Chad Reed wins the 2012 Los Angeles Supercross 20 lap main event! Ryan Dungey second, and takes over points lead! Eli Tomac wins 250 West Regional 15 lap main event.

Dodger Stadium

It rained most of the night Friday, and all morning today. Around 10am, the rain has stopped. The track is covered in plastic as you can see in the photo below.

Round 3 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2012 - Los Angeles - Photo 1 of 40

In the video below, Mike Williamson, lead tech for Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series Champion Ryan Villopoto and the number 1 Kawasaki KXF 450 explains how he prepares the machine for a muddy race track.

However – 12:39pm – the plastic is being taken off of the track. The weather is clearing up, and the track looks nice and dry.

Part of the day’s activities have been delayed though, with the “track walk” now set for 3pm, and the first practice at 3:45pm.

Practice has started exactly at 3:45. The track is dry. First practices are the West Region 250 Lites.

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In the 250 West Lites qualifying – the ‘A’ group (normally the quickest riders) has Eli Tomac on top with 54.82 second lap time. Zach Osborne next with 55.01. Two time World Motocross Champion of MX 2 – Marvin Musquin next at 55.03. 2011 AMA National Motocross Lites Champion Dean Wilson next with a lap time of 55.22, and Martin Davalos round out the top five – 55.66.

In the premiere Supercross class – the ‘A’ riders come out first for practice. The quickest qualifying lap – James Stewart on lap three goes 54.05. On lap four – James falls. James does not do another lap – eventually heading back to pits. On lap seven, Ryan Villopoto sets the fastest lap at 54.04.

However, the final Group A Qualifying – Ryan Villopoto 53.99, James Stewart 54.05, Ryan Dungey next at 54.76, Davi Millsaps 55.06, Justin Brayton 55.11, Chad Reed 55.13, Jake Weimer 55.30, then Ivan Tedesco, Trey Canard, Brett Metcalfe, Kevin Windham, Broc Tickle, Chris Blose, Andrew Short, and Kyle Chisholm out of 20 riders in this group.

Ryan Villopoto says “It’s a bit slick and dry, not the best riding conditions, and it’s not the best to have just one riding session of 12 minutes. But we all have to ride the same conditions.”

At 7:07pm, a great rendition of the National Anthem of the USA. Opening ceremonies have begun!

Brett Metcalfe, Andrew Short, Jake Weimer, James Stewart, Kevin Windham, Trey Canard, Ryan Dungey, Chad Reed, and Ryan Villopoto are introduced to the crowd with rockin’ music, fireworks, lights, and more!

Trey Canard said to the crowd, “I think last week was a success. It’s pretty unbelieveable. It’s only been six weeks since the injury, and to be out here racing with these guys is a blessing.”

James Stewart said, “I got loose out in the whoops, it cut my practice short, but it’s all good. I’m ready to go. One of the best races of last year was here and looking forward to it.”

Chad Reed said “It’s a great year so far, going two and five, and we’ll try to build on that. Here in LA they bring in a bunch of dirt and we do our thing and try to put on a good show.”

Ryan Villopoto said, “Last weekend I was able to come thru and gain some points. I’m looking to do the same thing as last year (win) here.”

Finally, introduced last – KTM’s Ryan Dungey and Roger De Coster. Roger said, “I appreciate all that you do for us here (receiving an award for KTM winning it’s first ever Supercross Main Event win last week). It feels awesome.”

Ryan Dungey said, “I hope we can make some more history. It’s early, we still have 15 races to go. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season.”

250 West Heat 1 – 7:34pm – holeshot goes to Max Anstie on his Honda! This race will go six laps. Max is being chased by number 53 Ryan Sipes, and number 15 Dean Wilson.

As they start lap three – it’s Ryan Sipes out front. Dean Wilson second, Zach Osborne third, and Cole Seely next. They are running lap times in the 55 second range.

Last lap – Ryan Sipes is leading, Dean Wilson is second. Zach Osborne looking good in supercross racing – third. Fourth is Cole Seely. They have all bunched up pretty close together!

The checkered – Dean Wilson goes for the pass, bumping into Sipes two corners from the finish – but Ryan Sipes holds on for the win! Dean Wilson second! Zach Osborne third! Then Cole Seely, Michael Leib with a nice ride on the Honda, followed by Max Anstie.

Ryan said on the podium “This is cool. It’s much better than having the last two bad races. I’ve been working harder, harder than I ever have before!”

Round 3 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2012 - Los Angeles - Photo 2 of 40

250 West Heat 2 – 7:45pm. Going into the 90 degree left hand first corner – it’s Eli Tomac with the holeshot! But he’s passed by number 31 Martin Davalos. The end of the first lap – Davalos, Tomac, Nico Izzi number 50 on Yamaha, Tyla Rattray and Marvin Musquin!

While Davalos and Tomac battle up front, and Izzi is third, there is a battle between two former World MX Champions – Tyla Rattray and Marvin Musquin. Tyla bobbles, Musquin goes by. The front runners now on lap four – Davalos barely holding off Tomac, Izzi third, Musquin fourth, and T Maier fifth.

Davalos and Tomac are pulling away from Izzi and Marvin Musquin. Those top two are putting on a good show – battling close together. Tomac is literally one bike length behind Davalos. Last lap coming – can Tomac make the pass? Musquin has moved past Izzi and into third.

The checkered flag falls and it’s 31 Martin Davalos winning! Eli Tomac second! Marvin Musquin third! Then it’s Izzi, Rattray, and Maier.

Martin said “It started a bit rough this season, little hiccups here and there. I want to thank everyone here supporting me. I’ll try to make my bike a little better now and come back and get a good start for the main event.”

Round 3 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2012 - Los Angeles - Photo 3 of 40

Supercross Heat 1 – it’s number 7 on the JGR MX Yamaha machine – James Stewart! Mike Alessi is next. Davi Millsaps come right up on Stewart and bumps into his rear wheel on the first lap!

As they settle now – it’s James Stewart out front. Mike Alessi is next. Andrew Short third. And here comes Chad Reed in fourth! Ivan Tedesco is fifth. This race will go eight laps.

Lap four – Stewart out front. Reed falls. Stewart looking good out front, with Alessi less than three seconds behind him. Andrew Short running third. They are all going at a hectic pace.

Lap five – a little breathing room for those top riders as they are spread out just a bit – it’s Stewart, M Alessi, A Short, Tedesco, Davi Millsaps, Brett Metcalfe, Broc Tickle, Weston Peick, and Chad Reed. These top 450 guys are running lap times of 54 seconds.

Last lap – James Stewart takes the win! Second to Mike Alessi! Andrew Short third! Then it’s Ivan Tedesco, Brett Metcalfe, Davi Millsaps, Broc Tickle, and Chad Reed the top guys out of the 20 that started.

James Stewart said “I got a start. That was the best plan all year. Practice was not that good. But we got it going there towards the end (of this heat). Me and Davi had a little run in there … that’s Joe Gibbs Racing!”

Supercross Heat 2 – 8:13pm. Gate drops. Bike roar. It’s Jake Weimer number 21 with the holeshot! And teammate Ryan Villopoto goes by quickly! So does Trey Canard!

As they start the second lap – Villopoto has already put the hammer down. He’s leading Weimer and Canard. Or Canard and Weimer. 21 and 41 are battling!

Halfway in to this eight lap race, Villopoto fast, smooth and agressive out front. Kawasaki teammate Jake Weimer second. Trey Canard third. Ryan Morais has moved into fourth. And Ryan Dungey is running fifth.

While Villopoto is way out front, Ryan Dungey is moving up. Villopoto first, Weimer next, Canard third, and Dungey is moving up towards both Canard and Weimer.

Last lap – Dungey trying to get around Canard … Villopoto way out front. At the finish – Ryan Villopoto wins it! Jake Weimer second. Trey Canard holds off Dungey – they finish third and fourth. Fifth is Ryan Morais. Then Grant, Chisholm, Windham, Hansen, and Brayton.

Ryan Villopoto said after this heat win “The track is tough tonight. It’s really slippery. It’s all about traction control and carrying momentum.”

250 West 15 Lap Main Event: 9:18pm. Eli Tomac rockets into the lead as they exit the first corner. Second – Martin Davalos. Zach Osborne third. Fourth is Dean Wilson. Those four are already spread out as they start the second lap. Tyla Rattray is fifth.

Supercross is run at a hectic, quick pace. Eli Tomac is ‘comfortably’ out front now on lap four. Martin Davalos is second. Third is Zach Osborne – again looking good in supercross as he’s been racing World Motocross for the past few seasons. Dean Wilson is fourth. Marvin Musquin is again battling with Tyla Rattray. They are fifth and sixth now. Michael Leib, another MX GP competitor, is next.

Lap seven – Tomac is styling out front. He looks comfortable. And fast. And how about Zach Osborne – he’s passed Martin Davalos for second!

Eli Tomac is literally flying out front. He is styling all over the track. His lap times – in the 53 second range! He leads second place Zach Osborne at the ten lap mark by … ten seconds. The top five – Tomac, Osborne, Wilson now into third, Marvin Musquin fourth, Tyla Rattray fifth. Last year’s winner here Cole Seely has had a poor night, with at least two falls. He’s 18th.

Lap 13. Marvin Musquin was making a charge up to Wilson and Osborne, but falls. It’s now Eli Tomac leading Zach Osborne by over 15 seconds. Third is Wilson, one second behind Osborne. Fourth is Rattray. And Wilson passes Zach Osborne now for second.

The winner, by a large margin – Eli Tomac! Second Dean Wilson. Third Zach Osborne.

Round 3 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2012 - Los Angeles - Photo 4 of 40

Eli Tomac said on the podium to the LA crowd “That was crazy. I was beaten out of the gate, I spun a bit .. but then rode a solid 15 laps. It’s like night and day though when you get a good start (like I did tonight). I haven’t run a red plate (as the points leader) since 2010 in Texas.”

Supercross 20 Lap Main Event: 9:52pm. Ryan Dungey with the holeshot. Ryan Villopoto right next to him! Dungey leads out of the first corner, but Villopoto passes going into the second corner! Trey Canard is down hard – the race is red flagged. Two riders are down – Trey and Ryan Morais. It looked like Ryan ‘landed’ on Trey after a triple jump – but it happened so quick – it was hard to tell precisely. (We do not know yet what the outcome is of either rider at this time.)

Restart – 10:10pm. Ivan Tedesco with the holeshot into the first corner, but Jake Weimer leading exiting the corner. Ryan Villopoto has gone down in the third corner. As they settle, it’s Jake Weimer leading, James Stewart chasing. Chad Reed third. Reed and Stewart are close. Ryan Dungey is next. Ryan Villopoto is 15th. Andrew Short officially 16th.

Lap four – with Weimer out front, Chad Reed passes James Stewart! Weimer is out front, and three former Supercross Champions are chasing him – Reed, Stewart, and Ryan Dungey.

Lap five – Reed has closed in on Weimer! Stewart in third, Dungey right on his back. Top four guys are putting on a show. Villopoto up to 12th.

On lap six, in a great move, Reed – exiting a corner, passes Weimer for the lead! It’s Reed, Weimer right behind, Stewart right behind them, and Dungey right behind Stewart!

Lap seven – in the same corner that Reed passed Weimer, Stewart goes inside Weimer, pushes him up high on the berm, and Weimer tips over. Stewart now in second.

Three former Supercross Champions are in the top three spots. Reed first, Stewart two seconds back, and Dungey right there. Ryan Villopoto has moved up to eighth. There are still 12 laps to go!

The top three are way out in front. Brett Metcalfe is fourth. Then Davi Millsaps, Broc Tickle, Josh Hansen, and … Ryan Villopoto. Amazingly, Eli Tomac’s quickest lap in the 250 class is one second faster than anyone in the 450 class.

Lap 12. James Stewart has fallen in a right hand corner. It’s Reed leading, Dungey a little over four seconds behind. Stewart has remounted in third. Fourth is Brett Metcalfe … and Ryan Villopoto is now up to fifth!

Villopoto is doing it again – on lap 14 he passes Metcalfe to take over fourth position. Just like last week in Phoenix – moving up quickly thru the pack. Villopoto is only two seconds behind Stewart now.

Reed is out front. He’s leading Dungey by almost five seconds. Stewart is a ways back in third … and Villopoto has caught right up to him. Will his pass him?

Chad Reed out front. Nice lead. Ryan Dungey is second – comfortably. But with four laps left to go, the question is will Villopoto pass Stewart to podium?

Chad Reed has won! Ryan Dungey finishes second! Dungey takes over points lead! James Stewart finishes third, and Ryan Villopoto right behind in fourth!

Round 3 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2012 - Los Angeles - Photo 5 of 40

Chad Reed said “All my crashes have been coming from washing out. So I tried to come back to what I know, and what I did last year. I want to give a shout out to those two guys that were out (Canard and Morais) and I wish them well. I don’t like being in the back, we’ll keep on the grind and keep going to make it better.”

Ryan Dungey said “A lot of great racing. The track crew did a great job. I got a great start. About halfway I got into second and just focused on making good laps. I’ll carry it into next weekend. It’s great to get the points lead, but we have a lot of races.

James Stewart said “I made a mistake in that section over there (pointing towards the track). It’s a confidence builder (finishing third), and we’ll work towards next weekend for sure.”

Marvin Musquin video after the race interview.

Los Angeles Supercross Photo Gallery:

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250 West 15 Lap Main Event Results
  1. Eli Tomac – HON
  2. Dean Wilson – KAW
  3. Zach Osborne – YAM
  4. Tyla Rattray – KAW
  5. Jason Anderson – SUZ
  6. Max Anstie – HON
  7. Michael Leib – HON
  8. Matt Moss – KTM
  9. Martin Davalos – SUZ
  10. Billy Laninovich – HON
  11. Nico Izzi – YAM
  12. Ryan Sipes – YAM
  13. Vince Friese – HON
  14. Ted Maier – HON
  15. Cole Seely – HON
  16. Scott Champion – HON
  17. N Paluzzi – KAW
  18. G Faith – HON
  19. Marvin Musquin – KTM
  20. Travis Baker – HON
Supercross 20 Lap Main Event Results
  1. Chad Reed – HON
  2. Ryan Dungey – KTM
  3. James Stewart – YAM
  4. Ryan Villopoto – KAW
  5. Brett Metcalfe – SUZ
  6. Davi Millsaps – YAM
  7. Josh Hansen – KAW
  8. Broc Tickle – KAW
  9. Kevin Windham – HON
  10. Mike Alessi – SUZ
  11. Jake Weimer – KAW
  12. Kyle Chisholm – KAW
  13. Nick Wey – KAW
  14. Andrew Short – HON
  15. Weston Peick – KAW
  16. Kyle Partridge – KAW
  17. Josh Grant – KAW
  18. Ivan Tedesco – KAW
  19. Trey Canard – DNS
  20. Ryan Morais – DNS
250 West Point Standings
  1. Eli Tomac – 63
  2. Dean Wilson – 62
  3. Tyla Rattray – 60
  4. Cole Seely – 47
  5. Zach Osborne – 47
  6. Jason Anderson – 44
  7. Marvin Musquin – 42
  8. Max Anstie – 32
  9. Nico Izzi – 32
  10. Billy Laninovich – 27
  11. Ryan Sipes – 25
  12. Michael Leib – 24
  13. Matt Moss – 23
  14. Travis Baker – 23
  15. Vince Friese – 21
  16. Teddy Maier – 21
  17. Martin Davalos – 15
  18. Wil Hahn – 13
  19. Scott Champion – 10
  20. Bruce Rutherford – 8
Supercross Point Standings
  1. Ryan Dungey – 67
  2. Chad Reed – 63
  3. Ryan Villopoto – 63
  4. James Stewart – 48
  5. Jake Weimer – 48
  6. Kevin Windham – 43
  7. Brett Metcalfe – 38
  8. Josh Hansen – 36
  9. Andrew Short – 36
  10. Davi Millsaps – 28
  11. Mike Alessi – 28
  12. Kyle Chisholm – 25
  13. Justin Brayton – 25
  14. Broc Tickle – 22
  15. Ivan Tedesco – 21
  16. Trey Canard – 14
  17. Nick Wey – 10
  18. Chris Blose – 9
  19. Kyle Partridge – 9
  20. Weston Peick – 6

Round 3 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2012 - Los Angeles - Photo 35 of 40Ryan Sipes

Round 3 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2012 - Los Angeles - Photo 36 of 40Eli Tomac battles Martin Davalos

Round 3 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2012 - Los Angeles - Photo 37 of 40James Stewart

Round 3 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2012 - Los Angeles - Photo 38 of 40Ryan Villopoto

Round 3 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2012 - Los Angeles - Photo 39 of 40Chad Reed – winner of tonight’s Supercross Main Event

Round 3 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2012 - Los Angeles - Photo 40 of 40


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