James Stewart takes first Supercross win of season! Ryan Dungey scores 250 West Supercross win!

450 Supercross Results
1. James Stewart YAM
2. Chad Reed SUZ
3. Josh Grant YAM
4. Ivan Tedesco HON
5. Andrew Short HON
6. K Windham HON
7. R Villopoto KAW
8. Josh Hill YAM
9. Tim Ferry KAW
10. Davi Millsaps HON
11. M Alessi SUZ
12. J Summey KTM
13. P Carpenter KAW
14. T Preston KTM
15. Nick Wey YAM
16. R Kiniry KAW
450 Supercross Points
Josh Grant 45
Chad Reed 42
Andrew Short 38
Ivan Tedesco 33
Tim Ferry 30
R Villopoto 30
James Stewart 27
K Windham 21
Davi Millsaps 20
Mike Alessi 20
P Carpenter 19
Josh Hill 18
Nick Wey 18
Heath Voss 14
Ben Coisy 13
Josh Summey 10
250 West Results
1. Ryan Dungey SUZ
2. Justin Brayton KTM
3. Ryan Morais KAW
4. Jake Weimer KAW
5. Chris Blose HON
6. PJ Larsen KAW
7. Ryan Sipes KTM
8. Soubeyras YAM
9. Ben Evans HON
10. D Reardon HON
11. C Seely SUZ
12. A Chatfield HON
13. McCrummen HON
14. S Skinner HON
15. M Sleeter KTM
16. A Martin HON
250 West Points
Ryan Dungey 45
Jake Weimer 43
Ryan Morais 42
Justin Brayton 36
Chris Blose 34
R Sipes 29
Ben Evans 24
Soubeyras 18
A Chatfield 17
J Lawrence 16
PJ Larsen 15
Jeff Alessi 13
Dan Reardon 13
S Skinner 13
C Gosselaar 11
Ryan Clark 11

Phoenix Supercross!

Chad Reed & James Stewart are ready to battle. Jake Weimer is on a new team with a win under his belt already. Josh Grant has energized the Gibbs Racing Yamaha team. Ryan Dungey has switched to Fox gear. Broc Hepler is out with a broken collarbone, but Sean Hamblin is taking his place for Team Yamaha.

Before the racing even started, Amanda talked to Andrew Short, Jake Weimer, Kevin Windham, and Sean Hamblin. Andrew finished second in last weekend’s 450 Supercross Main Event, Jake Weimer was the winner of the 250 West Supercross Main Event, Kevin Windham is a huge fan favorite on the number 14 Honda, and Sean Hamblin is running number 105 for Team Yamaha as he takes the place of injured Broc Hepler. Listen below.

Andrew Short, Jake Weimer, Kevin Windham, Sean Hamblin

Press the play button below:

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7:09pm: Opening ceremonies start. And the place is rocking! Big crowd, looks like close to a sell-out, music and fireworks, and the big screen is incredible here at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona. James Stewart is introduced second to last, riding around the perimeter of the track on his bike, getting the crowd totally pumped up. And here comes Chad Reed – number 1, out onto the podium! Chad rides his bike around the perimeter of the track as well, getting the crowd pumped up for tonight’s action.

7:29pm: Racing starts with the first heat of 250 West Lites. The track itself has a little sand section/chicane that’s different and unique. On the opening lap, East Supercross Champ Trey Canard goes off the track with Michael Hall. Chris Blose is the leader on lap 3, with Jake Weimer right behind. Weimer goes inside of Blose on a tight left hand corner near the end of lap three. Top three at the finish of the six lap heat – Weimer first, Blose second, third goes to Ryan Sipes. Canard goes to LCQ.

7:40pm: Start of the second 250 heat. Ryan Dungey is leading, but Jason Lawrence is dead last because of a crash on the opening lap. At the end of the six lap heat, Dungey wins, Justin Brayton is second, and Eric McCrummen is third riding a Honda. Lawrence goes to LCQ.

7:52pm: Ryan Villopoto with the holeshot in the 450 Supercross heat 1! Followed by Davi Millsaps, Chad Reed, and Kevin Windham. On lap five, Villopoto still out front, Reedy in second, and Windham a ways back in third. On lap six, Reed is looking good – he passes Villopoto for the lead on a tight right hand corner. Villopoto is now second, Windham third, Andrew Short fourth, Davi Millsaps fifth. Nice clean pass by Reed. At the end of eight laps, it’s Reed, Villopoto, Windham, Short, Millsaps.

8:05pm: It’s the start of the 450 Supercross heat 2 – Josh Grant out front! James Stewart right behind. Stewart goes by on the first lap. Five laps in, it’s Stewart out front, Grant a ways back, Josh Summey 28 on a KTM third, Tim Ferry fourth, Ivan Tedesco fifth. At the end of eight laps, it’s James Stewart with the win, Josh Grant second, Josh Summey third, Ivan Tedesco fourth, and Tim Ferry fifth!

8:18pm: No waiting around – the 250 LCQ gets going! And only the top two guys make it to the main! East Coast Champ Trey Canard and West Coast Champ Jason Lawrence are both in this race. At the beginning of the race – Lawrence is way back, and Canard has crashed out! The winner is Shaun Skinner after four laps, second is Alex Martin on a Honda. Lawrence finishes eighth, and Canard finishes 21st.

8:30pm: It’s the 450 Supercross LCQ! And only the top two riders will make it to the main! First lap leader is 54 Matt Boni, followed by Daniel Blair 125. And it’s Matt Boni winning, Daniel Blair second, and Sean Hamblin, in his first supercross in a long time third (but not to the Main Event).

Tonight’s attendance – 46,566. Stadium looks just about full.

Lap times for the fastest guys were just over 51 seconds. And James Stewart had the fastest lap times. And the track is very nice. Great design, nice dirt, good mix of obstacles. Also looked like it provided lots of lines for good, clean passing.

9:12pm: The 250 Main event takes off – and it’s Jake Weimer shooting into the lead! At the end of lap 1, it’s Weimer in the lead, following by Ryan Dungey. After six laps, Weimer still leading Dungey, Justin Brayton (114 KTM) is third, and Ryan Morais 116 fourth. On lap seven – Weimer goes down in the sand! He remounts in fifth. On the start of the ninth lap, it’s Dungey way out front, Brayton second, Morais third, Chris Blose 63 fourth, Weimer fifth. Lap 12 has Dungey still out front, Brayton second, Morais third, Weimer has moved into fourth, and Chris Blose is fifth on the Troy Lee Honda. The finish at the 15 lap main event – Ryan Dungey winning! Justin Brayton second. Ryan Morais, Jake Weimer, Chris Blose follow in third, fourth and fifth!

9:40pm: The big boys – the 450 Supercross Main Event takes off the line, and Josh Grant emerges as the leader out of the first corner! He’s followed by James Stewart, and Chad Reed! Right before the finish line jump, Stewart goes past Grant and into the lead! It’s Stewart out front, Grant second, Reed third. Fourth is Mike Alessi, followed by Ivan Tedesco. On the end of the third lap, Reedy goes past Josh Grant. The top three guys are going very, very fast. Reed is moving up closer to Stewart. Ryan Villopoto is in 11th.

On the fifth lap, it’s shaping up to be the battle everyone is looking for – Stewart vs. Reed. Stewart is leading Reed by about 1.5 seconds. At the end of lap 9, it’s still Stewart leading Reed by just over 1 second. Grant is running a ways back in third, Tedesco in fourth, Kevin Windham fifth.

Halfway thru the race, the leaders start running into lapped riders. Stewart first, Reed second, Grant third, Tedesco fourth, and Andrew Short has moved into fifth.

On the last lap … Stewart still leads Reed by about one second! It’s coming down to the wire! They are just a few bike lengths apart! At the checkered – Stewart takes it by two bike lengths over Reedy! Right after the finish, they both ‘high-five’ each other – a congratulations on a great race for both of them! Josh Grant finishes third, Ivan Tedesco fourth, and Andrew Short fifth.

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Phoenix 2009 Photo Gallery

Click on the thumbnail to view the larger images: Photos – Andrew Short 29, Mike Alessi 800, Ryan Dungey 10, Tim Ferry 15, Josh Grant 33, Jason Lawrence 1 (250 class), Chad Reed 1 (450 class), James Stewart 7, Ryan Villopoto in practice 2, Ryan Villopoto 2, Jake Weimer 19, Kevin Windham 14.

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