Supercross in Australia – Round 2 of the Australasian Super X in Wollongong. The big winner – Daniel McCoy … and Mother Nature

Round two of Monster Energy Super X was held at WIN Stadium, returning to Wollongong for the first time since 2008. Unfortunately, 15 minutes before the finals in all classes a huge thunderstorm hit Wollongong, causing a 45 minute delay in proceedings.

As a result of the huge storm, the Under 19’s and Michelin Junior Development Series’ finals were cancelled, and the formats for the opens and lites final was changed to a one time 15 lap final in each class. It proved a masterstroke with two classic finals.

In the premiere class, Team Motul Pirelli Suzuki’s Daniel McCoy prevailed in the treacherous conditions, also taking the Championship lead in the process. Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Billy MacKenzie took the holeshot and led for the first half dozen laps before going down in the slippery conditions. Once McCoy passed MacKenzie he was never headed, although he was pushed right to the end by JDR Motorex KTM’s Dan Reardon, who finished with an impressive second place.

Hometown hero CDR Rockstar Yamaha’s Jay Marmont worked his way back through the pack after a disappointing start to finish third.

JDR Motorex KTM’s Matt Moss took the holeshot in the lites and led from start to finish to make it two from two wins and take a commanding lead in the lites championship. Team Motul Pirelli Suzuki’s Steven Clarke improved on his sixth place in round one to finish second, and Moss’ teammate Brendan Harrison rounded out the top three.

Unfortunately two title contenders failed to score any points with Josh Cachia crashing out in the heats, and Monster Energy’s Kawasaki’s Dean Ferris going down on lap one of the final and heading straight back to the pits.

No points will be awarded for this round in both the U16’s and U19’s.

Round three of the Australasian Supercross Championship will take place at Campbelltown Stadium in next Saturday November 5.

Dan McCoy said “To be honest I have never really enjoyed the mud. With such a short series you need to be near or on the podium every week”. Dan Reardon said “I don’t consider myself a mud rider. I’ll definitely take these points”. Jay Marmont: “I could hear the crowd screaming for me. I didn’t even know I finished third until I crossed the line. Please no rain next week!”

Race Director/General Manager Kevin Williams: The crowd showed they wanted to see some racing, so we had to give it to them, and considering the conditions, they weren’t disappointed with two great finals.

Matt Moss: The track felt pretty grippy, so I decided to just pin it and win it.

OPEN top ten results:

Dan MCCOY – Team Motul Pirelli Suzuki

Daniel REARDON – JDR Motorex KTM

JAY MARMONT – CDR Rockstar Yamaha

LAWSON BOPPING – Raceline Pirelli Suzuki

Todd WATERS – Carlton Dry Thor Honda Racing


Michael PHILLIPS – Carlton Dry Thor Honda Racing

CRAIG ANDERSON – Berry Sweet Lucas Oil Honda Racing

Billy MACKENZIE – Monster  Energy Kawasaki

Jake MOSS – CDR Rockstar Yamaha

Championship standings:

Dan MCCOY – Team Motul Pirelli Suzuki: 41

Tye SIMMONDS – JDR Motorex KTM: 40

Daniel REARDON – JDR Motorex KTM: 34

Billy MACKENZIE – Monster  Energy Kawasaki: 34

JAY MARMONT – CDR Rockstar Yamaha: 33


Todd WATERS – Carlton Dry Thor Honda Racing: 30

Michael PHILLIPS – Carlton Dry Thor Honda Racing: 29

Cheyne BOYD – Carlton Dry Thor Honda Racing: 27

Jake MOSS – CDR Rockstar Yamaha: 22

Courtesy Global Action Sports


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Round 2: 2011 Australasian Supercross Series - Wollongong - Photo 1 of 2

Matt Moss winner in Lites class

Round 2: 2011 Australasian Supercross Series - Wollongong - Photo 2 of 2

Daniel McCoy was the winner in the premiere Supercross class

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