James Stewart wins his tenth 450 Supercross of the season, Reed has five point lead with three rounds to go. Chris Pourcel caps off East season win 250 win.

450 Supercross Results
1. James Stewart YAM
2. Chad Reed SUZ
3. Kevin Windham HON
4. Josh Hill YAM
5. Andrew Short HON
6. Mike Alessi SUZ
7. T Hahn KAW
8. K Chisholm YAM
9. Heath Voss HON
10. B Laninovich KAW
11. Broc Hepler YAM
12. Ben Coisy HON
13. I Tedesco HON
14. Ryan Sipes KTM
15. Troy Adams HON
16. Matt Boni HON
17. J Lawrence YAM
18. Josh Grant YAM
19. Davi Millsaps HON
20. P Carpenter KAW
450 Points Standings

Chad Reed 315
James Stewart 310
Andrew Short 225
Josh Grant 193
Kevin Windham 193
I Tedesco 187
Mike Alessi 185
Davi Millsaps 168
Ryan Villopoto 165
Josh Hill 146
Tim Ferry 100
H Voss 86
M Boni 83
B Coisy 75
K Chisholm 74
B Hepler 70
Nick Wey 70
P Carpenter 65
T Hahn 44
J Lawrence 43
250 East Results
1. Chris Pourcel KAW
2. Wil Hahn KTM
3. Austin Stroupe KAW
4. D Durham YAM
5. B Wharton HON
6. Broc Tickle YAM
7. B Jesseman KAW
8. M Lemoine YAM
9. M Goerke SUZ
10. S Clarke SUZ
11. Daniel Blair HON
12. Jason Thomas HON
13. Josh Lichtle HON
14. Nico Izzi SUZ
15. Cody Gilmore HON
16. Jacob Saylor YAM
17. Dennis Jonon KAW
18. Spencer Daily HON
19. Tyler Wharton YAM
20. Vince Friese HON
250 Point standings

C Pourcel 181
Austin Stroupe 148
Nico Izzi 119
B Wharton 118
Wil Hahn 105
B Jesseman 105
M Lemoine 95
M Goerke 94
D Blair 85
D Durham 82
S Clarke 82
B Tickle 61
M Davalos 57
J Saylor 45
L Kilbarger 43
V Friese 43
K Keylon 33
T Wharton 33
S Sewell 29
J Thomas 29

Jacksonville Municipal Stadium

There is only four races left in the 2009 AMA/FIM Supercross Series. After tonight’s race, there will be three rounds remaining. This entire season has been a battle between the top two supercross racers in the world – Chad Reed & James Stewart. Tonight, they continue their rivalry in Jacksonville!

Tonight was the last round of the 250 ‘Eastern’ Division Series, of which Christohpe Pourcel clinched last week in Toronto. (You can view Christophe’s rider profile here, and you can view a photo feature of Christophe’s season here.)

The 20 lap premier 450 Supercross Main Event saw … Mike Alessi with the holeshot. But Stewart and Reed go by Alessi early on the first lap. It’s Chad Reed with the lead at the end of lap 1. James Stewart is second. Mike Alessi third. Jason Lawrence and Broc Hepler crash into each other (see photo below). After five laps it’s Chad Reed out front, James Stewart second, Kevin Windham is in third, Andrew Short fourth, Heath Voss in fifth.

None of the other stuff mattered after about the halfway point – the only thing that mattered: Reed and Stewart battling up front. Battling! Reed has led the entire race, but on about lap 15, Stewart makes the pass stick. It’s Stewart leading by just over one second with three laps to go. Reed is second. Kevin Windham is back at least 15 seconds in third, and Josh Hill has moved into fourth place, with Andrew Short fifth.

After 20 laps, it’s James Stewart winning his tenth race of the season! Chad Reed finishes second, and maintains a five point lead of Stewart for the 2009 Supercross Championship! Kevin Windham finishes third. Josh Hill and Andrew Short are fourth and fifth.

James Stewart said “I told you guys you were in for a treat! It was a long race, me and Chad were going back and forth – it was fun. We were going in on each, and we kinda’ collided over that triple .. but it was all good. That’s what racing is all about. That’s the funnest race I’ve had in a long time. Hopefully the next three are like that. Chad rode great tonight, and he’s stepped it up, and he’s making me step it up. Three more (races) left and we’ll see what happens.”

Chad Reed said “I tried to ride my race and be consistent with laps and James was riding awesome and he put it to me, and he got the win. This is good motivation … we have a week off and I’m excited for that … there’s a lot of things I can work on and get ready for Seattle. We’ve got three races to go.”

The 15 lap 250 East Supercross Main Event saw the first lap leader being Wil Hahn, riding for KTM. One third of the way into the race, it’s Hahn out front, leading Christophe Pourcel, followed by Nico Izzi and Broc Tickle. On lap 10, Pourcel makes his move and passes Hahn for the lead. Near the end of the race, Nico Izzi takes a hard fall, dropping back out of the top ten. At the checkered, it’s Champion Christophe Pourcel winning, Wil Hahn finishes second, Austin Stroupe third, Darryn Durham fourth, and Blake Wharton fifth.

Pourcel said “That was a good race. I got a good start. We got the championship, so I’m really happy today.”Notes: Ryan Villopoto is not racing his third event in a row due to a viral infection. According to Kawasaki, he’s just started riding again, and is hopeful to return to racing at the Seattle Supercross. Lap times averaged around 55 seconds.

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To view the results of the World Motocross Championship Series, and this weekend’s Bulgarian Grand Prix, you can visit this link

Photos: Jacksonville Municipal Stadium, Chad Reed with a whip in practice, Wil Hahn 50, 250 Lites start, 31 Ryan Sipes, Chad Reed 1 looking over at team-mate Mike Alessi, Josh Grant 33 leading Mike Alessi, Jason Lawrence 338, Supercross Main Event winner James Stewart 7, Wil Hahn 50, 250 Supercross winner Chris Pourcel 377, Nico Izzi 20, Wil Hahn, Chris Pourcel taking the checkered flag, 250 podium, 450 Supercross class start, Broc Hepler 60 and Jason Lawrence 338 playing bumper cars, Kevin Windham 14, Chad Reed 1 leads James Stewart 7, James Stewart taking the checkered flag in the 450 Supercross main event, James Stewart and Chad Reed …. looks like they are having a conversation, 450 podium, Blake Wharton 61 in practice, close up Chad Reed in helmet, Broc Hepler 60 in practice, Ivan Tedesco 9 in practice, Nico Izzi 20 in practice, Josh Grant 33, James Stewart 7, Jason Lawrence 338, Chris Pourcel 377 in practice, Chad Reed bobbling in practice, and 981 Austin Stroupe.

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