Supercross comes to the Rogers Centre in Toronto Canada. In the premiere 450 SX class, Ryan Villopto wins his seventh race of season, Davi Millsaps second, Ryan Dungey third. Villopoto extends his lead in the championship chase. In the 250 East Main Event, Marvin Musquin wins his third race in a row. Wil Hahn takes second, and leads Musquin by six points.

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In timed 250 East Qualifying, it’s Wil Hahn on top with his quickest lap at 58.91 seconds. Then Blake Wharton 58.96, Marvin Musquin at 59.97. 50 riders attempted to qualify.


Wil Hahn in Toronto

In the premiere 450 SX class Qualifying, it’s Ryan Villopoto on top with the quickest lap of 57.21 seconds. James Stewart second with 57.42. Justin Barcia 57.53, Ryan Dungey at 57.80, then Davi Millsaps 57.96, Justin Brayton 58.17, and Chad Reed 58.21.

Ryan Villopoto sets fastest qualifying time in Toronto 2013

Ryan Villopoto sets fastest qualifying time in Toronto

Trey Canard is not racing this weekend – he has a concussion from his fall last weekend at Indy. And Chad Reed announced earlier today that he will have ‘minor’ knee surgery early next week – and that he should be back racing again in just a few weeks. He is racing today – it’s a minor ‘clean up’ in the knee that he injured last year.

250 East Heat 1 – Vince Friese, number 42 riding a Honda, nails the holeshot. Blake Wharton number 13 on Suzuki follows.

Lap 2 – Wharton moves past Friese and into the lead. The top five of this six lap race are: Wharton, Friese, Cole Thompson, Jeremy Martin, and Jackson Richardson.

At the finish, it’s Blake Wharton with the win. Then Vince Friese, Cole Thompson, Jackson Richardson, and Zach Freeberg.

250 East Heat 2 – this will feature the top two competitors in the East – Wil Hahn (19) and Marvin Musquin (25). It’s Marvin Musquin with the lead coming out of the first corner, with Justin Hill (317) in second. At the end of the first lap, Wil Hahn has moved up to fourth.

The top five at the halfway point – Marvin Musquin, Justin Hill, Gavin Faith, Wil Hahn, and James Decotis. Hahn then takes a little fall as he slides out …

Marvin Musquin leads Justin Hill by just over .5 of a second with just over 2 laps to go. But at the finish – it’s Musquin with the win. Hill second. James Decostis moves to third, Gavin Faith fourth, and Wil Hahn takes fifth.

450 SX Heat 1 – normally the dirt at this race in Toronto is a bit wet, soft, and rutted. But promoter Feld Motorsports has done a good job – this year it’s better than it’s ever been – even most of the riders have commented that it’s the best they’ve ever seen in Toronto.

Coming out of the first corner, it’s Phil Nicoletti number 49 with the lead.

But James Stewart is riding well – he’s moved into the lead. The top five as they complete lap two of this eight lap race – James Stewart, Phil Nicoletti, Justin Brayton, Ryan Dungey, and Andrew Short.

At the halfway point (4 laps), it’s James Stewart with a comfortable lead, Phil Nicoletti with a nice ride in second, Ryan Dungey into third, Justin Brayton fourth, and Broc Tickle fifth. Dungey is pressuring Nicoletti …

James Stewart wins this opening 450 SX Heat. He looked like the James of old – he rode very well. Second goes to Ryan Dungey. Then it’s Justin Brayton, Andrew Short, Broc Tickle, and Phil Nicoletti.

450 SX Heat 2 – it’s so evident when the 450’s start. The roar of those bikes is quite a sound. The leader at the start of this race? The number 1 of Ryan Villopoto.

At the halfway point of this eight lap heat, it’s Ryan Villopoto leading comfortably. Justin Barcia has moved into second. Davi Millsaps is third. Then Mike Alessi, Jake Weimer, and Chad Reed.

With Villopoto out front, Barcia and Millsaps are having a good battle for second. At the finish – it’s Ryan Villopoto first, Justin Barcia next, Davi Millsaps third, Jake Weimer fourth, and Chad Reed finishes fifth – even with a bad knee.

15 Lap 250 East Main Event – it’s Marvin Musquin number 25 on the Red Bull KTM with the lead! Can he win his third straight race in a row???

As they settle, it’s Marvin Musquin leading, Blake Wharton into second, and Wil Hahn into third. Then it’s Vince Friese, Jeremy Martin, James Decotis, and Cole Thompson. Justin Hill is walking off the track after falling …

Just past the five lap mark, Musquin is leading, but Wharton and Hahn are battling. And on lap seven, Hahn has moved past Wharton and into second. It’s Musquin, Hahn, Wharton.

At the ten lap mark, it’s still Marvin leading and out front – he’s heading for his third win in a row in America! Wil Hahn is second, Blake Wharton third … and Jeremy Martin is closing on Wharton.

15 laps. And the winner is Marvin Musquin! Parfait! Wil Hahn second, Blake Wharton third. (Full results below.)

Marvin Musquin wins Toronto 250 SX 2013

Marvin Musquin wins Toronto 250 SX

Marvin said “It feels so good to win. The track is a bit slippery. I felt bad about my crash in practice – I really didn’t feel very good. But the team believed in me. It feels so good!”

20 Lap 450 SX Main Event – Chad Reed, who is scheduled to have knee surgery on Tuesday to ‘clean up’ some things unfinished from last year’s knee surgery – is leading this race! Davi Millsaps is second!

On lap two – Millsaps just leaps right past Reed and into the lead! It’s Millsaps leading, Chad Reed second, and Ryan Villopoto third – we are now on lap three.

Right behind those three – Ryan Dungey and James Stewart. Then Jake Weimer and Andrew Short and Justin Barcia. It’s intense …

Lap three – Villopoto has moved past Reed. So, it’s Millsaps leading, Villopoto in second, Reed third, then Dungey and Stewart!

Millsaps is the healthiest he’s been in weeks. Villopoto has been on a roll and has a lot of confidence. Who will prevail? Can Villopoto overtake Millsaps, or will Millsaps hold off Villopoto in this main event?

Lap five – Villopoto has closed right up on Millsaps. Dungey now in third. Reedy fourth, then James Stewart. They are all within about five seconds of each other.

Halfway point – ten laps in. Davi Millsaps and Ryan Villopoto are putting on a great show. Millsaps still leads, and Villopoto is right behind him. Dungey is just a bit back in third. Then Reed, Stewart, Barcia, Weimer, Short, Tickle and Brayton rounding out the top ten.

Villopoto continually looks like he’s going to pass Millsaps – but Millsaps continues to be the leader!

Now the top three are literally right upon each other. Very exciting! Millsaps first, Villopoto second, Dungey close in third!

On lap 12, Ryan Villopoto makes the pass for the lead on Millsaps in a tight left hand corner. Then Dungey makes a small bobble …

Lap 15 – Ryan Villopoto is out front. Davi Millsaps is second. Ryan Dungey third. Chad Reed fourth. Then Stewart and Barcia fifth and sixth.

Ryan Villopoto is heading to his seventh victory of the season. And he’ll extend his series points lead by three points over Millsaps if positions remain the same.

Ryan Villopoto has done it again – his seventh victory of the season, the 31st of his career, and most importantly, he’s got the series points lead as the series heads towards a big finale in Las Vegas come the first Saturday in May. Millsaps second, Dungey third (Full results below.)

Ryan Villopoto has won the 2013 Toronto Supercross

Ryan Villopoto has won the 2013 Toronto Supercross

Ryan said afterwards “The track started to deteriorate. It was tough. You have to be careful not to override. We are getting closer … five more races to go.”

250 East Main Event Results:

  1. Marvin Musquin – KTM
  2. Wil Hahn – HON
  3. Blake Wharton – SUZ
  4. Jeremy Martin – YAM
  5. Cole Thompson – HON
  6. Vince Friese – HON
  7. James Decotis – HON
  8. Gavin Faith – HON
  9. Jackson Richardson – HON
  10. Kyle Peters – HON
  11. Peter Larsen – YAM
  12. A J Catanzaro – KAW
  13. Lance Vincent – KTM
  14. Levi Kilbarger – HON
  15. Zack Freeberg – HON
  16.  Kyle Hussey – KAW
  17. David Buller – HON
  18. Austin Coon – HON
  19. Brady Kiesel – YAM
  20. Justin Hill – KAW

250 East Point standings:

  1. Wil Hahn -134
  2. Marvin Musquin – 128
  3. Blake Wharton -108
  4. Dean Wilson – 87
  5. Vince Friese – 80
  6. Kyle Peters – 78
  7. Jeremy Martin – 71
  8. Justin Hill – 68
  9. Gavin Faith – 66
  10. James Decotis – 66
  11. Cole Thompson – 58
  12. Mitchell Oldenburg – 49
  13. A J Catanzaro – 45
  14. Peter Larsen – 40
  15. Lance Vincent – 38
  16. Zach Bell – 37
  17. Zack Freeberg – 35
  18. Jackson Richardson – 26
  19. Levi Kilbarger – 24
  20. Steven Clarke – 16

450 Main Event Results:

  1. Ryan Villopoto – KAW
  2. Davi Millsaps – SUZ
  3. Ryan Dungey – KTM
  4. Chad Reed – HON
  5. Justin Barcia – HON
  6. Jake Weimer – KAW
  7. James Stewart – SUZ
  8. Broc Tickle – SUZ
  9. Andrew Short – KTM
  10. Matt Goerke – KTM
  11. Justin Brayton – YAM
  12. Phil Nicoletti – YAM
  13. Josh Hill – SUZ
  14. Ben Lamay – YAM
  15. Rob Kiniry – YAM
  16. Chris Blose – YAM
  17. Justin Sipes – KAW
  18. Weston Peick – SUZ
  19. Les Smith – KTM
  20. Mike Alessi – SUZ

450 Point standings:

  1. Ryan Villopoto – 252
  2. Davi Millsaps – 240
  3. Ryan Dungey – 230
  4. Chad Reed – 196
  5. Justin Barcia – 184
  6. James Stewart – 169
  7. Trey Canard – 165
  8. Andrew Short – 148
  9. Justin Brayton – 122
  10. Broc Tickle – 122
  11. Matt Goerke – 119
  12. Jake Weimer – 94
  13. Mike Alessi – 84
  14. Weston Peick – 59
  15. Eli Tomac – 52
  16. Josh Grant – 40
  17. Jimmy Albertson – 38
  18. Kyle Chisholm – 38
  19. Josh Hill – 37
  20. Robert Kiniry – 37

There is no supercross race next weekend – it’s a week off for Easter. In the MX GP World Championships however, next weekend will be the Grand Prix of the Netherlands in Valkenswaard.



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