Ryan Villopoto wins Round 10 of the AMA Supercross Series in Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium. He extends his 2011 series points lead to 26 over James Stewart. Round 4 of the Eastern Regional Supercross series has Ryan Sipes winning his first ever professional AMA Supercross 250 Lites Main Event. Justin Barcia extends his 250 East Series points lead with a second place finish

Supercross Results
1. Ryan Villopoto KAW
2. James Stewart YAM
3. Chad Reed HON
4. Ryan Dungey SUZ
5. Justin Brayton YAM
6. Trey Canard HON
7. Kevin Windham HON
8. Nick Wey YAM
9. Cole Seely HON
10. Mike Alessi KTM
11. Davi Millsaps YAM
12. Matt Boni KAW
13. Michael Byrne SUZ
14. Fabien Izoird KAW
15. Matt Goerke KAW
16. Tye Simmonds KTM
17. Rob Kiniry SUZ
18. Chris Blose KAW
19. Ivan Tedesco KAW
20. Andrew Short KTM
Supercross Points
Ryan Villopoto 221
James Stewart 195
Chad Reed 192
Ryan Dungey 183
Trey Canard 169
Andrew Short 129
Justin Brayton 121
Davi Millsaps 114
Brett Metcalfe 107
Kevin Windham 103
Ivan Tedesco 90
Nick Wey 82
Mike Alessi 68
Kyle Regal 60
Chris Blose 53
Kyle Chisholm 46
Matt Boni 43
Ken Roczen 27
Fabien Iziord 26
Tye Simmonds 24
250 Lites East Results
1. Ryan Sipes YAM
2. Justin Barcia HON
3. Blake Baggett KAW
4. Malcolm Stewart SUZ
5. Matt Lemoine KAW
6. Dean Wilson KAW
7. Blake Wharton HON
8. PJ Larsen KTM
9. Alex Martin HON
10. Les Smith HON
11. G Audette YAM
12. Brad Ripple HON
13. Taylor Futrell HON
14. Ricky Renner KTM
15. Michael Akaydin KAW
16. Nico Izzi HON
17. Tyler Sjoberg KAW
18. J Anderson SUZ
19. Shawn Rife HON
20. Hunter Hewitt SUZ
250 Lites East Points

Justin Barcia 91
Blake Baggett 85
Ryan Sipes 79
Dean Wilson 75
Blake Wharton 65
Malcolm Stewart 52
Matt Lemoine 51
PJ Larsen 46
Jason Anderson 44
Alex Martin 40
L Vincent 33
Les Smith 22
T Futrell 21
Hunter Hewitt 18
G Audette 18
Ian Trettel 16
L Kilbarger 16
Brad Ripple 15
Nico Izzi 15
Rife, Akaydin, Catanzaro 11

Lucas Oil Stadium

It’s known as the home of the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning. But tonight, it’s round 10 of the 2011 AMA Supercross Series. Anticipation is high before even practice starts – it’s expected that tonight’s event will be ‘sold out’, or very close to sold out.

At the end of the daytime’s events to determine the fastest laps, in the Supercross East Lites the top five are: Ryan Sipes 48.83 seconds, Dean Wilson 48.93, Justin Barcia 49.53, Matt Lemoine 50.12, and Blake Wharton 50.16.

The top five in the premiere Supercross class: Trey Canard first with 48.30, Ryan Villopoto 48.35, James Stewart 48.49, Chad Reed 48.69, and Ryan Dungey 48.73.

Round 10 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Indianapolis - Photo 1 of 29Lucas Oil Stadium. Home of the Indianapolis Colts & Peyton Manning. Site of the NFL’s Supercross in 2012.

In Opening Ceremonies, James Stewart came out on his YZ 450, waving a huge flag of Japan.

250 East Qualifying Heat 1 – Blake Baggett, number 57 on the Pro Circuit Kawasaki, and winner of last week’s Daytona Supercross Lites class, grabs the holeshot. The start straight here in Indy is one of the longest seen this season. Looks to be about 250 feet long.

This six lap heat belongs to Blake Baggett – he wins. Second is Malcolm Stewart (James Stewart’s younger brother) riding a Suzuki. Third is Dean Wilson, fourth Alex Martin, and fifth G Audette.

250 East Qualifying Heat 2 – Justin Barcia with the lead! He’s being chased by Ryan Sipes. (Check out Justin’s new Fox boots here.)

On lap 5, Sipes is going for the pass. As he and Barcia enter a right hand 90 degree corner, Sipes makes the pass … and Barcia also low sides, but keeps the bike running.

At the finish, it’s Ryan Sipes winning on his number 25 Yamaha. Barcia maintains second place. Hunter Hewitt is third. Nico Izzi fourth. B Ripple fifth. J Anderson sixth. Blake Wharton 17th.

Supercross Qualifying Heat 1 – After the long start straight, on the inside line of the left handed first corner, it’s Ryan Villopoto with the lead. He’s chased by Kevin Windham. Davi Millsaps in third, then Chad Reed and Andrew Short.

The Supercross Heats run eight laps. On the fourth lap, Villopoto is leading, Windham is about two seconds behind. Millsaps is a ways behind them. Reed is closing up on Millsaps. Andrew Short is in fifth.

Villopoto is looking good out front. Windham looks good right behind him in second. On the last lap, Reed makes a nice move around Millsaps and into third. At the finish – series points leader Ryan Villopoto with the win. Windham finishes second. Chad Reed third. Davi Millsaps fourth, and Andrew Short fifth.

Supercross Qualifying Heat 2 – number 7 James Stewart comes out of the first turn – first! He’s followed by Trey Canard, then Justin Brayton, Ryan Dungey, and Ivan Tedesco. Stewart is already pulling out a lead.

On lap five of this eight lap race, Stewart out front, leading Canard by almost three seconds. Brayton third, Dungey fourth. Tedesco fifth.

After eight laps, the checkered flag goes to James Stewart! Second is Trey Canard, then Justin Brayton, Ryan Dungey, and Ivan Tedesco.

The Lucas Oil Stadium is a great, great venue. Everything about it – from the layout, the location, the seating, the working facilities, the sound systems, the food and lounges – all make for a great place to attend a supercross.

250 East 15 Lap Main Event – The first lap leader – Blake Baggett on the Pro Circuit Kawasaki! Ryan Sipes is second. Justin Barcia is third. Matt Lemoine and Malcolm Stewart round out the top five.

On lap six – Baggett is leading, and Sipes is right next to him. They are battling. And Justin Barcia, 250 East series points leader, is now right behind both of them.

The top three are all that matters at this point. As they end lap seven and start lap eight – Baggett clips the course marking on the finish line jump – over jumps the jump, goes off the course, and falls. Sipes is now in the lead.

Lap ten – Sipes leads Barcia by almost three seconds. Baggett is in third. Malcolm Stewart is running fourth. Fifth belongs to Matt Lemoine, and next is Blake Wharton. Dean Wilson is seventh, PJ Larsen eighth.

With two laps to go, Barcia is closing in on leader Sipes. But Sipes hold him off! At the checkered, it’s Ryan Sipes with his first ever professional AMA Supercross win! Justin Barcia is second – and maintains his 250 East Series points lead! Blake Baggett third, Malcolm Stewart fourth, and Matt Lemoine fifth.

Round 10 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Indianapolis - Photo 2 of 29Ryan Sipes on the number 25 Yamaha with his first ever AMA professional Supercross Lites win

Ryan said right after the win: I can’t even describe it. I didn’t think about winning, I just tried to stay strong. I want to thank all the fans – I can hear you!

Round 10 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Indianapolis - Photo 3 of 29

The 250 “Winners Circle”

Supercross 20 Lap Main Event – Chad Reed pulls a nice holeshot! And he’s already extending a nice lead halfway into his first lap … but Ryan Villopoto closes up right away, and by the end of the first lap – it’s Ryan Villopoto with the lead! James Stewart has a poor start and is in the back half of the pack.

At the end of lap two – Stewart has already moved into fourth! Ryan Villopoto is leading. He’s slowly, calmly pulling a bit of a lead. Chad Reed is second. Ryan Dungey is third. James Stewart is fourth. Ivan Tedesco fifth. Then Millsaps, Brayton, Wey, Windham.

Lap seven – Villopoto is out front, leading Reed by almost four second. Then the next three – Reed, Dungey, Stewart – are really close! Stewart is very aggressive, and has the quickest lap so far – 48.2 seconds.

As they reach the halfway point, Villopoto is leading. Reed and Dungey are close and battling. As they come into the right hand corner before the finish line jump – Dungey’s front tire hits Reed rear tire – and Dungey falls over. The running order – Villopoto first, Reed second, Stewart third, Dungey fourth, Brayton fifth.

Lap 12 – Stewart moves past Reed and into second exiting a right hand corner! Stewart has a great ride going, coming from such a poor start. But his main contender in the championship chase – Ryan Villopoto, is out front.

As the race nears the end, Villopoto is in the lead, Stewart is about five seconds behind RV with five laps to go. These are the top two supercross riders in the world in 2011. All eyes are on them, even though there are 18 other guys racing their guts out too.

At the end of this 20 lap Supercross Main Event, the series points leader, the winner of last week’s race, and scoring his fifth win of the season tonight – Ryan Villopoto! James Stewart finishes a nice second. Chad Reed and Ryan Dungey battled hard on the last lap, with Dungey trying to get by … but Reed holds on to third. Supercross Champion Ryan Dungey fourth. Justin Brayton scores fifth.

Round 10 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Indianapolis - Photo 4 of 29Ryan Villopoto on his way to victory

Ryan Villopoto said: The ruts were really difficult. You had to stay consistent. It’s tough (coming from last week at Daytona) and that’s why I hired trainer Aldon Baker to get me thru this. I’d like to thank the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for keeping me safe.

Click to view large images. Anyone notice Justin Barcia’s boots???

Round 10 - AMA/FIM Supercross Series 2011 - Indianapolis - Photo 29 of 29Ryan Villopoto on the top step of the podium, with James Stewart and Chad Reed

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