MX1: Sensation Clement Desalle wins his first Motocross Grand Prix. Tony Cairoli maintains points lead for World Championship. MX2: Gautier Paulin wins! Marvin Musquin has second moto heart break! Points battle tightens!

MX1 Results
1. C Desalle 2/1 HON
2. M Nagl 1/4 KTM
3. D Philippaerts 3/3 YAM
4. T Cairoli 6/2 YAM
5. J Coppins 4/5 YAM
6. G Swanepoel 5/4 KAW
7. K de Dycker 8/8 SUZ
8. Greg Aranda KAW
9. Tanel Leok YAM
10. C Campano YAM
11. M Priem APR
12. T Church CCM
13. S Ramon SUZ
14. F Neugebauer KAW
15. L Leonce APR
MX1 Points

Antonio Cairoli 503
Max Nagl 458
D Philippaerts 428
Clem Desalle 426
K de Dycker 409
Josh Coppins 409
Tanel Leok 347
G Swanepoel 218
J Barragan 215
M Priem 178
A Leok 167
Steve Ramon 153
D Vuillemin 150
G Aranda 143
Tom Church 105
MX2 Results
1. G Paulin 4/1 KAW
2. R Goncalves 3/3 KTM
3. X Boog 5/2 SUZ
4. K Roczen 1/9 SUZ
5. V Teillet 6/4 KTM
6. J Roelants 9/7 KTM
7. A Tonus 10/8 KTM
8. M Monni 7/12 YAM
9. M Musquin 2/DNF KTM
10. J v Horebeek 15/6 KTM
11. J Nicholls KTM
12. S Sword KTM
13. Nic Aubin YAM
14. D Guarneri YAM
15. M Karro SUZ
MX2 Points

Marvin Musquin 443
R Goncalves 423
Gautier Paulin 415
D Guarneri 373
Ken Roczen 306
S Frossard 294
Joel Roelants 248
Nic Aubin 245
M Monni 245
X Boog 235
J v Horebeek 209
M Schiffer 172
A Tonus 155
L Larrieu 151
A Boissiere 147

Loket, Czech Republic

In Saturday’s MX2 Qualification heat, it was Marvin Musquin, riding for KTM, winning. 1. Marvin Musquin, 2. Ken Roczen, 3. Nic Aubin, 4. S. Frossard, 5. R. Goncalves, 6. L Larrieu, 7. V. Teillet, 8. X. Boog, 9. S. Sword, 10. Manuel Monni, 11. Zach Osborne.

in Saturday’s MX1 Qualifying, it was Clement Desalle winning. 1. Clement Desalle, 2. Max Nagl, 3. Tanel Leok, 4. Julien Bill, 5. Greg Aranda, 6. G. Swanepoel, 7. David Philippaerts, 8. Ken de Dycker, 9. Tony Cairoli, 10. Manuel Priem, 11. Steve Ramon

In the Grand Prix on Sunday, in MX1, it was ‘sensation’ Clement Desalle winning his first ever Grand Prix! He looked strong, smooth, and confident. He is leaving the LS Honda team at the end of the year. Rumor has it he will join the Teka Suzuki team. Max Nagl won the first moto, finished fourth in the second, for second overall on the day. Third overall went to defending MX1 World Motocross Champion, David Philippaerts.

In MX2, Gautier Paulin returned to the top of the podium with the overall win!

Gautier finished fourth in the first heat. But came on strong and won the second heat. Second overall went to the consistent Rui Goncalves – he had two thirds to score that second overall position.

Third place went to Xavier Boog, riding for Suzuki. Xavier recently had his appendix removed!

‘Sensation’ Ken Roczen did win the first MX2 moto. In the second moto, he had a bad start, and finished ninth in the moto, but scored fourth overall on the day.

Heart break for Marvin Musquin – the MX2 Motocross points leader. He finished second in the first moto behind Ken Roczen. But in the second moto, while in a good position to secure the overall Grand Prix victory – he stopped on the side of the track – bike problems. It was a long, sorrowful walk for him back to his pit area.

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The town of Loket is a small town … mostly known for it’s castle. The entire area can be best described as an ‘Enchanted Forest’. It’s stunning. Beautiful.

Up the hill, above the town, is the race track, deep in the forest. It winds back and forth over hills and valleys – a very ‘serpentine’ track, In fact, that is the name of the track! The event is put on by the Automoto Klub Loket, and the circuit is called ‘Loketske serpetiny’.

If you like motocross, and like to travel, Loket is the place for you. It’s truly an enchanted place for a motocross, and a wonderful lifetime experience.

The next round of the FIM World Motocross Championship is August 29 & 30 in Lierop, Netherlands

Pictures help tell the story. Click on the thumbnail to view the larger image: Clement Desalle after his qualifying win in press conference, Clement Desalle as he wins his first ever Grand Prix Motocross, Marvin Musquin after his qualifying win in press conference, Two photos of MX2 winner Gautier Paulin (21), the bike of number 32 is an Aprillia, close up of an Aprillia, three photos of number 222 – MX1 points leader Tony Cairoli, two photos of Josh Coppins number 6, Five photos in a row of the massive crowd in the Czech Republic, The ‘girls’, Clement Desalle & Ken de Dycker, Clement Desalle leaps back up towards the first corner area, Clement Desalle is number 25, in practice, Number 5 on KTM in MX2, 2 pictures of Rui Goncalves, Ken de Dycker (9), Number 8 Yamaha is Tanel Leok, Three photos in a row of number 25 in MX2 – Marvin Musquin, Clement Desalle addreses the media with Max Nagl and David Philippaerts after the GP, Gautier Paulin, along with Rui Goncalves and Xavier Boog address the media after the G0, Three photos of number 5 in MX1 – Max Nagl, Zach Osborne, American in Europe (338), Gautier Paulin, number 21, in practice, Two photos of David Philippaerts – 19 – defending MX1 World Motocross Champion, Two photos Steve Ramon (11), Ken Roczen, Marvin Musquin and Ken Roczen getting ready to line up on the gate next to each other, Ken Roczen in practice on Saturday, The flags of the Automoto Klub Loket, Nikos was disqualified from the GP – no helmet!, 1/4 of the serpentine track in Loket, The two story pit lane on Thurday evening, The enchanged town of Loket Looking at the town and castle from up above on the track, Third place in MX2 – Xavier Boog.

Here is a link to some video of Saturday’s practice and qualifying. Includes Ken Roczen, Josh Coppins, Steve Ramon, Tony Cairoli, Ken de Dycker, Clement Desalle, Max Nagl … and maybe a couple others.

Here is a great new video from the GP today! It’s great because we think it’s great! : ) Actually, we hope you think it’s great too!

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