James Stewart battles for another Supercross win! Ryan Dungey wins 2009 AMA West 250 Lites Supercross title!

450 Supercross Results
1. James Stewart YAM
2. Chad Reed SUZ
3. Davi Millsaps HON
4. R Villopoto KAW
5. Andrew Short HON
6. Josh Grant YAM
7. K Windham HON
8. Matt Boni HON
9. Thomas Hahn KAW
10. I Tedesco HON
11. P Carpenter KAW
12. Nick Wey YAM
13. B Laninovich KAW
14. Heath Voss HON
15. Broc Hepler YAM
16. J Marsack HON
17. Troy Adams HON
18. Tyler Bowers HON
19. K Patridge HON
20. K Chisholm YAM
450 Point Standings

James Stewart 357
Chad Reed 351
Andrew Short 257
Josh Grant 223
Kevin Windham 218
I Tedesco 210
Ryan Villopoto 208
Davi Millsaps 208
Mike Alessi 203
Josh Hill 146
Matt Boni 103
Heath Voss 102
Tim Ferry 100
Nick Wey 89
P Carpenter 88
K Chisholm 79
B Hepler 76
Ben Coisy 75
Thomas Hahn 64
J Lawrence 43
250 West Results
1. Trey Canard HON
2. Jake Weimer KAW
3. Ryan Morais KAW
4. Ryan Dungey SUZ
5. J Brayton KTM
6. Chris Blose HON
7. Jake Moss HON
8. K Cunningham KAW
9. M Hall YAM
10. Ben Evans HON
11. S Borkenhagen HON
12. M Sleeter KTM
13. J Alessi HON
14. A Chatfield HON
15. R Clark HON
16. C Seely SUZ
17. B Lemay HON
18. G Davenport KAW
19. B Sheren SUZ
20. PJ Larsen KAW
250 Point Standings

Ryan Dungey 178
Jake Weimer 173
Ryan Morais 166
Justin Brayton 119
Chris Blose 110
Trey Canard 99
R Sipes 89
Jeff Alessi 70
D Reardon 67
PJ Larsen 62
K Cunningham 60
B Evans 56
E McCrummen 51
J Moss 50
S Borkenhagen 48
A Chatfield 41
M Hall 36
C Seely 36
R Clark 36
J Lawrence 34

Rice-Eccles Stadium

Beautiful venue here in Salt Lake City, Utah for the penultimate round of the 2009 Supercross series. This venue (Rice-Eccles Stadium) hosted the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. It’s a bit overcast with a little rain, and you can see the snowcapped mountains to the east occasionally.

All eyes are on the battle for the 2009 Supercross Series Championship between James Stewart & Chad Reed. Going into tonight’s race, with only tonight’s main event and next Saturday’s finale in Las Vegas, Stewart leads Reed by three points.

And the 250 Supercross West series will conclude tonight, with the title being decided in tonight’s final West event. It’s Ryan Dungey leading Jake Weimer by nine points.

250 West class: In heat one, the track conditions were a bit slick in some spots because of earlier rain, but overall pretty good. The skies are clearing, and the sun is coming out (although its close to sun set now). Jake Weimer did what he had to do – win this heat to move directly into the main event with a good starting gate choice.

In heat 2, Ryan Dungey did what he had to do – he avoided a first turn pile up, and finished in second place behind winner Trey Canard.

The track is getting better, and with a little track maintenance after the first 250 motos, it’s near perfect for the first 450 heats.

In the 15 lap West 250 main event, on a perfect track, it’s Jake Moss with the early lead. He’s followed by Ryan Dungey. Jake Weimer is in seventh. On lap 5, it’s Moss out front, followed by Dungey, Chris Blose, Trey Canard, and Jake Weimer fifth. On lap eight, leader Jake Moss falls coming out of a left hand corner, and it’s Dungey in the lead!

Trey Canard is now pushing Dungey for the lead, with Weimer in third. On the start of lap 12, Canard goes inside on a right hand corner after the finish line jump and past Dungey and into the lead! Dungey gave him plenty of room to pass. Then, at the end of lap 13, Weimer passes Dungey! Dungey gave Weimer plenty of room to pass as well, knowing that he only needs to ride smart to win the championship.

It’s Canard up front – Trey Canard wins! Weimer battles him right to the checkered, but finishes second! Ryan Morais slipped past Dungey to finish third. But with Ryan Dungey finishing fourth, Dungey is the 2009 AMA 250 West Supercross Champion!

450 Supercross class: In heat one, it’s a long start straight that goes into a 180 degree left hander. Chad Reed was not first out of the gate, but he emerged out of the first corner in first place by slipping to the inside of a few riders in the corner. Chad Reed did win the heat – but it appeared as if he was slowing for some reason.

In heat 2, James Stewart did what he normally does as well – win.

As the LCQ’s run, and track maintenance gets done, the track is getting very close to perfect – moist and tacky.

The 20 lap Supercross main event – it’s Chad Reed leading, with James Stewart right behind! It’s the race for the championship!

On lap five, Stewart edges past Reed and into the lead! Two corners later, Reed goes inside of Stewart to retake the lead! The two Supercross Titans are simply head and shoulders above everyone else, and, they are battling head to head here tonight all race so far! As they take the jump over the finish line area to start lap ten, Stewart makes a pass on the inside going into the next left hand corner to overtake Reed for the lead! Two corners later, Reed goes inside and passes him back!

On lap 13, Stewart goes past Reed to edge into first. They have been so close together the entire race – they have probably touched quite a few times.

On lap 18, Stewart has some ‘breathing room’ over Reed – almost two seconds. Should we forget to mention, Millsaps is running third, Villopoto fourth, Short fifth.

At the checkered – it’s James Stewart winning! Chad Reed is second! Six points seperate them as they head to the finale next weekend in Vegas! Davi Millsaps finishes third, Ryan Villopoto fourth, Andrew Short fifth.

Notes: 40,612 people were in the stands.

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