Balbi 37
Jeff Alessi 35
250 Results
1. C Pourcel 1/1 KAW
2. R Dungey 3/2 SUZ
3. T Searle 4/3 KTM
4. T Rattray 5/4 KAW
5. B Wharton 6/6 HON
6. J Barcia 8/5 HON
7. B Tickle 9/8 YAM
8. M Lemoine YAM
9. K Cunningham 10/10 KAW
10. Trey Canard 2/32 HON
11. Darryn Durham 13/9 YAM
12. Wil Hahn 11/13 KTM
13. Brett Metcalfe 19/7 HON
14. Steven Clarke 12/15 SUZ
15. Kyle Regal HON
16. Ben Evans HON
17. M Willard KAW
18. Max Anstie KTM
19. L Kilbarger HON
20. V Freise HON
250 Points

C Pourcel 177
Ryan Dungey 175
Trey Canard 139
Tyla Rattray 135
Tommy Searle 117
Blake Wharton 116
Brett Metcalfe 111
Broc Tickle 97
Justin Barcia 83
Jake Weimer 66
Matt Lemoine 65
Wil Hahn 57
K Cunningham 56
Ben Evans 51
Darryn Durham 49
PJ Larsen 43
Austin Stroupe 34
Steven Clarke 34
Max Anstie 33
S Borkenhagen 29

High Point Raceway

Friday, June 12 – Media Day. On hand were racers Elizabeth Bash, MX2 World Motocross Champion Tyla Rattray, 250 East Supercross Champion Christophe Pourcel, Jake Weimer, and Women’s National Motocross Champion Ashley Fiolek. Below are photos from all of them, and, our questions and answers with Elizabeth, Tyla, Christophe, and Ashely. Ricky Carmichael was also on hand signing autographs.

Being a Professional Motocross racer, there is a lot of traveling involved – what’s the toughest part of that, & what are some necessities that you like to take with you on the road?

Elizabeth Bash: Probably the toughest thing is leaving my comfy bed and my dog, Buster. I take Buster with me everywhere. but he’s just too big to take on an airplane. And I don’t leave home without the computer and my cell phone & charger, because I am always on the phone.

Tyla Rattray: The hardest part about traveling for me is that I live in California, so I’ve noticed that it’s really tough getting used to the time differences. I don’t really mind going to the airport and flying because when I was racing in Europe we would drive to each race in our campers, and now it’s all about flying to the next race. Having that three hour time difference makes it tough when you have to be at the track by 7am, when really it’s 4am my time, so that’s really early.

Racing is really important to me and traveling is a big part of that experience, it does tire you out, a lot more than what I was used to in Europe. Yesterday, I got up very early to get on a plane, and really spent most of the day just getting to the East Coast, and by the time you get to the hotel, you are so tired you just want to sleep, so yeah it’s a process. But it’s a lot of fun, … this is all new to me and I am really excited about being at every round and racing, I think it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Christophe Pourcel: Traveling is never easy, it is a lot of long flights, and I don’t really like to travel, but you have to travel if you want to get to the race – it’s part of my job, so I do it. And I always bring my superman. You’ll have to come by the truck later and I’ll show you : )

Ashley Fiolek
: I really like to travel … I’m not sure what the hard part is, but when I went to Europe that was tough with the time difference and culture. Here I just have a good time with it, so it’s not that big of a deal for me. My top thing to bring with me is my T-Mobile sidekick – I’d be lost without it – I have to take that to all the races so I can keep in touch with everybody.

Next weekend will be your first weekend off – what will you do for yourself to relax and enjoy the weekend?

Elizabeth: I actually have another race next weekend at the Loretta Lynn’s Regional, where I will race the women’s 14+, so I don’t really have a weekend off.

Tyla: I am pretty much going to chill out, … one of my friends has a fishing boat, so we’re going to go out and do some deep sea fishing, that should be good. I might go to the lake and do some jet skiing and just hang out. It’s important to race, but it’s also good to have fun and laugh, … not everything is just about racing so, I will take my mind off racing for a bit, relax with friends, may be catch a movie and then it will be back to business again. I do plan on getting in some extra time on the bike during those extra few days at home.

Christophe: Right now I am not riding a lot because of stomach pain I’ve been having problems with, so my plan for next weekend is to visit my doctor again. She will work on my stomach and we can start to make things better.

Ashley: I’m kind of bummed because I like the races to be all in a row, but it will be nice to be home. I will most likely do the same thing I do every week: train and get ready for the next race, which is going to be Colorado. I am just going to enjoy the weekend, and hang out with friends. I just got a new puppy, he’s a bulldog and his name is Turbo. I also have another dog, his name is Rocco-so-solid – my brother named him. So we will get out and do something for sure, because I don’t like to sit around much. They are really cute dogs and we have a lot of fun having them around and they are always so mischievous, it’s fun. I wanted to bring them to more races, but bulldogs don’t really like the heat much and there not big on traveling.

How do you prepare for a mud race, and how difficult is it to race in the mud?

Elizabeth: I am from California, so it’s really had to prepare for mud, because it never rains there, so I am pretty much going to go out and just pin it. Hopefully it won’t get too tough out there. As for preparation, I will put on extra tear-offs and go to Dunlop and get the proper tires.

Tyla: I’m a good mud racer … the thing with mud is you have to be smart and just not rush anything because that’s when you can crash or get injured. I’ve ridden in a lot of mud races in Europe, so I am used to it. A mud race will be good, it might mix up the championship a bit and give confidence to some other riders, so I think a mud race will be good.

Christophe: I don’t really think about it, I just picture no rain, and hope for no rain, but if it does we will have some more good racing.

Ashley: I don’t want to think about the possibility of mud, … I like this track, it’s really awesome. We will just have to wait and see, but I know I will try my best, go out there and ride. I am used to the mud after racing in Europe, so we will see what happens tomorrow.

Notes: 15 time AMA Supercross / Motocross Champion Ricky Carmichael was on hand to sign autographs

Saturday, Race Day, June 13:

The first moto of the day is the 250 class. And this class seems to be quite a battle between the top guys almost every moto – Christophe Pourcel, Ryan Dungey, Trey Carnard, Tyla Rattray, Tommy Searle, Blake Wharton, … with Justin Barcia, Jake Weimer, and a few others mixing it in there every once in a while.

This first moto at High Point – the track is great, and the weather is great. Lap times for these top riders are running about 2 minutes 20 seconds. And the dominant rider in this moto? The 2009 East Supercross Champion Christophe Pourcel! He’s out front on his Pro Circuit Kawasaki #377 and looking very smooth. The day before, while talking to Christophe, he commented on stomach issues he’s been having.

But none of that was evident in this first moto – Christophe is smooth, Christophe is fast. Christophe Pourcel wins the first moto! Second in this moto – and maybe the quickest rider on the track (although Pourcel didn’t have to push too much since he was out front) is the hard charging and energetic Trey Canard. Third place, even though he had a couple of falls during the moto, is the 2009 West Supercross Champ Ryan Dungey. Fourth on the KTM is British rider Tommy Searle, next is World MX2 Motocross Champion Tyla Rattray on his Kawasaki, followed by Blake Wharton, Matt Lemoine, rookie sensation Justin Barcia, Broc Tickle, and Kyle Cunningham on his Kawasaki rounded out the top ten.

Next comes the first 450 Motocross race. And Chad Reed number 22 comes away with the lead coming out of the first corner! But part way thru the first lap, Andrew Short puts a pass on Reed and moves into the lead. At the end of the first lap, it’s Andrew Short, Chad Reed, Ivan Tedesco, Michael Byrne, Nick Wey, Antonio Balbi, Josh Grant, Cody Cooper, Jeff Alessi, and Gavin Gracyk. Ricky Dietrich is 11th.

On lap two though, Reed moves back by Short and into the lead!

This 450 class – it’s wide open now for the points and championship. The first rider that people were crowning as (potential) 2009 450 Motocross Champion was Ryan Villopoto. And Ryan won the first race of the year at Glen Helen. But Ryan’s out with a serious knee injury and surgery. Next in line for the championship, and actually the current 450 Motocross points leader right now, is Mike Alessi. But he crashed during the week in practice, broke his kneecap, and had surgery. So he’s out. Now it’s up to racers like Chad Reed, Josh Grant, Andrew Short, and others to see who is actually going to claim the title of 2009 AMA 450 National Motocross Champion.

Back to the action … on lap eight, it’s Chad Reed is still out front. He’s followed by Andew Short, then Ivan Tedesco, Michael Byrne, Josh Grant, Cody Cooper, Nick Wey, Daniel Reardon, Jeff Alessi, and Josh Hill is tenth. All eyes seem to be on those top five guys – Reed, Short, Tedesco, Byrne, and Grant.

Josh Grant has made a nice charge towards the leaders. He’s passed Byrne, … he’s passed Tedesco … he’s passed Short and is now in second! The running order with two laps to go is Reed first, Grant second, Short third, then Tedesco, and next is Byrne.

Uh – oh … there goes Josh Grant’s great moto! We can see a blue bike careening thru the air off the track … and now we can see Josh running after his bike to get back on the track!

At the end of the race, they’ve gone 15 laps, and Chad Reed is the winner! It’s his first moto win of the 2009 Motocross season! Second goes to Andew Short, then Ivan Tedesco third, fourth is a good ride for Michael Byrne, fifth is a good ride for Cody Cooper. Josh Grant has salvaged a sixth even after crashing! Seventh is Nick Wey, then off roader-turned-motocrosser Ricky Dietrich finishes eighth, Jeff Alessi next, and tenth is Josh Hill.

You can follow the Womens progress here in our AMA / WMA Women’s Motocross Results section

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The next race for the men – the final 250 moto of the day. At the end of lap one, it’s Trey Canard leading, followed by first moto winner Christophe Pourcel, then Justin Barcia, Tommy Searle, and Ryan Dungey. Next is Jake Weimer, followed by Tyla Rattray.

Once again, it’s the top guys out front, specifically the three guys that seem to be distinguishing themselves as the best of the best in the 250 class this season. Out front at the halfway point, it’s Trey Canard leading, Christophe Pourcel is second, and Ryan Dungey is third.

A little ways back, in fourth, it’s Tommy Searle, followed by Jake Weimer, Tyla Rattray, Justin Barcia, Brett Metcalfe, Darryn Durham, and then Blake Wharton.

On lap 14, Trey Canard’s day goes from great … to not great. He falls while leading this race! With just under two laps to go, it’s Christophe Pourcel leading, Ryan Dungey in second, Tommy Searle is third, followed by Tyla Rattray and Justin Barcia.

At the checkers, it’s Christophe Pourcel once again winning! He’s obviously got the overall win as well. Ryan Dungey is second in this moto, and he will score second overall on the day. Third place in this moto – Tommy Searle! He’s followed by Tyla Rattray, Justin Barcia, Blake Wharton, Brett Metcalfe, Broc Tickle, Darryn Durham, and Kyle Cunningham in tenth.

The final race (for the men today) is 450 Motocross race two. Emerging out of the first corner with the lead – Honda’s #9 Ivan Tedesco! At the end of first lap, it’s Tedesco leading, his team-mate Andrew Short is second, first moto winner Chad Reed is next in third, Chad’s team-mate Michael Byrne is next, and fifth place is Jeff Alessi.

The focus is on the top three – Ivan Tedesco out front, Andrew Short in second, and Chad Reed in third. On lap six, Reed makes it past Andrew Short. The running order is now Tedesco first, Reed is second, Short third.

Tedesco is leading, but Reed is right behind – will he go for the pass to make it a double moto victory on the day? Or will he stay in second and still secure the overall victory? Tedesco leads Reed by just over one second!

On lap ten, Reed goes to the inside of Tedesco on a right hander, and makes the pass for the lead! And on lap 11, Short passes his team-mate Tedesco to take over second. The top five – Reed leading, Short is second, Tedesco is third, Thomas Hahn on a Kawasaki is fourth, and Michael Byrne is fifth. Sixth thru tenth: Cody Cooper, Justin Brayton, Gavin Gracyk, Ricky Dietrich, and Nick Wey. Josh Grant is in 11th.

At the end of the second moto, it’s Chad Reed winning! He takes the overall victory as well! Second in the moto, and second overall is Andrew Short! Third thru tenth in this moto: Tedesco, Hahn, Byrne, Cooper, Brayton, Gracyk, Dietrich, and Wey.

Round 4 - AMA Motocross Series - Mt. Morris PA - June 13, 2009 - Photo 1 of 31

Believe it or not, today’s 450 Motocross win is Chad Reed’s first ever in the premier 450 Motocross class!

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