Ryan Villopoto scores his first ever 450 Supercross victory! Stewart takes over points lead! Ryan Dungey wins 250 West Supercross Main Event!

450 Supercross Results
1. R Villopoto KAW
2. James Stewart YAM
3. Davi Millsaps HON
4. Mike Alessi SUZ
5. Andrew Short HON
6. Josh Grant YAM
7. Chad Reed SUZ
8. P Carpenter KAW
9. Ivan Tedesco HON
10. K Windham HON
11. Nick Wey YAM
12. Heath Voss HON
13. T Hahn KAW
14. M Boni HON
15. J Thomas HON
16. K Chisholm YAM
17. T Bowers HON
18. J Marsack HON
19. Troy Adams HON
20. B Laninovich KAW
450 Point standings

James Stewart 332
Chad Reed 329
Andrew Short 241
Josh Grant 208
Kevin Windham 204
Mike Alessi 203
I Tedesco 199
Ryan Villopoto 190
Davi Millsaps 188
Josh Hill 146
Tim Ferry 100
H Voss 95
M Boni 90
Nick Wey 80
K Chisholm 79
P Carpenter 78
B Coisy 75
B Hepler 70
T Hahn 52
J Lawrence 43
250 West Results
1. Ryan Dungey SUZ
2. Ryan Morais KAW
3. Trey Canard HON
4. Jake Weimer KAW
5. Jake Moss HON
6. J Albertson HON
7. K Cunningham KAW
8. Chris Blose HON
9. M Hall YAM
10. J Alessi HON
11. PJ Larsen KAW
12. S Borkenhagen HON
13. D Reardon HON
14. A Martin HON
15. D Costella HON
16. M Horban YAM
17. R Sipes KTM
18. E McCrummen HON
19. R Davenport KAW
20. R Clark HON
250 Point standings

Ryan Dungey 160
Jake Weimer 151
Ryan Morais 146
Justin Brayton 103
Chris Blose 95
R Sipes 89
Trey Canard 74
D Reardon 67
Jeff Alessi 62
PJ Larsen 61
E McCrummen 51
K Cunningham 47
B Evans 45
S Borkenhagen 38
J Moss 36
J Lawrence 34
A Chatfield 34
C Seely 31
R Clark 30
M Hall 24

Qwest Field

450 Supercross Main Event: The opening lap highlights would be that the two biggest names in supercross, and the two guys battling for the 2009 Supercross Series Championship, had problems – Chad Reed crashed in the first corner, and, James Stewart had a run-in and stall. Reed got going again near 18th, and Stewart was running just outside the top ten.

On lap ten, its ‘hometown’ rider Ryan Villopoto leading, Davi Millsaps second, James Stewart is all the way up to third, folowed by Mike Alessi and Andrew Short. Chad Reed is running 11th.

On lap 15, it’s Villopoto still leading, Millsaps second, Stewart third … Reed is seventh.

At the end of 20 laps, it’s Ryan Villopoto scoring his first ever 450 Supercross win! The fans are going wild for ‘their’ rider! James Stewart finishes second, with Davi Millsaps third. Mike Alessi scores fourth, Andrew Short next, then Josh Grant, and Chad Reed finishes seventh.

Round 15 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2009 - Seattle - April 18 - Photo 1 of 39

Hyatt of the Official Hotel of Supercross.com

Villopoto said “It’s awesome – I can’t thank my team enough. I’d also like to thank (my former trainer) Randy Lawrence for what he’s put me thru (training) my whole career. I recently made a change (to new trainer) Jeff Spencer. I’d like to thank Randy for all that, and thank Jeff for this week helping me before this race. The track was tough, and the ruts were deep, and sandy in spots …. it was definitely a tough track. I’d like to dedicate this race to my mechanic John – his father passed away just two days ago … “

James Stewart, with only two rounds remaining in the 2009 AMA/FIM Supercross Series Championship, now has a three point lead over Chad Reed. James said “It was a crazy main event. I saw Ryan (Villopoto) and Mike (Alessi) out front, and I thought ‘Man, I’m so far back’ and came around in 15th … then I stalled my bike, and almost threw it away a couple times. We are trying our best to win the championship and tonight was a good night for the points. Congratulations to Ryan – he rode a great race.”

250 West Main Event: Ryan Dungey won tonight, and has a liitle breathing room over Jake Weimer, with the final Western region supercross next Saturday night in Salt Lake City. Dungey led the race early on, and rode smoothly to the victory. His main competitor for the title, Jake Weimer, finished fourth tonight. Dungey leads Weimer by nine points. Ryan Morais finished second in tonight’s main, with Trey Canard third.

Dungey said “I’m super-pumped. My whole team put in 100% effort and we made good decisions. The track was tearing apart … and I can’t thank them enough. It was a great day and I’m looking forward to carrying the momentum into next week”.

Notes: The track was very soft, and got rutted easily & frequently. Both of Yamaha’s Factory riders were not able to compete at the Seattle Supercross. Josh Hill suffered a severely sprained ankle earlier, and on Thursday’s Media Day Broc Hepler cross rutted up the face of a triple. The resulting crash had Broc take the handlebars directly to the abdomen.

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Photos: Ryan Dungey #10, Trey Canard #39, Ryan Villopoto #2, Chad Reed #1, Ivan Tedesco #9, James Stewart #7, Jake Weimer #19, Ryan Dungey #10, Ryan Sipes #31, Trey Canard #39, Jump face ruts, Ryan Villopoto #2, Kevin Windham #14, Ryan Villopoto in practice, James Stewart practice on big screen, James Stewart doing a nice heel-clicker, nice photo of Chad Reed #1, Jake Weimer #19, Jake Moss # 42, nice photo 250 West Supercross winner Ryan Dungey, 450 start, Ivan Tedesco 9 roosting, Kevin Windham 14, Ryan Villopoto & James Stewart mid-air, Jake Weimer, Ryan Morais 116, Jimmy Albertson 47, 250 podium featuring winner Ryan Dungey, Chad Reed with his hard crash in first corner of 450 Supercross Main, mechanics row, new 450 Supercross points leader James Stewart, close up image of 450 Main Supercross winner Ryan Villopoto, Mike Alessi 800, Davi Millsaps 18, Villopoto taking win, 450 podium featuring Ryan Villopoto, Millsaps drenching Villopoto with champagne, San Manuel Yamaha Yeam Manager Larry Brooks congratulating Supercross winner Ryan Villopoto.

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