Round 12 of the 2012 Monster Energy Supercross Series at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Canada, home of MLB’s Toronto Blue Jays. In the Supercross Class, Ryan Villopoto took the big win in front of an excellent Canadian crowd. In East Lites, Justin Barcia took his fifth win of the season, further extending his points lead.

Supercross Results
1. R. Villopoto KAW
2. J. Brayton HON
3. K. Windham HON
4. D. Millsaps YAM
5. J. Weimer KAW
6. M. Musquin KTM
7. K. Chisholm KAW
8. B. Tickle KAW
9. R. Kiniry YAM
10. W. Hahn HON
11. J. Sipes KAW
12. J. Grant KAW
13. M. Alessi SUZ
14. M. Goerke SUZ
15. J. Albertson SUZ
16. J. Alessi SUZ
17. K. Regal KAW
18. B. Metcalfe SUZ
19. N. Izzi YAM
20. G. Fatih HON
Supercross Pts
Ryan Villopoto 271
Ryan Dungey 192
James Stewart 177
Davi Millsaps 169
Kevin Windham 166
Justin Brayton 165
Jake Weimer 150
Brett Metcalfe 145
Mike Alessi 136
Chad Reed 128
Broc Tickle 108
Kyle Chisholm 106
Josh Hansen 87
Nick Wey 76
Marvin Musquin 59
Andrew Short 59
Matt Goerke 52
Bobby Kiniry 52
Weston Peick 39
Cole Seely 37
250 Lites East Results
1. J. Barcia HON
2. K. Roczen KTM
3. B. Wharton SUZ
4. J. Canada HON
5. D. Durham KAW
6. A. Martin HON
7. T. Weeck HON
8. J. Bogle HON
9. M. Lemoine KAW
10. J. Gibson HON
11. A. Catanzaro KTM
12. S. Sewell KTM
13. M. Stewart KTM
14. T. Bowers KAW
15. B. Baggett KAW
16. D. Tedder KAW
17. L. Vincent KTM
18. K. Peters YAM
19. S. Rife HON
20. P. Nicoletti HON
250 Lites East Pts
Justin Barcia 145
Blake Wharton 117
Darryn Durham 114
Ken Roczen 102
Jake Canada 90
Blake Baggett 86
Justin Bogle 74
Malcom Stewart 50
Alex Martin 50
Matt Lemoine 46
Kyle Cunningham 43
PJ Larsen 38
Shane Sewell 37
Les Smith 34
Cole Thompson 32
Hunter Hewitt 31
Tommy Weeck 29
Tyler Bowers 28
Lance Vincent 25
Phil Nicoletti 20

Rogers Centre

News coming into this weekend’s event – James Stewart will not be racing. You can read the latest of his condition and his quote here.

250 East Lites qualifying – In the closing laps, Justin Bogle was able to click off the fastest qualifying lap time (47.80). Justin Barcia qualified second (48.01), and Blake Wharton third (48.53). Malcom Stewart (48.85) and Darryn Durham (48.90) completed the top five.

450 Supercross Class qualifying – Justin Brayton again showed that he may be ready for his first win by taking the pole position (47.49). Ryan Villopoto was second (47.76) and Kevin Windham third (47.87). Jake Weimer (48.08) and Davi Millsaps (48.09) finished out the top five.

250 East Heat 1 – Justin Barcia nailed down the holeshot ahead of the Ken Roczen, Alex Martin, Malcolm Stewart, and Kyle Peters. While Barcia held strong in first, Stewart, having qualified in fifth, began to close the gap on Martin. On lap three, Stewart was able to force a pass just after the mechanics area to move up to third. On the final lap, Stewart had edged up on Roczen and got an excellent drive through the whoops, allowing him to make the pass for second as Barcia rode off for the win. Martin and Kyle Peters rounded out the top five.

250 East Heat 2 – Blake Baggett nearly had the holeshot but his teammate, Darryn Durham, was able to stay further to the inside to claim the first position. Shawn Rife held down second place for a lap before eventually being overtaken by both Blake Wharton and Baggett. In the closing laps, the fastest qualifier in practice, Justin Bogle, had a horrific crash over the finish line jump with Angelo Pellegrini that sent both riders to the ground violently. As Durham ran off with the win, Bogle was able to walk off the track, although seemingly bruised and battered. Wharton, Baggett, Rife, and Phil Nicoletti rounded out the top five finishers.

*Both Bogle and Pellegrini were able to continue racing later in the night. Bogle would win the LCQ, but Pellegrini suffered a poor start and did not make it into the main event.

450 Supercross Heat 1 Ryan Villopoto was able to get the best star followed by Broc Tickle and Jake Weimer. Villopoto seemed to be at his own level as he was more than five seconds ahead of second place before the close of the second lap. Further back, Mike Alessi rode in fourth until succumbing to Kyle Chisholm’s speed through the whoops. Chisholm continued with his momentum, displacing Tickle, then passing Weimer briefly before settling for third. Villopoto took the win with Weimer, Chisholm, Tickle, and Alessi completing the top five.

450 Supercross Heat 2 – Wil Hahn was able to grab the holeshot in his first ever 450 career start. However, before the first lap would end, he was passed by both Davi Millsaps and his temporary Muscle Milk Honda teaammate, Justin Brayton. Both riders began to separate themselves from the rest of the pack, as Brett Metcalfe and Kevin worked their way into third and fourth place. Windham eventually made a quick pass on Metcalfe that seemed to get the crowd going to take over third place. At the finish it was Millsaps with the win followed by Brayton, Windham, Metcalfe, and Nico Izzi in fifth.ÂÂ

250 East 15 lap Main Event – Barcia was able to take yet another holeshot for the season, but Roczen quickly overtook the current points leader before reaching the second turn. Durham, Wharton, and Martin held down the top five positions. On the third lap, a mistake by Roczen in the tricky and tight section following the mechanic’s area allowed Barcia to sneak by for the lead. Meanwhile, a great battle for third position was taking place between Durham, Wharton, and Martin.

First Wharton put the pressure on Durham heading back down the start stragiht. Then mistakes by both riders allowed Martin to block pass both heading into the whoops. However, both Wharton and Durham quickly retaliated and re-passed Martin just before the finish line. Less than one lap later, Durham made a mistake of his own, falling just before the whoops. The battle allowed Bowers to creep up on Martin, but he would eventually fall in the same place as Durham.

Martin also made a mistake, dropping several positions which allowed the likes of Jake Canada and Shawn Rife to slip into the top five. Unfortunately, Rife would also go down in the left hander following the mechanics’ are, taking a few other riders down with him.

All of the falls and crashes allowed Durham to make an excellent recovery back into the top five as Barcia rode off with the win followed by Roczen and Wharton. Canada and Durham completed the top five.

450 Supercross 20 lap Main Event – Justin Brayton got just the start that he needed, taking the holeshot  ahead of Ryan Villopoto and Davi Millsaps. Brayton would lead the opening two laps before being passed by Villopoto just before the whoops. One lap later, Villopoto made a mistake going through the whoop section, dropping his front end almost to the point of crashing. While Brayton came within less than a bike length, the points leader was able to regroup and again put distance between himself and the number 10 machine.

Further back, Jake Weimer had made his presence known by getting around Millsaps for third just as Kevin Windahm began to make his charge for fourth place. Several pass attempts would eventually yield fourth place for the veteran rider, relegating Millsaps back to fifth.

An unexpected tangle with a lapped rider that sent Weimer off the track would drop the factory Kawasaki rider from third back to fifth and Windham would inherit third place.

Back up front, Villopoto rode to a dominant win in front of Brayton and Windham. Millsaps and Weimer would complete the top five.

Round 12 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2012 - Toronto - Photo 1 of 2

After the race, in which the track had broken down considerably since the opening ceremonies, Villopoto commented, “The bike was working really well…except through the whoops. That was hard. You had to stay patient and take your time.” Ryan’s win is his seventh of the season and elevates him to more than 100 points ahead of Davi Millsaps, who sits in fourth behind the injured Ryan Dungey and James Stewart.

Round 12 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2012 - Toronto - Photo 2 of 2

L – R: Kenny Roczen, Justin Barcia, Blake Wharton



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