Chad Reed scores win in 450 Supercross Main event in St. Louis tonight! Blake Wharton wins his first ever 250 Supercross event!

450 Supercross Results
1. Chad Reed SUZ
2. James Stewart YAM
3. Josh Grant YAM
4. Andrew Short HON
5. J Lawrence YAM
6. Ivan Tedesco HON
7. Mike Alessi SUZ
8. Davi Millsaps HON
9. Kevin Windham HON
10. Paul Carpenter KAW
11. Justin Brayon KTM
12. Matt Boni
13. Kyle Chisholm YAM
14. Broc Hepler YAM
15. Josh Hill YAM
16. Ryan Sipes KTM
17. Heath Voss HON
18. B Laninovich KAW
19. Tyler Bowers HON
20. Thomas Hahn KAW
450 Point standings

Chad Reed 271
James Stewart 260
Andrew Short 197
Josh Grant 172
Ryan Villopoto 165
Ivan Tedesco 163
Mike Alessi 160
Kevin Windham 158
Davi Millsaps 152
Josh Hill 108
Tim Ferry 100
H Voss 74
Matt Boni 65
Nick Wey 64
P Carpenter 57
Broc Hepler 56
B Coisy 55
K Chisholm 53
Jason Lawrence 38
T Hahn 28
250 East Results
1. B. Wharton HON
2. A. Stroupe KAW
3. N. Izzi SUZ
4. M. Goerke SUZ
5. C. Pourcel KAW
6. M. Lemoine YAM
7. S. Clarke SUZ
8. D. Blair HON
9. D. Durham YAM
10. S. Sewell YAM
11. C. Ward KAW
12. J. Thomas HON
13. C. Gilmore HON
14. T. Parks SUZ
15. J. Saylor YAM
16. V. Friese HON
17. S. Dally HON
18. K. Keylon HON
19. T. Wharton HON
20. K. Gills KAW
250 Point standings

Chris Pourcel 131
Austin Stroupe 106
Nico Izzi 102
B Wharton 91
B Jesseman 73
M Goerke 68
W Hahn 68
M Lemoine 66
S Clarke 65
D Blair 63
D Durham 60
M Davalos 57
L Kilbarger 43
J Saylor 35
S Sewell 29
V Friese 29
T Wharton 29
B Tickle 26
K Keylon 25
B Metcalfe 22

Edward Jones Dome

450 Supercross Class: It almost appears at if everyone has forgot that the 2009 AMA/FIM Supercross Series is a battle between supercross heavyweights Chad Reed and James Stewart. Why? The return of Travis Pastrana to racing supercross!

If you’d like to read a great interview with Travis Pastrana – here’s the link.

Travis gave his input on the track design from the beginning. But in recent weeks, rumors started that Travis would actually be racing at the St. Louis Supercross. And, in fact, he did!

Chad Reed easily won the first 450 heat. In the second 450 heat, it included both James Stewart and Travis Pastrana. James led early on .. but fell. He was working his way back up towards the front … and fell again. Meanwhile, Travis Pasrana was in the last direct qualifying position (ninth), but then he went down! Kevin Windham ended up winning the heat, … Stewart came back to ninth to make the last direct qualifying spot, while Pastrana finished 16th – has to go to the LCQ.

So, the LCQ would be Travis Pastrana’s chance to make it into the main event. He battled hard, bumping and banging his way as much as he could towards the front. But at the end, Davi Millsaps would win, with Kyle Chisholm second – and only the top two go onto the main event. Travis would finish 18th, with a busted radiator – and Travis will not go to the main event. Maybe he’ll try another supercross soon?

Travis said “I really appreciate all the support. I was was really hoping for a lot better. I’ve been training a bit, but these guys out there are so good. The Suzuki was amazing. I want to thank everyone for getting behind me. I had to get really agressive back there … I didn’t get the start I wanted. I really apologize to Marsack. I hit him so hard I busted my radiator … those things don’t bust easy! Thank you guys for cheering us on. Nitro Circus – wooooo!”

The main event had Josh Grant with the early lead. But it would again come down to the big two – Chad Reed and James Stewart. Reed took over the lead, with Stewart running second. But on the beginning of lap four, James went by Chad and into the lead! On lap ten, it’s Stewart out front, Reed second, Josh Grant in third, Andrew Short fourth, and Jason Lawrence in fifth.

On lap 14, Stewart goes down right before the finish line jump. Reed takes over the lead! On lap 16 it’s Chad Reed leading by almost 10 seconds, James Stewart is second, Josh Grant is running third, followed by Short, Lawrence, and Tedesco.

At the end of the 20 lap main event – Chad Reed wins his third 450 Supercross of the season, and pulls out a bigger points lead in trying to retain his AMA/FIM Supercross Series Championship! James Stewart finishes second, followed by Josh Grant, Andrew Short, and then Jason Lawrence on his YZ 450.

Chad said “I tell you, every week you have to be ‘in it to win it’, and not always the fastest guy wins. I’m having a ball out here … this track was awesome tonight. I want to thank Travis Pastrana – it was a great track and I had a lot of fun. I was riding well … I felt comfortable out there tonight. James was hitting his lines really, really good, and he kinda’ got away from me, but I guess he made a mistake and went down.”

Chad leads James by 11 points with five rounds remaining in the 2009 AMA/FIM Supercross Series. Next weekend – Toronto.

To view our new Rider Profile on Travis Pastrana, and post a message for him, please visit this link. He’ll dig it!

250 East Lites Supercross Class: Blake Wharton was the leader on the first lap. But that’s not all, Blake, riding the #61 Geico Powersports Honda, led all 15 laps in the 250 East Supercross Main Event to secure his first ever professional supercross win! Second went to Austin Stroupe, and third went to Nico Izzi. Points leader Chris Pourcel finished fifth, but has a comfortable (25) points lead over team-mate Austin Stroupe.

Notes: Martin Davalos, riding for KTM, will not be racing. He had a rider fall on him last weekend at the New Orleans Supercross. At first, the injury was thought to be a bruise. But it turns out to be a cracked fibula – he’ll be out of action for a while. And, another rider not racing the St. Louis Supercross tonight – Kawasaki’s superstar Ryan Villopoto. Ryan has a viral infection and will rest until that gets to be 100%. Lap times for the fastest guys averaged approx. 45 seconds per lap.

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Roll your mouse over the thumbnails below. Then click to see the larger image. In the photos you’ll see: The 250 East Supercross Podium, the 450 Supercross Podium, Blake Wharton winning his first ever 250 Supercross Main Event, 250 East Series Points leader Christophe Pourcel, Chad Reed on his way to winning the 450 Supercross Main Event, Chad Reed right after winning the St. Louis Supercross, Josh Grant 33, Nico Izzi 20, two photos in a row of Jason Lawrence 338, James Stewart 7, another shot of Jason Lawrence 338 in the 450 Supercross class, Travis Pastrana pushing his bike after his DNF, two more shots of Travis Pastrana 199 in his dramatic return to Supercross racing, Nate Ramsey 25, Andrew Short 29, James Stewart 7, James Stewart after he fell while leading the 450 Supercross Main Event, Austin Stroupe 981, and Travis Pastrana 199.


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