Belgian Ken de Dycker wins Belgian Motocross Grand Prix in MX1! Anotonio Cairoli leads MX1 points chase! Marvin Musquin sweeps both motos of the Belgian Grand Prix in MX2, and extends championship points lead!

MX1 Results
1. Ken de Dycker 1/3 SUZ
2. Max Nagl 6/1 KTM
3. Tony Cairoli 5/2 YAM
4. Steve Ramon 3/4 SUZ
5. Clem Desalle HON
6. Josh Coppins YAM
7. Tanel Leok YAM
8. M Priem APR
9. D Philippaerts YAM
10. S Terreblanche KAW
11. G Swanepoel KAW
12. Kevin Strijbos HON
13. Cedric Melotte HON
14. J Van Nooten KTM
15. Y Martens KTM
MX1 Points

Antonio Cairoli 466
Max Nagl 415
D Philippaerts 388
K de Dycker 383
Clem Desalle 379
Josh Coppins 375
Tanel Leok 327
J Barragan 215
G Swanepoel 188
A Leok 167
M Priem 159
D Vuillemin 150
Steve Ramon 138
G Aranda 119
B Mackenzie 103
MX2 Results
1. Marvin Musquin 1/1 KTM
2. Joel Roelants 3/2 KTM
3. D Verbruggen 5/3 HON
4. R Goncalves 2/8 KTM
5. Ken Roczen 6/6 SUZ
6. R Jorgensen SUZ
7. Nic Aubin YAM
8. D Guarneri YAM
9. M Monni YAM
10. J v Horebeek KTM
11. L Larrieu YAM
12. A Boissiere
13. M Schiffer
14. G Paulin KAW
15. M Pocock YAM
MX2 Points

Marvin Musquin 421
R Goncalves 383
Gautier Paulin 372
D Guarneri 357
S Frossard 284
Ken Roczen 269
Nic Aubin 229
Joel Roelants 222
M Monni 222
X Boog 197
J v Horebeek 188
M Schiffer 172
A Boissiere 147
L Larrieu 147
D Verbruggen 143

Lommel, Belgium

MX2: Marvin Musquin, the KTM rider from France, is looking to put a strangle-hold on the 2009 MX2 World Motocross Championship Series. As the season heads towards it’s conclusion with only a few rounds left, Marvin put his stamp on the series to date, sweeping both motos today in the wet and sandy conditions of Lommel, Belgium. Marvin is the ‘real deal’. Fast. Confident. Smooth. Smart. Rui Goncalves moved into second position in the championship point standings.

MX1: In the premiere MX1 class, it was ‘home town’ rider Ken de Dycker winning his ‘home’ GP, with a first in heat 1, and and third in heat 2. Max Nagl took second overall today, with a sixth in the first moto, and winning the second moto! And Championship points leader, Tony Cairoli, who just a day earlier unveiled his 2010 plans to be with KTM, finished third overall on his Yamaha.

Steve Ramon, the likeable Belgian and former World Motocross Champion did quite well on his return to Grand Prix racing, especially after a layoff of some months, and returning on the brutal sand track here in Lommel. He finished fourth overall.

This was Ken de Dycker first Grand Prix win of the season, and this quote from Ken comes courtesy of Suzuki:

“This is a hard Grand Prix so for sure I am really happy to win. I have not had many good GPs this season so it is nice to finally enjoy one. The first moto was decent but the second was not perfect Overall of course this is the result that we wanted and with three races to go I want to get in the top three of the championship. I think it is possible if I keep giving my best all the times right until, the end.”

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Click here see a short video clip from Sunday’s action, where Marvin Musquin won the MX2, and Ken de Dycker won the MX1.

The next round of the FIM World Motocross Championship is next weekend in the Czech Republic, at Loket.

The photos really help tell the story of the 2009 FIM World Motocross Championship Grand Prix this weekend in Belgium. Click on the thumbnail if you want to view the larger image:

First image is of press conference on Saturday afternoon after qualifying. Steve Ramon is on the left, and new ‘sensation’ Clem Desalle is speaking. MX2 World Championship points leader and MX2 Qualifying heat winner Marvin Musquin is on the far right. The MX1 podium, with winner Ken dy Dycker on top, Max Nagl second, and Antonio Cairoli third. Nicolas Aubin (3). MX1 points leader Antonio Cairoli in action during Saturday’s qualifying, Josh Coppins (6), MX1 winner Ken de Dycker (9), The ‘sensation’ from Belgium Clement Desalle (25) won Saturday’s MX1 Qualifying, Next photo is of Clem Desalle’s Honda (25), The track at Lommel is … one of a kind. Look at how smooth the track is when action starts. It’s literally completely smooth – like a road! Gautier Paulin (21), MX2 is Rui Goncalves (5), The red number 25 plate, is MX2 World Motocross Championship points lead Marvin Musquin from France (He won both motos on Sunday, in dominating fashion), Close up of Marvin Musquin as the rain is coming down on Sunday. Another well spoken person, and a nice guy. Marvin Musquin’s factory KTM. Marvin on his way to winning the MX2 class on the incredibly rough, bumpy, rutted, brutal Lommel race circuit. Second moto MX1 winner Max Nagl (5). Max Nagl on his way to winning the second MX1 moto. American Zach Osborne (338). The podium for the race winners. On Friday. Steve Ramon, former World Champion from Belgium, had an impressive return to GP action after missing a few months with injury. Ramon speaking at the press conference after Saturday’s Qualifying. Ramon again. In the rain and sand on Sunday. Ken Roczen. Another sensation (94). Very well spoken, and mature. The youngest Grand Prix Motocross winner in history when he won his home event, the German Grand Prix of Motocross earlier this season. Headshot of Ken Roczen. Very talented. Very mature. Nice guy. Kevin Strijbos (100). As mentioned, the track at Lommel literally changes every lap. These are the ruts on one jump after just one practice session. Dennis Verbruggen (335). He has a great day in Belgium in the MX2 class. Saturday’s press conference after qualifying. Miss World Motocross (we should learn her name!), Steve Ramon, Clem Desalle, Marvin Musquin .. and we’re not sure : )

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