Round 11 of the 2012 Monster Energy Supercross Series at Lucas Oil Stadium – home of the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts. In the Supercross Class, Ryan Villopoto was able to take another win to further increase his series points lead – it’s his sixth victory of the season out of 11 races. In East Region 250 Lites racing, Blake Wharton took his first win since 2009, although Justin Barcia’s third place finish maintains his series points lead for the East Region. The 250 race had the first ever staggered restart used in an AMA Supercross event …

Supercross Results
1. R. Villopoto KAW
2. J. Brayton HON
3. D. Millsaps YAM
4. B. Metcalfe SUZ
5. C. Seely HON
6. M. Alessi SUZ
7. M. Musquin KTM
8. B. Tickle KAW
9. W. Peick KAW
10. N. Izzi YAM
11. J. Grant KAW
12. J. Sipes KAW
13. R. Kiniry YAM
14. M. Goerke SUZ
15. J. Alessi SUZ
16. K. Regal KAW
17. R. Clark KAW
18. K. Windham HON
19. G. Faith HON
20. K. Chisholm KAW
Supercross Pts
Ryan Villopoto 246
Ryan Dungey 192
James Stewart 177
Davi Millsaps 151
Kevin Windham 146
Justin Brayton 143
Brett Metcalfe 142
Jake Weimer 134
Chad Reed 128
Mike Alessi 128
Broc Tickle 95
Kyle Chisholm 92
Josh Hansen 87
Nick Wey 76
Andrew Short 59
Matt Goerke 45
Marvin Musquin 44
Bobby Kiniry 40
Weston Peick 39
Cole Seely 37
250 Lites East Results
1. B. Wharton SUZ
2. D. Durham KAW
3. J. Barcia HON
4. B. Baggett KAW
5. J. Canada HON
6. J. Bogle HON
7. M. Lemoine KAW
8. T. Bowers KAW
9. L. Smith KTM
10. S. Rife HON
11. A. Pellegrini SUZ
12. K. Peters YAM
13. S. Sewell KTM
14. P. J. Larsen KTM
15. A. Martin HON
16. K. Roczen KTM
17. T. Weeck HON
18. K. Smith KTM
19. B. Ripple HON
20. K. Cunningham YAM
250 Lites East Pts
J. Barcia 120
D Durham 98
B. Wharton 97
B. Baggett 80
K. Roczen 80
Jake Canada 72
Justin Bogle 61
K. Cunningham 43
M. Stewart 42
P. J. Larsen 38
A. Martin 35
M. Lemoine 34
L. Smith 34
C. Thompson 32
H. Hewitt 31
S Sewell 28
T. Bowers 21
L. Vincent 21
P. Nicoletti 19
S. Rife 17

Lucas Oil Stadium

250 East Lites qualifying – Justin Barcia once again topped the lap time charts at 52.63 seconds, while Ken Roczen was just a tick off (52.66). Justin Bogle was the only other 250 rider to break into the 52 second mark (52.87). Kyle Cunningham (53.12) and Blake Wharton (53.37) rounded out the top five.

450 Supercross Class qualifying – Current points leader and defending champion Ryan Villopoto took the top position (51.53), just one tenth of a second ahead of James Stewart (51.63). Justin Brayton is back on the gas in third (52.326), while Kevin Windham clicked off a (52.46). Kyle Chisholm seems has stepped up his riding this week and rounded out the top five (52.67).

250 East Heat 1 – Darryn Durham grabbed the holeshot and proceeded to open up a small lead on Tyler Bowers, Jake Canada, and Ken Roczen. Canada soon overtook Bowers, but it was Roczen who was truly on the move. The KTM rider passed both Bower and Canada in one foul swoop on the second lap and then set his sights on Durham. With each passing lap, Roczen’s speed edged him increasingly closer to Durham. Just after passing the white flag, Roczen made his move on Durham, but the move was quickly reciprocated in the turn following the whoops. Roczen tried a few more moves but it was not enough. Durham took the heat race win with Roczen, Canada, Bowers, and Shawn Rife finishing out the top five.

250 East Heat 2 – At the gate drop, it appeared as though the GEICO/Honda teammates of Justin Barcia and Justin Bogle would take the lead, but Blake Wharton managed to sneak into the inside with the holeshot. Wharton would lead the first lap, but Barcia began to apply pressure immediately. After a great drive through the whoops, Barcia was able to close up on Wharton and eventually make the pass in the following corner. From there, Barcia gave himself a comfortable lead while Bogle closed in slowly on Wharton. At the finish it was Barcia with the win, followed by Wharton, Bogle, Matt Lemoine, and Les Smith in fifth.

450 Supercross Heat 1 Brett Metcalfe took the holeshot, with Cole Seely just behind. In the first rhythm section, James Stewart made a mistake that cause him to case a small double and go down. The fall cause a chain reaction that collected several other riders including Kevin Windham. While the number 14 rider was able to walk away from the incident, Stewart was not so lucky and wound up being carried off the track and taken to the Asterisk Mobile Medical Unit.

Back to the race, which was not red flagged, Metcalfe was riding his strongest heat of the year but soon came under pressure from Seely. The Honda replacement rider looked ready to make a move just after the whoops. Unfortunately a mistake by Seely caused him to crash on his own. Metcalfe would go on to take the win ahead of Matt Goerke, Justin Sipes, Nico Izzi, and Broc Tickle. Seely was able to remount after his fall and qualify in eighth.

450 Supercross Heat 2 – Justin Brayton had a strong start and managed the holeshot, besting Mike Alessi and Ryan Villopoto. Alessi hung onto second for a lap before Villopoto made his was by and went after Brayton. The Kawasaki rider began to close on Brayton, but a mistake made on his own a rhythm section caused Villopoto to fall. He was able to remount before third placed Davi Millsaps could inherit second place, but the damage was done. Brayton was able to continue on with the win. Villopoto, Millsaps, Alessi, and Kyle Chisholm completed the top five.

450 Supercross LCQ – James Stewart did not line up for his final qualifying chance of the evening, meaning he will not be in tonight’s main event. Kevin Windham, who was also a victim of Stewart’s crash, took a much heralded LCQ win over Kyle Regal. Word has it that Stewart hit his head pretty hard in the heat race crash and those around him decided it was best that James not ride.

250 East 15 lap Main Event – Ken Roczen nearly had the holeshot but was overtaken by Blake Baggett. The duo was followed by Blake Wharton, Darryn Durham, and Tyler Bowers. Justin Barcia did not have the best start and rounded the first turn around 10th place. Out front, Baggett was pushing to stay in the lead, but Roczen seemed to have the edge. On the second lap, the KTM rider was able to force his way past Baggett just before the finishline. Roczen looked to be on his way to his first win of the season before the race was red flagged due to Kyle Cunningham crashing badly at the end of the whoop section.

250 East 15 Lap Main Event (Restart) – In a unique move, the race was restarted in the order that riders were in at the drop of the red flag. They began in a staggered formation and were not allow to pass each other until passing an improvised white line. This rule is within the AMA rulebook, but had never been used before in a supercross race until tonight! The race was started with the wave of a green flag as opposed to the standard gate drop. The order of the top eight was Roczen, Baggett, Wharton, Durham, Bowers, Bogle, Lemoine, and Barcia.

At the wave of the green flag, Roczen was the only rider with clear track, and soon had the lead. Barcia, who was all the way back in eighth at the restart came alive in the first few laps, passing rider after rider and made his way up to fourth. But out front, Roczen fell on the back side of the double that led onto the start straight, handing the lead to Wharton and bumping Durham and Barcia up to second and third.

As the laps wound down, Barcia was slowly closing in on Durham while Baggett rode in fourth and Bogle made a pass on Bowers to take over fifth. At the finish it was Wharton with his first win since St. Louis in 2009. Durham and Barcia completed the podium while Baggett and Jake Canada finished out the top five.

Round 11 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2012 - Indianapolis - Photo 1 of 3

250 winner Blake Wharton, “My first win since ’09. I give God the glory, and thank all around me, including my family. I need to keep working … I want to keep doing this.”

Darryn Durham, “I made up a few points on the points leader Justin (Brayton). I have a ton of friends and family here.”

East series points leader Justin Barcia, “I got out of here safe. I’m happy. And I’m the podium. I’m happy.”

World Motocross Champion of MX 2 Ken Roczen, “This is the only crash I’ve had in a main event this season. The red flag certainly had all of us out of rhythm for sure. I’m very bummed but looking forward to next week.”

450 Supercross 20 lap Main Event – Mike Alessi took the holeshot followed by Justin Brayton, Brett Metcalfe, and Marvin Musquin. Kevin Windham and Ryan Villopoto sat back in fifth and sixth. Out front, Alessi was riding his best race of the year while Brayton stalked him several laps. Finally on lap five, Brayton was able to make a text book block pass on the number 800 rider. Soon both Metcalfe and Villopoto were able to make their way around Alessi and soon had a battle of their own.

Villopoto tried a few inside outside maneuvers on Metcalfe but at each instance the defending champ was denied. For a few laps the Kawasaki ace hounded Metcalfe before making the pass in the bowl turn just after the whoops. From there, Villopoto went on to his inevitable mission of tracking down Brayton in the lead.

By lap 14, Villopoto had cut his lead down to less than one second and was setting himself up to make the pass which he finally did one lap later in the same place that he passed Metcalfe.

At the finish it was Ryan Villopoto with his sixth win of the season, with Justin Brayton having his best Supercross finish ever in the USA, and Davi Millsaps rounding out the podium. Brett Metcalfe and Cole Seely completed the top five.

Round 11 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2012 - Indianapolis - Photo 2 of 3

Ryan Villopoto, “The whoops were incredible. They were rutted and slippery – it was really tough.”

Justin Brayton, “Leading some laps was great. It’s what we want to do. Thanks to everyone that helps me. We’ll work hard this week and come back next week for Toronto.”

Round 11 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2012 - Indianapolis - Photo 3 of 3
Blake Wharton lighting the candles at Indy

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