Christophe Pourcel wins both motos in 250, but Ryan Dungey is the 2009 AMA 250 National Motocross Champion! Thomas Hahn wins his first ever 450 Motocross overall!

450 Results
1. Thomas Hahn 1/4 KAW
2. Ivan Tedesco 4/3 HON
3. Justin Brayton 11/1 KTM
4. Jake Moss 10/2 KAW
5. Andrew Short 5/5 HON
6. Michael Byrne 3/9 SUZ
7. Davi Millsaps 6/10 HON
8. Tim Ferry 12/7 KAW
9. Matt Goerke 7/12 YAM
10. Chad Reed 2/34 SUZ
11. J Albertston YAM
12. R Kiniry
13. Nick Wey YAM
14. A Balbi HON
15. Christian Craig YAM
16. Carl Nunn
17. Adam Chatfield
18. Weston Peick
19. Cody Cooper YAM
20. Tyler Bowers
450 Points
Chad Reed 481
Andrew Short 388
Ivan Tedesco 376
Michael Byrne 348
Thomas Hahn 302
Josh Grant 280
Justin Brayton 249
Nick Wey 200
Cody Cooper 191
J Albertson 185
Davi Millsaps 175
Matt Goerke 154
M Alessi 142
Ricky Dietrich 136
Jake Moss 127
Kyle Regal 107
Tyler Bowers 102
A Balbi 94
Jeff Alessi 88
Tim Ferry 87
250 Results
1. Chris Pourcel 1/1 KAW
2. Ryan Dungey 2/2 SUZ
3. Blake Wharton 8/3 HON
4. Ryan Sipes 6/5 HON
5. Jake Weimer 4/8 KAW
6. Justin Barcia 3/13 HON
7. Austin Stroupe 5/10 KAW
8. Brett Metcalfe 9/7 HON
9. Tommy Searle 13/6 KTM
10. Blake Baggett 17/4 KAW
11. Broc Tickle 11/9 YAM
12. S Clarke 10/14 SUZ
13. Matt Lemoine 16/11 YAM
14. Taylor Futrell HON
15. Ryan Morais KAW
16. K Cunningham KAW
17. PJ Larsen KAW
18. Alex Martin HON
19. M Karro SUZ
20. P Nicoletti HON
250 Points

Ryan Dungey 503
C Pourcel 492
Brett Metcalfe 378
Jake Weimer 353
Justin Barcia 340
Tommy Searle 332
Broc Tickle 285
Blake Wharton 273
Tyla Rattray 236
Matt Lemoine 189
K Cunningham 186
Darryn Durham 150
Trey Canard 139
Steven Clarke 126
Ben Evans 126
PJ Larsen 121
A Stroupe 120
Max Anstie 107
Wil Hahn 104
Alex Martin 100

Steel City MX

Christophe Pourcel did what he had to do in the 250 class – win both motos. And Ryan Dungey did what he had to do to claim his first ever American 250cc National Motocross Championship, finishing second in both motos behind Pourcel. And Thomas Hahn, riding for Canidae Kawasaki, wins his first ever AMA 450 Motocross overall.

It’s the finale of the 2009 AMA National Motocross series, in Delmont PA. The track is awesome. Super. Real outdoor American Motocross. The weather – awesome as well. About 80 degrees, sunny – perfect!

For Saturday’s race action, Chad Reed has already won the 450 Motocross Championship … so all eyes will be on the 250 class, as Ryan Dungey and Christophe Pourcel will finally determine their season long battle for supremacy in the 250 class.

There is a championship to be decided in the Women’s Motocross class as well (for that coverage, results, and points, you’ll want to visit the link below).

On Friday’s, the media get together with certain riders and teams on hand. And we were able to talk with AMA Women’s National Motocross Champion Ashley Fiolek, JGR’s Cody Cooper, and Yamaha’s Matt Goerke. We asked them about their 2010 plans:

Ashley Fiolek: My 2010 plans are to work even harder than I have, and become Women’s World Motocross Champion. During the break and the time off we have, I’m looking forward to sitting on the couch, watching a lot of TV, doing nothing, and not riding at all. JUST KIDDING! I will take it easy for a little while, but still riding for fun during our little bit of time off.

Cody Cooper: My plans for 2010 are to go race in Australia primarily. I am looking forward to races a few races here in the USA … which races yet I’m not sure. It’s been a great year being on the JGR team, and am looking forward to what the future holds.

Matt Georke: In 2010, I’ll be riding for Team Moto-Concepts, and I’ll be riding a Yamaha YZ 450. I am hoping to get my ankle feeling better. I injured in Texas, came back at Millville, and twisted it last weekend in Southwick. It’s sore … but we’ll see how it goes tomorrow on the bike.

Saturday’s first race – the first 250 Moto! And the two guys up front – the two guys battling for the championship! Christophe Pourcel and Ryan Dungey! And they are 1 – 2 right now in this first moto. Dungey doesn’t really need to race side by side with Pourcel – but they are!

It’s literally Pourcel and Dungey racing side by side. It looks like they are having fun ….. but going at full race speed! They are far and away ahead of everyone else.

At the end of the moto, it’s Pourcel winning, Dungey right behind. Pourcel gains three points. Dungey has a 14 point lead going into the final moto of the season later this afternoon. Justin Barcia was third, then Jake Weimer, and Austin Stroupe.

In the first 450 Moto of the day – it’s Jeff Alessi the early leader. He’s followed by Andrew Short and Thomas Hahn. Chad Reed is in eighth. But Thomas Hahn is having something to say in this moto – he’s taken over the lead on lap three! And Andrew Short is right behind, followed by Ivan Tedesco.

Andrew Short is riding well – he’s now taken over the lead! Team-mate Tedesco in second, Hahn in third, and … Reed is in seventh. OK, now, on lap five, Tedesco takes over the lead! Short second, Hahn third. Then Tedesco has a mini-stall … and Short passes Tedesco. A few corners later, Tedesco passes Short to retake the lead. Right now, we have Tedesco leading, Short is second, Hahn is third, followed by Michael Byrne, Jake Moss, Jeff Alessi, Matt Goerke, and then Chad Reed.

On the next lap though, Tedesco goes down. Short is back in the lead. And then Hahn passes Short, so Hahn is the leader. Lots of lead changes! At the end of eight laps, it’s Thomas Hahn leading, Andrew Short second, Michael Byrne is third, Ivan Tedesco fourth, Chad Reed has moved to fifth.

This is quite the race. Thomas Hahn is out front – heading towards his first ever 450 moto win. Michael Byrne is in second. Chad Reed has passed ‘the Honda boys’ of Short and Tedesco and has moved into third. Fourth is Tedesco, and then fifth is Short. But Hahn is really proving himself and his season. Definitely a force to be reckoned with.

The checkered flag comes after 14 laps, and it’s Thomas Hahn with the win! Chad Reed really put on a late moto charge, finishing second. Michael Byrne is third. Then Tedesco, Short, and Millsaps.

Then it was time for the second 250 moto. Christophe Pourcel was out front from the beginning, and rode hard, smooth, and fast. Dominant. Ryan Dungey was back around tenth. Could it be interesting? Not really. Dungey starting charging. Moved all the way up to second place! And that was pretty much the race and the day. Pourcel winning the moto, Dungey in second, and ….. Ryan Dungey is the 2009 AMA 250 National Motocross Champion!

To see photos of Ryan’s season, you can visit this link

Next race – the final 450 moto. Justin Brayton, riding for KTM, is leading most of the race! Jake Moss has been running second, with Ivan Tedesco third, and first moto winner Thomas Hahn in fourth. Chad Reed has pulled off the track – his pits say he’s been sick with stomach virus, which has bothered him all year.

And talk about so many different winners this year. This second 450 moto shows it again! Justin Brayton wins his first ever 450 moto – start to finish! And Thomas Hahn wins his first ever 450 National Motocross overall on his Canidae Kawasaki!

Notes: Lap times for the top pros averaged around 2 minutes 30 seconds. Same-day television coverage of the 250 Class will be featured on SPEED beginning at midnight ET.

It’s Round 8 of the WMA (Women’s Motocross) today too! Check the women’s mx results here!

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Click on the thumbnails to view the larger images: Ryan Dungey winning #1 plate, Thomas Hahn 48 on way to victory, Dungey gets plate from Ryan Villopoto, Blake Wharton 61, Justin Barcia 151, Justin Brayton at press conference after winning final 450 moto of season, and the first of his career, Hahn and Brayton on starting line before final 450 moto, Justin Brayton airborn, Michael Byrne 26, 21 is Cody Cooper (three photos in a row!), then two photos of Christian Craig, Ryan Dungey with his red #10 plate, Ryan Dungey at post race press as 250 National Motocross Champion, Dungey get the #1 plate from Ryan Villopoto, Dungey intense before practice, Sara, Amanda, and Ashley, 34 is Matt Goerke (twice), Thomas Hahn in post race press conference after winning his first ever 450 Motocross overall, 48 in Hahn on the track, 18 is Davi Millsaps, 42 is Jake Moss (twice), women’s rider number 254, 377 is Christophe Pourcel (three times in a row!), 411 is Tyla Rattray, Chad Reed was wearing the red #1, Chad Reed while his mechanic checks out the fuel injection, 29 is Andrew Short, Ivan Tedesco at post race press conference, #9 is Tedesco on the track, 43 is Broc Tickle, part of the beautiful track at Steel City Raceway, 19 is Jake Weimer, Blake Wharton at post race press conference.

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