Unbelievable night in Jacksonville for Round 11 of the 2011 AMA Supercross Series here at EverBank Field – home stadium of the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars. Trey Canard wins Premiere Supercross Main Event. Justin Barcia wins Supercross Lites Main Event. Ryan Villopoto crashes twice in LCQ and didn’t make the Supercross Main Event. James Stewart crashes in Supercross Main Event and did not finish

Round 11 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Jacksonville - Photo 1 of 27

EverBank Field

Beautiful, warm and sunny day in Jacksonville.

In timed practices, James Stewart is on top of the Supercross class with a lap time of 44.38 seconds. Next is Ryan Dungey at 44.70, followed by Davi Millsaps 45.34, Trey Canard 45.43, Ryan Villopoto 45.46, Kevin Windham 45.74, Austin Stroupe 45.75, Justin Brayton 45.82, and Chad Reed 45.90.

In the Supercross Lites East, Ryan Sipes is on top with 45.65 seconds. Next is Dean Wilson with 46.13. Then it’s Justin Barcia 46.30, Matt Lemoine 46.71, and Blake Baggett 46.95.

The first 250 East Qualifying Heat – the leader coming out of the 90 degree right hand first corner – Dean Wilson number 15 on the Pro Circuit Kawasaki.

Wilson is starting to pull a nice lead. Second place in this six lap race is Matt Lemoine number 48 on Kawasaki. Third is PJ Larsen riding for KTM.

This race is won by Dean Wilson, with a nice lead. Second goes to Matt Lemoine. PJ Larsen on KTM finishes third. Fourth is H Hewitt, and fifth is L Smith.

250 East Qualifying Heat 2 – It’s number 139 on Suzuki Malcolm Stewart with the holeshot! But not for long – Blake Wharton goes by and into the lead before the end of the first lap.

At they close near halfway point of this race – Wharton leading, Malcolm Stewart is second, Darryn Durham on Honda is third. Ryan Sipes is fourth. Some guys are having some problems – Justin Barcia ninth, Blake Baggett 13th.

Now on lap five – it’s Wharton, Durham, R Sipes, M Stewart, T Futrell, and Barcia into sixth.

At the finish – Blake Wharton wins! D Durham second, R Sipes third. M Stewart is fourth, Barcia comes up to fifth. Baggett 11th.

Supercross Qualifying Heat 1 – Holeshot goes Mike Alessi number 800. And he’s pulling a big lead already by the end of the first lap. Second is Fabien Izoird. But as lap two gets going …. it’s Alessi out front, but Ryan Dungey has swiftly moved into second. Third is Ivan Tedesco, then Izoird, and Kevin Windham. This race will go eight laps.

Lap four – running order – Alessi out front … but Dungey has closed up right behind him. They are side by side. Dungey makes the pass for the lead – then it’s chaos! Dungey went into first, then Canard has burst into second. Tedesco third. Windham fourth. Alessi back to fifth – all in the matter of a few seconds.

Last lap – Dungey leading, but Canard is right on his tail. At the finish, it’s Supercross Champion Ryan Dungey with the win! Canard is second. Tedesco is third. Windham is fourth. Alessi finishes fifth.

Supercross Qualifying Heat 2 – It’s Andrew Short with the holeshot leading into the first corner … but it’s James Stewart sneaking by and exiting the first corner in first place!

Just a few seconds later, at the end of the next straight – 2011 Supercross Series points leader Ryan Villopoto goes down. And he is out. Out of this race. We will probably see him in the LCQ.

Meanwhile – James Stewart is leading on lap four of this eight lap race. Chad Reed has moved into second place now, Andrew Short third, and Austin Stroupe is fourth, Davi Millsaps next, and Cole Seely sixth.

Former Supercross Champion James Stewart (2007, 2009) is leading former Supercross Champion Chad Reed (2004, 2008) by almost eight seconds. Third is Andrew Short, then Millsaps, Stroupe and Seely.

At the checkered – James Stewart with the win! Chad Reed is second. Third goes to Andrew Short. Then Davi Millsaps, Austin Stroupe, and Cole Seely.

250 LCQ – only two riders go from an LCQ to the Main Event. Blake Baggett, currently second in the points for 250 East Lites, goes into the first corner with the lead … and falls over. He can’t get his bike restarted. Finally, he gets going again – in last place.

The top two in this four lap race – A Catanzaro and S Lipanovich!

Supercross LCQ – Unbelievable. Ryan Villopoto crashes in the first corner. He remounts, almost in last place. Ryan goes down the next straight away, re-enters the track over a hay bale, and falls over again.

Villopoto has to get up to second position to make it to the Supercross Main Event. There are six laps.

Fabien Izoird is the leader. K Patridge is second. Villopoto is up to 14th.

Unbelievable. Ryan Villopoto, the 2011 Supercross Series points leader, will not be racing the Supercross Main Event. Fabien Izoird has won this Supercross LCQ, and Kyle Patridge second. Only they go to the Main. Villopoto finishes eighth. Unbelievable.

Round 11 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Jacksonville - Photo 2 of 27

Justin Barcia on top in Jacksonville

250 East Lites 15 Lap Main Event – The leader is Justin Barcia! Blake Wharton is second. Third is Dean Wilson.

Barcia, leading the points series, riding with a brace on his wrist because of two broken bones, is pulling out a lead. Wilson has now moved past Wharton and into second. Wharton is third. Ryan Sipes is fourth. And Wharton has fallen.

On lap seven, Barcia has a five second lead over second place Dean Wilson. Ryan Sipes is next, followed by Matt Lemoine, Darryn Durham, PJ Larsen, and L Smith. Malcolm Stewart DNS.

Lap ten of this race has Justin Barcia out front on the number 17 GEICO Honda. (You’ll see a little video interview with Justin next week on Supercross.com.) Dean Wilson is second, about six seconds back. Third is Ryan Sipes, fourth Matt Lemoine, then Durham, Larsen, Smith, Futrell, Hewitt, J Sipes.

The win in the Jacksonville Supercross Lites Main Event goes to Justin Barcia! And he extends his series points lead, as the series heada to Toronto, Canada next weekend.

Second is Dean Wilson, third Ryan Sipes, then Matt Lemoine, PJ Larsen, Darryn Durham, L Smith, T Futrell, H Hewitt and J Sipes.

Justin Barcia “I want this thing bad (the 2011 Supercross Lites East Championship). This was a crazy race. I wrecked hard in practice and wrecked again in the heat race but I just put it out of my head and did what I had to do in the Main Event. I’m fully stoked right now. It stinks that kid (Baggett) didn’t make the race but it didn’t change the way I rode. I just charged at it from the start and I kind of rode mad. I’ve been mad all day and I came out of the gate knowing I really needed the holeshot. Once I got out front I just attacked. It was an awesome race.”

Premiere Supercross 20 Lap Main Event – Mike Alessi with a holeshot! And about 100 feet later, James Stewart crashes on the next straight.

The end of the first lap – Trey Canard has a big lead. Chad Reed is in second. Ryan Dungey is in third. Davi Millsaps fourth. Mike Alessi fifth. James Stewart’s bike is being pushed off the track, and James is still on the ground. What a crazy night for so many top riders. With Villopoto not able to make the main event tonight, it was a good opportunity for James Stewart to close that points gap.

Trey Canard is leading on lap five. James Stewart is being put on a stretcher. Chad Reed is second, about three seconds behind Canard. Ryan Dungey is in third position. They are equally gapped, and then fourth is Andrew Short, then Ivan Tedesco. And James Stewart is being taken slowly out of the stadium strapped to a stretcher on the medical cart.

On lap ten, Canard is looking smooth and comfortable out front. He’s headed for his second Supercross Main Event win of the season if he can maintain his position. Chad Reed is second, Ryan Dungey third. Kevin Windham has moved into fourth.

Trey Canard is stylin’ over the jumps … but Chad Reed has found a sudden burst of speed and is now right behind Trey with three laps to go! As they complete lap 18, they are side by side! They are riding close together, but safely.

Last lap – Canard has a slight advantage. They are far ahead of everyone else. Reed makes a last corner attempt … but Trey Canard wins the Jacksonville Supercross Main Event! Chad Reed second, Ryan Dungey third.

Round 11 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Jacksonville - Photo 3 of 27

Trey Canard and Honda on top in Jacksonville Supercross

Kevin Windham fourth, Andrew Short fifth, then Tedesco, M Alessi, Austin Stroupe, Nick Wey and C Blose round out the top ten.

Winner Trey Canard “I really needed this win. Can’t give enough credit to the Lord Jesus Christ. Tim Ferry has been here for me a lot. So has my mom and my mechanic. Can’t thank them enough. I was kinda’ nervous when dicing with Chad. But I tried to put on a fight. This track is tough with the 180 degree corners. I’m so happy with my second win of the season tonight.”

Chad Reed “That’s what we love about motorsports (now that he’s in second place in the points). Anything can happen. Congratulations to everyone at Honda – you’ve got the top two spots here tonight!”

Ryan Dungey “There’s still a lot of racing left. This season has been something for me, and for the fans. Gotta’ love it.”

What can you say about tonight? Blake Baggett doesn’t make 250 Main Event … Ryan Villopoto crashes twice in Supercross Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) and doesn’t make it to the Main Event. James Stewart has opportunity to make up points on Villopoto … crashes in the first lap of the Main Event and is carried off on a stretcher. Officially, even though he didn’t make it thru two corners, James Stewart scores an 18th place for three points. And Ryan Villopoto, who scored zero points this weekend, still retains the series points lead with 221. Chad Reed is second with 214, Ryan Dungey third with 203, James Stewart fourth with 198, and Trey Canard fifth with 194.

Justin Barcia and Trey Canard had great nights. And the next race is next Saturday in Toronto!

There has been no official information yet on the condition of James Stewart – we will have any info on the site as it becomes available.

Jake Weimer injury update: Jake was all set to jump into his rookie premiere Supercross season for Kawasaki. However, he crashed while practicing before the 2011 Supercross season got underway, breaking his arm and requiring surgery.

Jake says: The arm is coming around and getting better. I was able to get on the bike a couple of weeks ago, so the arm is pretty much healed. It is still progressing, but we are back on the bike, so it is getting better. I began training physically about three weeks after I broke the arm. I have been training full-on for about a month or so now. All that is going really well, but obviously there is no substitute for riding the motorcycles.

Right now, we are trying to get ready to come back to racing Supercross at the St. Louis event. But, we will see how everything goes.

Click to view large image. You’ll see Ryan Villopoto number 2, Justin Barcia on top of the podium for the 250 East Lites Supercross race, Trey Canard on the top step of the Supercross podium, nice shot of the stadium and track, number 21 Blake Wharton, 57 is Blake Baggett, next photo is of Blake crashing, 17 Justin Barcia, Justin Barcia’s Honda, Trey Canard doing a nice “nac-nac”, Trey Canard and Honda celebrate on the podium, Trey taking the win in the Supercross Main Event, number 1 is Ryan Dungey, outside of EverBank Field, number 25 is Ryan Sipes, 22 is Chad Reed, check out Tye Simmonds on the KTM, number 7 is James Stewart, another shot of the track, Ryan Villopoto crashing at the start of the LCQ, two shots of a War Memorial outside of the sports complex, overview of the waterfront and the pits, and number 15 is Dean Wilson.

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Supercross Results
1.Trey CanardHON
2.Chad ReedHON
3.Ryan DungeySUZ
4.Kevin WindhamHON
5.Andrew ShortKTM
6.Ivan TedescoKAW
7.Mike AlessiKTM
8.Austin StroupeYAM
9.Nick WeyYAM
10.Chris BloseKAW
11.Fabien IzoirdKAW
12.Michael ByrneSUZ
13.Jason ThomasSUZ
14.J J BrowneYAM
15.Cole SeelyHON
16.Kyle PatridgeHON
17.Davi MillsapsYAM
18.James StewartYAM
19.Matt GoerkeKAW
20.Weston PeickYAM
Supercross Points
Ryan Villopoto221
Chad Reed214
Ryan Dungey203
James Stewart198
Trey Canard194
Andrew Short145
Kevin Windham121
Justin Brayton121
Davi Millsaps118
Brett Metcalfe107
Ivan Tedesco105
Nick Wey94
Mike Alessi82
Chris Blose64
Kyle Regal60
Kyle Chisholm46
Matt Boni43
Fabien Iziord36
Michael Byrne29
Austin Stroupe28
250 Lites East Results
1.Justin BarciaHON
2.Dean WilsonKAW
3.Ryan SipesYAM
4.Matt LemoineKAW
5.PJ LarsenKTM
6.Darryn DurhamHON
7.Les SmithHON
8.Taylor FutrellHON
9.Hunter HewittSUZ
10.Justin SipesKAW
11.Lance VincentHON
12.A CatanzaroHON
13.Kyle KeylonSUZ
14.S LipanovichSUZ
15.B RippleHON
16.L KilbargerHON
17.Blake WhartonHON
18.Chris GosselaarSUZ
19.Gannon AudetteYAM
20.Malcolm StewartSUZ
250 Lites East Points

Justin Barcia116
Ryan Sipes99
Dean Wilson97
Blake Baggett85
Matt Lemoine69
Blake Wharton69
PJ Larsen62
Malcolm Stewart53
Jason Anderson44
L Vincent43
Alex Martin40
Les Smith36
T Futrell34
Hunter Hewitt30
Brad Ripple21
L Kilbarger21
A Catanzaro20
G Audette20
Justin Sipes19
Ian Trettel16


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