Ryan Dungey wins Dallas Supercross! Extends 2010 Supercross Series points lead! Blake Baggett claims his first ever victory in professional supercross – the 250 East Regional in Dallas at the new Cowboy Stadium! (Home of the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys) It was an emotional win for Blake Baggett in the 250 class, and a commanding statement by Ryan Dungey in winning the 450 Supercross class Main Event. Second and third in the 450 class went to Davi Millsaps and Trey Canard.

450 Supercross Results
1. Ryan Dungey

2. Davi Millsaps

3. Trey Canard

4. Ryan Villopoto

5. Justin Brayton

6. Josh Hill

7. Kevin Windham

8. Kyle Chisholm

9. Jason Lawrence

10. Thomas Hahn SUZ
11. Michael Byrne

12. Nick Wey KAW
13. Ivan Tedesco

14. Chris Blose

15. Heath Voss

16. J Thomas SUZ
17. R Clark

18. Matt Boni

19. R Morais

20. Kyle Regal

450 Points

Ryan Dungey 239

Ryan Villopoto 215

Josh Hill


Davi Millsaps 174

Kevin Windham 161

Justin Brayton 152

Ivan Tedesco 143

Nick Wey 122
Kyle Chisholm 105
Thomas Hahn 100

Michael Byrne
Chris Blose
Andrew Short
Grant Langston
Trey Canard
James Stewart
Jason Thomas
Matt Boni

Fabien Izoird
J Browne

250 East Results
1. Blake Baggett


2. Ryan Sipes


3. Justin Barcia


4. Martin Davalos


5. Austin Stroupe SUZ

6. Matt Lemoine SUZ

7. Christophe Pourcel


8. M Willard


9. T Futrell

10. S Clarke


11. Brett Metcalfe


12. Adam Chatfield

13. T Wharton


14. J Sipes

15. L Smith

16. J DeCotis

17. Troy Adams

18. Jake Moss

19. Darryn Durham

20. L Kilbarger

250 East points

Christophe Pourcel 109

Austin Stroupe 104
Justin Barcia 84

Ryan Sipes 77
Brett Metcalfe 75
Blake Baggett 71

Dean Wilson 71
Martin Davalos 47
Nico Izzi 41
K Cunningham 40
Vince Friese
Jake Moss
Troy Adams
L Kilbarger
Michael Willard
Kyle Regal
Adam Chatfield
Taylor Futrell

James DeCotis
Matt Lemoine

Cowboy Stadium

It’s the new Cowboy Stadium that is hosting round 11 of the AMA / FIM Supercross Series! It is simply one of the best venues in the world. It’s amazing. One of the things that stands out – the TV / scoreboard hanging from the roof of the stadium. It’s one of, if not the largest in the world! (See photo below)

For some reason, it appears that 250 East supercross sensation Dean Wilson, who is originally from Canada, is still in Canada – probably due to immigration or customs – we’ve heard that his ‘work visa’ has expired to return back to the USA.

This track is very difficult. We’ve counted 40 obstacles, which doesn’t even include a sand section, and a longer whoop section. Lap times are just under 50 seconds.

250 Qualifying Heat 1 – it’s Austin Stroupe number 45 on the Suzuki with the lead. Ryan Sipes 46 on a Yamaha gives chase. But at the halfway point of this six lap heat, it’s Stroupe leading Justin Barcia is second, Sipes a ways back in third. At the finish, it’s Stroupe winning, Barcia second, and Sipes third.

250 Qualifying Heat 2 – at the start of this six lap race, it’s Christophe Pourcel number 1 coming out of a bunched up first corner to emerge with the lead. Christophe is followed by 65 Troy Adams, and then Martin Davalos. Davalos goes past Adams and into second. The top three – Pourcel, Davalos, Adams. And that’s how they’ll finish – Pourcel winning, Davalos second, and Adams third.

450 Qualifying Heat 1 – three guys battling side by side by side … and finally out of the third corner Davi Millsaps establishes himself in the lead. He is followed on the second lap by Nick Wey, Josh Hill, Kevin Windham, and Jason Lawrence. One lap later – Millsaps with a nice lead, Windham stalls, then falls – after briefly moving into second. So Millsaps leading, Josh Hill now second, Kyle Chisholm has moved to third, Nick Wey is fourth, and Jason Lawrence fifth. At the end of this eight lap race, it’s Davi Millsaps winning, Josh Hill is second, Nick Wey finishes third, Kyle Chisholm is fourth, Jason Lawrence fifth, Trey Canard sixth.

450 Qualifying Heat 2 – it’s the top two dawgs in Supercross 2010 out front – Ryan Villopoto with the lead, Ryan Dungey second. In the fourth corner of the first lap, Dungey goes to the inside of the left hander, passes Villopoto and moves into the lead! After two laps – it’s Ryan Dungey leading, Ryan Villopoto is second, Justin Brayton is third, Ivan Tedesco fourth, and Kyle Regal fifth. At the halfway point – it Dungey with a nice lead over Villopoto, Tedesco has moved into third, then Brayton, then Regal.

At the checkered flag, it’s Ryan Dungey with the win. Ryan Villopoto finishes second, Ivan Tedesco third, Justin Brayton fourth, and Kyle Regal fifth.

250 East Main Event – 15 laps. The start has a huge pile up in the first corner. Including defending Champion Christophe Pourcel, but it looks like about half the riders in the race go down in the first corner. Meanwhile, the leader is number 46 Ryan Sipes on a Yamaha. Second place is number 66 on a Suzuki – Blake Baggett. Third is number 17 Justin Barcia, followed by Austin Stroupe. Pourcel is in 12th position.

On the seventh lap, Ryan Sipes is leading, with Blake Baggett right behind him, and Justin Barcia chasing both of them! Austin Stroupe is a ways back in fourth. The top three are very close!

At the ten lap mark, it’s still Sipes, Baggett, and Barcia top three – and very close together. Now, Baggett is aggressively dogging Sipes for the lead. Barcia has backed off just a bit. Davalos has moved into fourth. Stroupe is seventh, Pourcel eighth.

On the inside of a tight right hand corner on the fourteenth lap, in lapped traffic, Baggett squeezes past Sipes and into the lead! With one lap to go it’s Baggett leading his fifth ever pro supercross. Sipes is second, Barcia third.

After 15 laps in this 250 East Main Event, Blake Baggett has won his first ever supercross! Ryan Sipes places second! Justin Barcia is third!

Blake says: It’s definitely a dream come true, especially after coming out of the LCQ. I waited patiently, and saw an opportunity to pass (Sipes) when the lappers were in our way.

Pourcel leads Stroupe by five points in the 2010 East Championship.

450 Supercross Main Event – 20 laps. Nick Wey number 27 with the holeshot! But coming out of the second corner, Ryan Dungey moves past Wey and into the lead! A little later on that lap, Josh Hill moves into second, with Davi Millsaps third. Wey back in fourth. Ryan Villopoto is 10th.

On the fifth lap, Dungey is stretching a lead, and Millsaps moves past Hill into second. Running order now – Dungey, Millsaps, Hill, then Justin Brayton and Trey Canard.

Canard is on the move, and looking smooth on the 450. He passes Brayton, and is setting his sights on Hill. Meanwhile, Dungey out front, with just over a 3 second gap on second place Millsaps.

At the halfway point – lap ten – it’s Dungey leading Millsaps, then Canard passes Hill to move into third place. Then it’s Hill, Brayton, and Ryan Villopoto. All the top guys are running lap times in the 49 second range.

On lap 15, Dungey is in command. Millsaps is riding in second, but team-mate Canard has closed up that gap. Fourth is Justin Brayton, and Ryan Villopoto is fifth.

On the last lap, it’s Ryan Dungey cruising out front. Ryan Dungey wins! He stretches his lead in the 2010 AMA Supercross Series Championship points standings! Davi Millsaps is second, Trey Canard right behind in third! And Ryan Villopoto has come all the way back to fourth! Brayton finishes fifth.

Ryan says of his win: I got off to a great start. It got a little tough at the end with lappers. It turned out to be an awesome track. I want to thank my mom and dad and everyone here.

Dungey leads Villopoto by 24 points now, and seems in command of the 2010 AMA Supercross Series with his win tonight in Dallas.

Tonight’s attendance – 49,082. Next Saturday the series moves to Round 12 in Jacksonville FL!

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2010 AMA Supercross Schedule, including address of stadium, maps, weather, & hotel

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Click on thumbnail to view larger photos by Gerald Geronimo. First photo is as you look outside the new Cowboys Stadium, you can see the Texas Rangers Arlington Baseball right across the way, Austin Stroupe, 250 Supercross winner Blake Baggett, Christophe Pourcel 1, nice photo of the big first turn pile up at the start of the 250 Main Event, Justin Barcia airborne, number 46 is 250 runner-up Ryan Sipes, Blake Baggett winning the 250 Main event! Blake Baggett with the top spot on the 250 podium, 450 Supercross Main event first corner with Nick Wey 27 at the point position, number 18 is 450 Supercross runner up Davi Millsaps, 38 is third place finisher Trey Canard. Ryan Dungey takes the win in 450 Supercross! The 450 Supercross podium with Dungey on top, along with Millsaps and Canard, number 9 is Ivan Tedesco, the rider in red – Jake Moss, number 338 is Jason Lawrence, Just Barcia 17, 23 is Justin Brayton on the Muscle Milk Toyotal Joe Gibbs Racing Team, Kevin Windham 14 glides thru the air, 116 is Ryan Morais, the track, 27 is Nick Wey, another shot of the beautiful Cowboys Stadium, number 5 is Supercross Series points leader Ryan Dungey. 46 is Ryan Sipes, number 2 is Ryan Villopoto, check out the giant screen inside Cowboys Stadium, another shot of the futuristic stadium, a good overview of the entire track, number 38 is Trey Canard. Final shot is of a water fountain inside the stadium itself!

Facts & stats courtesy Feld Motor Sports:

AMA Supercross Class Titles by Brand: Honda: 15 (1982, ’83, ’84, ’86, ’88, ’89, ’90, ’91, ’92, ’93, ’94, ’95, ’96, ’02, ’03), Yamaha: 11 (1974, ’77, ’78, ’79, ’80, ’98, ’99, ’00, ’04, ’08, ’09), Kawasaki: 6 (1976, ’85, ’87, ’97, ’01, ’07), Suzuki: 3 (1981, ’05, ’06), Can-Am: 1 (1975)

AMA Supercross Class Wins by Brand: Honda: 192 (First win 1976), Yamaha: 161 (First win 1974), Kawasaki: 98 (First win 1976), Suzuki: 54 (First win 1976), Can-Am: 7 (First win 1974), CZ: 2 (First win 1974)

AMA Supercross Class Champions: Jeremy McGrath: 7 (’93, ’94, ’95, ’96, ’98, ’99, ’00), Ricky Carmichael: 5 (’01, ’02, ’03, ’05, ’06), Bob Hannah: 3 (’77, ’78, ’79), Jeff Stanton: 3 (’89, ’90, ’92), Jeff Ward: 2 (’85, ’87), Chad Reed: 2 (’04, ’08), James Stewart: 2 (’07, ’09), Rick Johnson: 2 (’86, ’88), Jim Ellis: 1 (’75), Jim Weinert: 1 (’76), Mike Bell: 1 (’80), Mark Barnett: 1 (’81), Donnie Hansen: 1 (’82), David Bailey: 1 (’83), Johnny O’Mara: 1 (’84), J. M. Bayle: 1 (’91), Jeff Emig: 1 (’97)

Round 11 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2010 - Dallas - March 20 - Photo 33 of 33

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