Antonio Cairoli victorious again in MX1 Motocross Grand Prix! Rui Goncalves takes victory in MX2 Motocross Grand Prix! Photos, video, results, and more. Interview with 15 year old rookie sensation and last week’s MX2 Grand Prix winner Ken Roczen!

MX1 Results
1. A Cairoli 2/1 YAM
2. Clem Desalle 1/5 HON
3. Josh Coppins 4/2 YAM
4. Max Nagl 3/6 KTM
5. K de Dycker 7/3 SUZ
6. D Philippaerts 5/7 YAM
7. A Leok 6/8 TM
8. M Priem APR
9. C Campano YAM
10. G Swanepoel KAW
11. T Leok YAM
12. T Church CCM
13. G Aranda KAW
14. L Freibergs YAM
15. J Dougan CCM
MX1 Points

Antonio Cairoli 385
Max Nagl 328
D Philippaerts 327
Josh Coppins 314
Clem Desalle 309
K de Dycker 298
Tanel Leok 270
J Barragan 215
A Leok 167
G Swanepoel 151
D Vuillemin 137
M Priem 117
G Aranda 104
B Mackenzie 103
Steve Ramon 100
MX2 Results
1. R Goncalves 2/1 KTM
2. M Musquin 1/2 KTM
3. G Paulin 5/3 KAW
4. Ken Roczen 3/5 SUZ
5. D Guarneri 7/4 YAM
6. J Roelants KTM
7. D Verbruggen HON
8. E Bobryshev YAM
9. M Schiffer KTM
10. S Frossard KAW
11. J Oliva SUZ
12. M Karro SUZ
13. A Tonus KTM
14. V Teillet KTM
15. M Monni YAM
MX2 Points

Marvin Musquin 371
Gautier Paulin 322
R Goncalves 301
D Guarneri 296
S Frossard 264
Ken Roczen 200
Nic Aubin 197
X Boog 197
M Monni 165
J v Horebeek 157
Joel Roelants 146
M Schiffer 135
L Larrieu 124
A Boissiere 122
A Tonus 120

Kegums, Latvia

Former MX2 World Motocross Champion, and current MX1 World Motocross Championship points leader Tony Cairoli came away with the victory today in the first-ever Latvian Grand Prix of Motocross in the premiere MX1 class! He leads second place Max Nagl by 57 points in the championship series, with current MX1 World Champion David Philippaerts in third, one point behind Nagl.

And in the 250 MX2 Grand Prix, it was Rui Goncalves with the victory! He tied on points with current MX2 championship points leader Marvin Musquin. Musquin leads Gautier Paulin in the points chase, 371 to 322, and Goncalves is current in third with 301.

Photos and video below …

Notes: Italy has announced their team for the 2009 Red Bull Motocross of Nation, which will also be held in Italy in October. And their team for 2009 is formidable: World Motocross Champions Antonio Cairoli, current MX1 World Motocross Champion David Philippaerts, and MX2 contender David Guarneri.

Video News Highlights of the Motocross Grand Prix of Latvia, courtesy Youthstream

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15 year old rookie sensation, and youngest Motocross Grand Prix winner ever last weekend in Germany – Ken Roczen Interview

By Geoff Meyer

Ken Roczen did something very amazing last weekend. The 15 year old German rider captured not only his first ever Grand Prix victory, but also his debut home GP win. The Teka Suzuki Europe World rider was so cool and collected about his victory and the way he did not even push for the second moto win and just cruised for a safe second place was very, very smart from the teenager.

Five time World 500cc Champion Joel Smets of Belgium told me yesterday evening that Roczen might just be the most complete rider the sport has seen in Europe in a long time and former multi-time World Motocross Champion Eric Geboers (from Belgium) had mentioned a couple of years ago that Roczen was the European version of Ricky Carmichael.

Last weekend the two Belgian legends stood on the sidelines and were amazed at the improvement this kid can produce time and time again. We sat down with Ken and asked him a few questions, and here they are:

MXlarge: Ken, that was just amazing. You really looked experienced out there. How did it feel to win you first ever GP?

Roczen: I was hoping for it, but my first goal was to be on the podium, I don’t care if it was first, second or third, but now it was first, so that is amazing.

MXlarge: Youngest Grand Prix winner in the history of the sport, that is pretty impressive.

Roczen: They told me that after the podium, but I forgot it quickly, I don’t think about that stuff. The crowd was crazy, I heard them every lap and they cheered me on and gave me great motivation.

MXlarge: Tell us about your first moto?

Roczen: The first race I didn’t have a good start, out of the start I wasn’t good for my the whole weekend, but this time maybe my rut was a little too soft, then I came back to third place and Marvin (Musquin) crashed and I saw that I was second, and then I could close up a bit to Steven (Frossard), but the first race second place was okay.

MXlarge: And the second moto you looked strong, but didn’t really push all the way did you?

Roczen: The second moto my start was better, I was third and I passed Rui (Goncalves) pretty quickly for second and I had a big fight with Marvin. I got a second place and first overall, what more could you want. I raced with him before, but I had never been in a fight with him like that. He is riding really hard, but so am I, we didn’t touch each other and when I was first he passed me I said that is okay, I don’t know if he wanted to block me and I didn’t want to crash so I took second place and was happy with that and the overall.

MXlarge: So quickly a Grand Prix victory, how can you top this now?

Roczen: It is going to be hard to get two wins, but I don’t expect anything. I just want to ride and have fun and see what I can do. Today was really nice for me, I am happy for my team and the fans, it’s been a really good weekend and now we head to Latvia and see what happens there.

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Next week – Grand Prix of Sweden

Round 10 - FIM World Motocross - Latvia - June 28, 2009 - Photo 1 of 21

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