Max Nagl wins Swedish Grand Prix in MX1!. Antonio Cairoli continues points lead towards 2009 World Motocross Championship! Rui Goncalves takes MX2 win! Rookie Ken Roczen proves he’s no fluke by finshing second overall in MX2. Musquin still retains MX2 points lead! Watch the video below

MX1 Results
1. Max Nagl 1/2 KTM
2. Antonio Cairoli 4/1 YAM
3. K d Dycker 2/4 SUZ
4. D Philippaerts 5/3 YAM
5. Clem Desalle 3/5 HON
6. Tanel Leok 7/6 YAM
7. Josh Coppins 6/7 YAM
8. G Swanepeol KAW
9. J Bill APR
10. Br Mackenzie HON
11. J Dougan CCM
12. L Leonce APR
13. M Priem APR
14. D Vuillemin KAW
15. G Aranda KAW
MX1 Points

Antonio Cairoli 428
Max Nagl 375
D Philippaerts 363
Clem Desalle 345
Josh Coppins 343
K de Dycker 338
Tanel Leok 299
J Barragan 215
G Swanepoel 175
A Leok 167
D Vuillemin 150
M Priem 132
G Aranda 117
Bi Mackenzie 103
Steve Ramon 100
MX2 Results
1. Rui Goncalves 2/1 KTM
2. Ken Roczen 1/7 SUZ
3. Gautier Paulin 7/2 KAW
4. Davide Guarneri 6/3 YAM
5. Joel Roelants 5/4 KTM
6. Manuel Monni 4/5 YAM
7. Matiss Karro 8/8 SUZ
8. Jake Nicholls 9/10 KTM
9. E Bobryshev YAM
10. Marcus Schiffer KTM
11. D Verbruggen HON
12. N Triest KTM
13. S Frossard KAW
14. V Teillet KTM
15. M Pocock YAM
MX2 Points

Marvin Musquin 371
Gautier Paulin 358
R Goncalves 348
D Guarneri 331
S Frossard 284
Ken Roczen 239
Nic Aubin 203
M Monni 199
X Boog 197
Joel Roelants 180
J v Horebeek 165
M Schiffer 156
A Boissiere 129
L Larrieu 126
A Tonus 125

Uddevalla, Sweden

It’s the eleventh round of the 2009 World Motocross Championships – the Swedish Grand Prix! Uddevalla is a pretty, tree-laden area in the lake district of Sweden, near their western coast.

In MX1, it was Germany’s Max Nagl, on the KTM 450, winning the overall today. But series points leader Antonio Cairoli finished second, and with four rounds remaining in the World Motocross Championships, is in an excellent position right now as he leads the points chase by 53 over Nagl.

In MX2, it’s was another KTM rider on top – Rui Goncalves! And rookie motocross sensation Ken Roczen finished second overall, proving himself as no fluke – even though he’s only 15 years old!

One strange thing – MX2 World Motocross Series points leader Marvin Musquin is not racing. We don’t fully know the reason’s why, but believe it has something to do with contract issues regarding him, his former team (Honda-related) and the bikes he has been riding recently (KTM). We hope to receive the full information so that we are able to communicate it to you.

The next round of the FIM World Motocross Champion is the first weekend in August – the Belgian Grand Prix.

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Photos: Click on the thumbnail to view larger images. All photos courtesy Youthstream, except the Ken de Dycker photo courtesy Suzuki

Video News Highlights of the Motocross Grand Prix of Sweden, courtesy Youthstream

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