2012 AMA Supercross Series at the famous Daytona International Speedway. The unique facility offers the roughest track of the year. The big winner tonight – James Stewart! Ryan Villopoto had a couple of falls, but finished fifth. In 250 East Lites racing, Justin Barcia is a perfect four-for-four now, as he wins that class again tonight.

Supercross Results
1. James Stewart YAM
2. Davi Millsaps YAM
3. K Windham HON
4. M Musquin KTM
5. R Villopoto KAW
6. M Alessi SUZ
7. Jake Weimer KAW
8. Broc Tickle KAW
9. Matt Goerke SUZ
10. Brett Metcalfe SUZ
11. Nick Wey KAW
12. Kyle Chisholm KAW
13. Kyle Regal HON
14. G Faith HON
15. J Sipes KAW
16. Justin Brayton HON
17. Cole Seely HON
18. Ryan Clark KAW
19. W Peick KAW
20. R Kiniry YAM
Supercross Points
Ryan Villopoto 221
Ryan Dungey 192
James Stewart 177
Kevin Windham 143
Jake Weimer 134
Davi Millsaps 131
Chad Reed 128
Brett Metcalfe 124
Justin Brayton 121
Mike Alessi 113
Kyle Chisholm 91
Josh Hansen 87
Broc Tickle 82
Nick Wey 76
Andrew Short 59
Matt Goerke 38
R Kiniry 32
Marvin Musquin 30
Kyle Partridge 29
W Peick 27
250 Lites East Results
1. Justin Barcia HON
2. Blake Baggett KAW
3. D Durham KAW
4. Ken Roczen KTM
5. Blake Wharton SUZ
6. Jake Canada HON
7. K Cunningham YAM
8. M. Stewart KTM
9. C Thompson HON
10. T Weeck SUZ
11. L Smith KTM
12. S Sewell KTM
13. Alex Martin HON
14. T Bowers KAW
15. J Starling KTM
16. PJ Larsen KTM
17. K Peters YAM
18. Justin Bogle HON
19. J Gibson HON
20. P Nicoletti HON
250 Lites East Points
J. Barcia 100
D Durham 76
Ken Roczen 75
B. Wharton 72
Blake Baggett 62
Jake Canada 56
Justin Bogle 46
M. Stewart 42
K Cunningham 42
C Thompson 32
Hunter Hewitt 31
PJ Larsen 31
Alex Martin 29
Les Smith 22
Lance Vincent 21
S Sewell 20
Matt Lemoine 20
P Nicoletti 19
A Politelli 15
Tommy Week 11

Daytona International Speedway

Photos Daytona Supercross

Videos Daytona Supercross

It’s been raining off and on this morning, riders and team members are doing the track walk right now. The biggest news of the weekend so far – Ryan Dungey will not be racing. Check link below. Supercross.com will have all the coverage of the race here.

1pm – it’s pouring rain. Besides Ryan Dungey not racing, that is the second biggest news of the weekend. Right now, practice has been put off until 3:30pm because of the heavy rain.

250 East Lites qualifying – on a very muddy course, and in the rain – Justin Barcia on top with his best lap time 1.26.07. Blake Baggett next 1.26.86, Kenny Roczen third fastest qualifier at 1.27.07. Then P J Larsen, Blake Wharton, Darryn Durham, Justin Bogle, Alex Martin, Austin Politelli and Jake Canada round out the top ten of 68 Lites qualifiers.

450 Supercross Class qualifying – James Stewart blazes in with 1 minute 21.99 seconds. Kevin Windham is next with 1.24.47, Ryan Villopoto 1.24.56, Davi Millsaps 1.24.95, two time World Motocross Champion of MX 2 Marvin Musquin on the KTM 350 next at 1.26.80. Then Justin Brayton, Broc Tickle, Jake Weimer, Kyle Chisholm, and Nick Wey round out of the top ten of 53 qualifiers.

One thing we always notice when we come to Daytona International Speedway each year – they always continue to make improvements in the facility and infrastructure each year. Very impressive.

Even though the night time program is ready to begin, and it’s raining, that has not stopped the massive crowd from pouring in to watch this race. The track should be quite an adventure.

250 East Heat 1 – It’s raining harder now. Water has pooled-up in the low spots of the track. It’s very hard to see after just a few corners – both for spectators, and for the riders. Almost everything becomes brown just a few minutes into the race.

The early leader – Blake Baggett. As they finish the second lap, it’s Baggett leading, Jake Canada on Honda next, followed by Alex Martin, Jeff Gibson, PJ Larsen, and Darryn Durham. Their lap times are over 1 minute 30 seconds.

Surviving this six lap qualifying heat – Blake Baggett is the winner. Second goes to Jake Canada. Alex Martin third, then PJ Larsen, and Darryn Durham. Blake Baggett says it’s the worst riding conditions he’s ever raced in.

250 East Heat 2 – looks like the number 1 GEICO/Honda of Justin Barcia with the lead. On the second lap, with Barcia leading, we can see it’s Blake Wharton into second, Phil Nicoletti next, then Justin Bogle, Les Smith, and Kenny Roczen.

The win goes go Justin Barcia! Blake Wharton second, third to Phil Nicoletti. Fourth through sixth – Kenny Roczen, Justin Bogle, and Tyler Bowers. Justin Barcia says the track and conditions are brutal on the bike.

450 Supercross Heat 1 – it’s the number 14 GEICO/Honda Kevin Windham with the lead of this eight lap race. Justin Brayton is second, Davi Millsaps third. Kevin’s best lap so far – 1 minute 33 seconds. Even though this track is about ‘survival’, the top riders are still doing some big triple jumps and maintaining high speeds. And the track is getting extremely rutted.

At the end of this race, it’s Kevin Windham with the win. Second is Davi Millsaps and Kyle Regal in third. Fourth through sixth it’s Justin Brayton, Jake Weimer, and Brett Metcalfe. Kevin Windham says he thought the water early on was helping, but getting worse as the race went on, “I’m glad to get my first heat win of the season here at the Daytona Supercross by Honda.”

450 Supercross Heat 2 – James Stewart was able to ride with his ‘old’ number of 259 in practice, but in this race he’s back on the familiar number 7 machine. And first lap into this race it’s James way out front. Supercross Champion Ryan Villopoto is second.

At the halfway point – four laps in, it’s James Stewart leading on an incredibly rutted track. Ryan Villopoto is about 14 seconds behind James in second. Then it’s Justin Sipes, Marvin Musquin, and Matt Goerke.

The winner of this heat – James Stewart. Second goes to Ryan Villopoto. Marvin Musquin is third. Fourth through sixth – Matt Goerke, Mike Alessi, and Justin Sipes. Then Broc Tickle, Kyle Chisholm, Ryan Clark, Kyle Goerke, Robby Marshall, and M. Stryker. James Stewart says, “It’s one of the most gnarly races he’s ever been involved in.”

Right now, 9:30pm Eastern Time, it is not raining.

250 East 15 lap Main Event – Normally it’s 15 laps. With the mud and the longer than normal track, this race will go 12 laps.

Justin Barcia, the 2011 250 Lites East Supercross Champion, and current leader of the series, takes the holeshot. Blake Baggett is second. Blake Wharton is third. Then it’s Alex Martin, Kenny Roczen, and Jake Canada.

With Justin Barcia out front, and Blake Baggett four seconds behind in second place, it’s Ken Roczen making a move. He’s now passed Wharton on lap four to move into third position. Then Wharton, then Canada, then Durham. Bogle is ninth.

Lap six – Bogle goes down. And his bike stays down. It is literally stuck in the mud. Meanwhile, his teammate, Barcia, is leading and looks like he’s going to win his fourth 250 Lites East Main Event in a row. Blake Baggett is second, Ken Roczen is third.

On lap nine, Durham goes past Roczen. It’s Barcia first, Baggett second, Durham third, Roczen fourth, and Wharton fifth.

Last lap – Baggett has closed on Barcia. He’s very close! Barcia is making a few mistakes in the mud … only a few hundred yards to go and…Justin Barcia wins! Baggett a finishes close second. See the full results below.

Justin Barcia says, “The track was so demanding. It was a tough race that required 100% effort. I’m so happy to come out with a win and be safe.”

Blake Baggett – “Outdoors (last year) I was solid. I just wanted to get back here on top of the box in supercross to show I’m back. I had phone calls from over a hundred people this week trying to pump me up.”

Round 10 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2012 - Daytona - Photo 1 of 3

Supercross 20 lap Main Event – Normally 20 laps, the Supercross Main Event will go 16 laps total because of the length of the track and the muddy conditions.

Davi Millsaps with the holeshot! His teammate James Stewart is second. Defending Supercross Champion and current series points leader Ryan Villopoto has a fall, tried to get going again, and falls over once more.

Lap 3 – Stewart overtakes Millsaps and moves into the lead. Stewart first, Millsaps second, Kevin Windham is in third place, Marvin Musquin is in fourth place. Ryan Villopoto has moved up to 14th place.

Lap 6 – Stewart on his Yamaha is leading teammate Davi Millsaps by about four seconds. Kevin Windham is running third. Marvin Musquin on the 350 KTM fourth. Then it’s Jake Weimer, Matt Goerke, Broc Tickle, Mike Alessi, Brett Metcalfe, and Ryan Villopoto.

Lap 9 – Stewart is starting to pull a nice lead. His teammate Millsaps is second; about 17 seconds back. Kevin Windham sits third, Marvin Musquin fourth, and Broc Tickle has moved to fifth. Ryan Villopoto has moved up to ninth.

At the 12 lap mark – James Stewart out front, Millsaps second, Windham third, Musquin with a great ride in fourth in the premiere Supercross class, then Tickle, Matt Goerke, Jake Weimer, Mike Alessi, … and Ryan Villopoto.

The checkered flag falls at the 2012 Daytona Supercross. The winner is – James Stewart! Davi Millsaps finishes second, Kevin Windham third, and Marvin Musquin fourth. Ryan Villopoto comes all the way up to fifth.

Round 10 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2012 - Daytona - Photo 2 of 3

Joe Gibbs Racing, with such a rich tradition in NASCAR, has it’s MX team take the top two positions tonight here at Daytona.

James Stewart says “This means a lot to me. I’ve had a rough past few weeks, and the start was really important. It’s heart warming when two JGR Yamahas get first into the first corner.”

Davi Millsaps “I had a pretty good week riding at my house … although I didn’t duplicate the rain. It was a good race tonight. It’s been too long (being off the podium).”

Kevin Windham “It’s great to be up here (on the podium). My first this year. I’m glad to finally have a podium”

Marvin Musquin says “This is great. I gave my best for the Red Bull KTM team, and especially for Ryan Dungey. I want to say ‘Hi’ to him (Ryan). Fourth is good (riding in the Supercross class).

Ryan Villopoto “It was tough. It’s always tough in conditions like this. Coming through the lappers was tough coming from dead last. A much better finish than it could of been.”

Round 10 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2012 - Daytona - Photo 3 of 3
(L-R) Davi Millsaps, James Stewart, Kevin Windham


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