Southern California to Phoenix was my 1st road trip of the year and a quick 5 hour drive straight through the desert was just the beginning of my adventures. The road trip to Phoenix was filled with lots of mountain tops and the view of the full moon looked amazing as I drove east.

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Then a strange thing happened; it was just about 3pm and day suddenly turned to an eerie night as I entered a dust/sand storm. I had never seen a storm like this; my driving conditions went from great to dangerous in a couple of minutes and I could barely see 10 feet in front of my car as I made my way down the highway. I have been on the road with fog but never dust and debris hitting the car and flying across the roads, it was crazy to see but I was determined to make it to Phoenix; lucky for me the storm didn’t last too long and I was back in business.   

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 As I made my way to the relatives I was given a few quick warnings from two different family members as I breeched the city limits about the speeding laws and police presence all over. It was no joke, as I came into the city streets, there were 4 different cars pulled over in a 2 block radius, so thanks Cousin Jeff for the warning. After a fun visit with the family and their new baby, it was time to sleep!

Saturday morning in Phoenix was beautiful and I was ready for a great day of Supercross. I arrived to the stadium mid morning and the Pits were already busy full of families and friends checking out all the vendors and activities. The sounds of the bikes coming from the inside of the stadium meant I was running a little bit late!

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Chase Field is such a versatile stadium because of the great big windows, retractable roof, and easy layout.

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The track layout for Phoenix looked pretty interesting, especially the sand section; it was cool to see how the guys handled the S shaped section of sand, that went straight into two full length triples and two rows of whoops all the way to the finish line.  The start and Holeshot rows had their own unique features that were made obvious when the racing was in full action; check out all my pictures from Phoenix in MY PHOTOS!

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