450 Supercross Results
1. Davi Millsaps HON
2. Tim Ferry KAW
3. Kevin Windham HON
4. Josh Hill YAM
5. Andrew Short HON
6. Travis Preston KAW
7. David Vuillemin SUZ
8. Josh Summey YAM
9. Heath Voss HON
10. Jason Thomas HON
11. K Smith KAW
12. Chad Reed YAM
13. Nate Ramsey YAM
14. Ryan Clark HON
15. Eric Sorby HON
16. Keith Johnson YAM
17. Nick Wey KTM
18. Paul Carpenter HON
19. Shaun Skinner HON
20. Jake Marsack HON
450 Supercross Points
Chad Reed 296
Kevin Windham 280
Davi Millsaps 229
Andrew Short 221
Josh Hill 191
Tim Ferry 189
Nate Ramsey 155
David Vuillemin 137
Paul Carpenter 123
Nick Wey 121
Josh Summey 120
Heath Voss 101
Travis Preston 81
Eric Sorby 76
Jason Thomas 75
Troy Adams 72
Mike Alessi 69
Jake Marsack 66
Ivan Tedesco 53
Ryan Dungey 51
250 Lites Results
1. Ryan Villopoto KAW
2. Ryan Morais YAM
3. B. Jesseman KAW
4. Nico Izzi SUZ
5. Matt Goerke KTM
6. Tyler Bowers YAM
7. Kyle Partridge HON
8. Kyle Chisholm KAW
9. Travis Sewell SUZ
10. Trey Canard HON
11. Kyle Keylon HON
12. Zach Ames HON
13. Nate Skaggs HON
14. Billy Payne HON
15. Levi Kilbarger HON
16. Gray Davenport KAW
17. Justin Sipes SUZ
18. Ryan Sipes KTM
19. Josh Grant HON
20. Shane Sewell KAW
250 Lites Points
Trey Canard 122
Ryan Villopoto 119
Nico Izzi 86
Tyler Bowers 76
Martin Davalos 73
B Jesseman 72
Josh Grant 71
Ryan Sipes 70
Ryan Morais 68
Billy Payne 60
Ben Coisy 53
Matt Goerke 50
Kyle Chisholm 43
Kyle Partridge 41
T Sewell 37
Matt Boni 30
J Moss 28
J Albertson 26
Zach Ames 18
Browning, Skaggs 17


Davi Millsaps, Ryan Villopoto win big in Detroit!

In the premier 450 Supercross class, it was Team Red Bull Honda’s Davi Millsaps winning his second main event of 2008. Second place went to Monster Energy Kawasaki rider Tim Ferry – his best finish of the season. Third went to Kevin Windham.

Series points leader Chad Reed fell in practice. He fell hard, and ended up going to the hospital for a few hours. No one thought he would race tonight. But he came back to the race track, and, despite coughing up blood after the crash and on the way to the hospital, he gritted it out to finish in 12 place. If he wins the championship this season, this will be the defining race of his season. He still has a 16 point lead over second place Kevin Windham.

In the 250 Eastern Division Supercross Lites class, it was Ryan Villopoto winning, pulling closer to points leader Trey Canard with one round remaining next weekend in St. Louis. Second went to Ryan Morais, with Branden Jesseman finishing third. Canard ended up tenth on the night.

Lots of riders are flying to San Diego from Detroit tonight to compete in ESPN’s Navy Moto X World Championships Supercross Sunday afternoon. Millsaps scores his second supercross win of season, Villopoto make East points race tighter.


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