Ryan Dungey puts a cap on his Supercross Championship season by winning the Las Vegas Supercross Finale! Jake Weimer wins 250 East/West Shoot-out!

450 Supercross Results
1. Ryan Dungey SUZ
2. Chad Reed KAW
3. Kevin Windham HON
4. Kyle Cunningham HON
5. Andrew Short YAM
6. Davi Millsaps HON
7. Kyle Chisholm YAM
8. Justin Brayton YAM
9. Thomas Hahn SUZ
10. Nick Wey KAW
11. Michael Byrne YAM
12. Matt Boni HON
13. C Blose HON
14. J Demuth KTM
15. W Peick YAM
16. J Thomas SUZ
17. Josh Hill YAM
18. K Partridge KAW
19. J Anstett YAM
20. G Davenport KAW
450 Point standings

Ryan Dungey 363
Kevin Windham 293
Davi Millsaps 268
Ryan Villopoto 266
Justin Brayton 238
Josh Hill 233
Nick Wey 197
Thomas Hahn 186
Ivan Tedesco 183
Kyle Chisholm 177
Michael Byrne 170
Andrew Short 150
Chris Blose 120
Trey Canard 103
Jason Thomas 79
Matt Boni 76
Chad Reed 73
Grant Langston 66
Jason Lawrence 62
James Stewart 51
250 East/West Results
1. Jake Weimer KAW
2. Josh Hansen KAW
3. Christophe Pourcel KAW
4. Dean Wilson KAW
5. Justin Barcia HON
6. Broc Tickle YAM
7. Martin Davalos YAM
8. T Baker YAM
9. Ryan Morais SUZ
10. Trey Canard HON
11. C Seely HON
12. H Hewitt SUZ
13. P Nicoletti KTM
14. M Willard HON
15. J Canada KAW
16. R Kiniry SUZ
17. A Chatfield HON
18. J Decotis HON
19. Ryan Sipes YAM
20. K Keylon SUZ

Sam Boyd Stadium

It’s the Vegas Supercross Finale!!! The track here in Las Vegas is longer than a typical supercross race, as the track starts outside the stadium. In today’s practice sessions, top riders were running lap times of around 1 minute 6 seconds.

After the National Anthem, the first qualifying heat for 250 East / West. After the long start area coming into the stadium, Justin Barcia has a holeshot … but goes down in the first corner of the stadium. Christophe Pourcel takes over the lead … and then he falls a few corners later. The leader now – Dean Wilson. After this six lap race, Dean Wilson is the winner. Martin Davalos second. Justin Barcia after two falls gets fifth, and after a big get off Christophe Pourcel takes sixth. The top nine go directly to the 250 Main Event.

250 Heat 2 – Jake Weimer, number 1w with the lead. At the halfway point, it’s Weimer leading, Josh Hansen next, Ryan Morais third. At the end of this six lap race, Jake Weimer, the 250 West Supercross Champ wins, Josh Hansen next, Morais third. Trey Canard gets up to fifth after a poor start.

450 Supercross Heat 1 – Kevin Windham on the big red number 14 comes rocketing into the stadium from the outside start area. As they head into the left hand corner after the long straight, Josh Hill passes Kevin for the lead. But not for long. Half a lap later Windham passes Josh back. It’s Windham with the lead, Josh Hill next, Justin Brayton is next, followed by Andrew Short.

Kevin Windham continues with his confidence – leading and looking good doing it. On lap six, while running second, Josh Hill hits the dirt. It’s Windham first, Andrew Short is now second, Justin Brayton third.

At the end of this eight lap race, it’s Kevin Windham winning. Then Short, Brayton, Nick Wey, and J Anstett on a Yamaha. Lap times are varying from 1 minute five seconds to 1 minute eight seconds.

450 Supercross Heat 2 – Supercross Champion Ryan Dungey on his number 5 Suzuki is the leader! Chad Reed was second briefly, but miscued in a corner just a bit. At the end of lap one it’s Ryan Dungey leading, Kyle Cunningham 32 is second, Chad Reed third, and Davi Millsaps fourth.

On lap five, Chad Reed passes Cunningham for second. It’s now Dungey first, Reed second, Cunningham, Millsaps, and Michael Byrne.

At the end of this eight lap race, it’s Ryan Dungey winning. Chad Reed is second. Kyle Cunningham is third.

Time for the 250 Dave Coombs Sr. East/West Supercross Shoot-out 15 lap Main Event! The leader coming into the stadium is – it’s a Pro Circuit Kawasaki blur up front! Josh Hansen, Jake Weimer, Christophe Pourcel all up front! At the end of the first lap, it’s number 1w, Jake Weimer leading. Second is 1e Christophe Pourcel. Dean Wilson is next, then Josh Hansen. All Pro Circuit Kawasaki.

The top four are running very close together – Weimer, Pourcel, Wilson, Hansen. Trey Canard tumbles. Fifth place now on lap 5 is Ryan Sipes. Wilson is really pushing on the back of Pourcel. On lap sixth, in a tight left hand corner, Wilson goes past Pourcel! It’s Weimer out front, then Wilson, then Pourcel, and then Hansen – all Pro Circuit Kawasaki team members!

Weimer and Wilson are starting to pull just a little bit of distance ahead of the next racers. Now Hansen has passed Pourcel for third place. It’s Weimer, Wilson, Hansen, Pourcel, … and Justin Barcia has moved into fifth.

At the ten lap mark, it’s Weimer leading, then Wilson, then Hansen, and Pourcel. They are about equal distance apart now – about 1.5 seconds between each guy.

At the end of this once a year special East/West 15 lap shoot out, the winner is Jake Weimer! Second place goes to Josh Hansen, as he passes Dean Wilson on the last lap. And Christophe Pourcel passes Wilson on the last lap! The top five in this exciting race – Weimer first, Hansen second, Pourcel third, Wilson fourth, and Justin Barcia is fifth.

Jake Weimer said: It’s awesome. I’m so happy for the whole team. Mitch I know you’re watching – you’re the man. I’m so happy right now.

It’s now the final 450 Supercross 20 lap Main Event of the year! The pack rockets into the stadium, and the leader is Ryan Dungey! Followed by Kyle Chisholm, and Chad Reed. Reed passes Chisholm before the end of this first lap. Running order after one lap – Dungey first, Reed next, Chisholm, Wey, Byrne, Short, Millsaps, Windham.

As they start lap four, Dungey is leading, and Reed is chasing him. Dungey leads by 1.5 seconds. Third is Chisholm, then Wey, Millsaps, Windham, Short, Byrne, and Cunningham.

While Dungey and Reed are battling up front, Kevin Windham in fifth is battling with Davi Millsaps in fourth. They are side by side, looking at each other … and Windham makes the pass stick to move into fourth on lap eight. He’s setting his sights now on reaching third place Kyle Chisholm. On lap nine, Windham passes Chisholm and moves into third.

At the halfway point, Dungey is starting to pull a little distance on Reed. His lead is almost four seconds now. Running order – Dungey first, Reed second, Windham third, Chisholm fourth, Millsaps fifth.

After 20 laps of racing, Ryan Dungey has put a cap on his Supercross Championship winning season by winning tonight’s finale in Las Vegas. He led from start to finish! Chad Reed finishes second, Kevin Windham third, Kyle Cunningham fourth, followed by Andrew Short and Davi Millsaps

Ryan said: It was good to get a hole-shot tonight. The track got slick, but the bike worked really well. I just want to thank everybody …. thank you.

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Facts & stats courtesy Feld Motor Sports:

AMA Supercross Class Titles by Brand: Honda: 15 (1982, ’83, ’84, ’86, ’88, ’89, ’90, ’91, ’92, ’93, ’94, ’95, ’96, ’02, ’03), Yamaha: 11 (1974, ’77, ’78, ’79, ’80, ’98, ’99, ’00, ’04, ’08, ’09), Kawasaki: 6 (1976, ’85, ’87, ’97, ’01, ’07), Suzuki: 3 (1981, ’05, ’06), Can-Am: 1 (1975)

AMA Supercross Class Wins by Brand: Honda: 194 (First win 1976), Yamaha: 161 (First win 1974), Kawasaki: 100 (First win 1976), Suzuki: 56 (First win 1976), Can-Am: 7 (First win 1974), CZ: 2 (First win 1974)

AMA Supercross Class Champions: Jeremy McGrath: 7 (’93, ’94, ’95, ’96, ’98, ’99, ’00), Ricky Carmichael: 5 (’01, ’02, ’03, ’05, ’06), Bob Hannah: 3 (’77, ’78, ’79), Jeff Stanton: 3 (’89, ’90, ’92), Jeff Ward: 2 (’85, ’87), Chad Reed: 2 (’04, ’08), James Stewart: 2 (’07, ’09), Rick Johnson: 2 (’86, ’88), Jim Ellis: 1 (’75), Jim Weinert: 1 (’76), Mike Bell: 1 (’80), Mark Barnett: 1 (’81), Donnie Hansen: 1 (’82), David Bailey: 1 (’83), Johnny O’Mara: 1 (’84), J. M. Bayle: 1 (’91), Jeff Emig: 1 (’97)


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