Chad Reed wins 2009 Daytona Supercross! Takes over points lead! Jason Lawrence leads most of main, finishes second in his first ever 450 Supercross race! Christophe Pourcel victorious in 250 Lites East Supercross Main Event!

450 Supercross Results
1. Chad Reed SUZ
2. Jason Lawrence YAM
3. Davi Millsaps HON
4. Mike Alessi SUZ
5. K Windham HON
6. R Villopoto KAW
7. James Stewart YAM
8. Andrew Short HON
9. R Sipes KTM
10. T Hahn KAW
11. Josh Hill YAM
12. Broc Hepler YAM
13. I Tedesco HON
14. T Bowers HON
15. H Voss HON
16. K Chisholm YAM
17. B Coisy HON
18. M Boni HON
19. Tim Ferry KAW
20. M Byrne SUZ
450 Point Standings

Chad Reed 224
James Stewart 213
Andrew Short 163
Josh Grant 153
R Villopoto 140
Ivan Tedesco 138
Davi Millsaps 136
Mike Alessi 131
Kevin Windham 128
Tim Ferry 100
Josh Hill 92
H Voss 65
N Wey 55
Ben Coisy 55
P Carpenter 46
Matt Boni 45
Kyle Chisholm 43
Michael Byrne 29
Josh Summey 27
Cole Siebler 27
250 East Results
1. Chris Pourcel KAW
2. M Davalos KTM
3. Nico Izzi SUZ
4. M Lemoine YAM
5. Wil Hahn KTM
6. M Goerke SUZ
7. D Durham YAM
8. B Tickle YAM
9. B Wharton HON
10. K Keylon HON
11. D Blair HON
12. L Kilbarger HON
13. B Jesseman KAW
14. V Friese HON
15. S Sewell YAM
16. S Clarke SUZ
17. J Lichtle HON
18. B Ripple HON
19. A Stroupe KAW
20. J Thomas HON
250 Point Standings

Chris Pourcel 97
Nico Izzi 82
Austin Stroupe 59
M Davalos 56
Wil Hahn 52
B. Jesseman 51
M Lemoine 47
B Wharton 46
S Clarke 40
M Goerke 38
D Blair 36
L Kilbarger 33
D Durham 31
V Friese 24
K Keylon 22
J Saylor 22
B Metcalfe 22
B Ripple 20
T Wharton 19
S Sewell 18

Daytona International Speedway

A beautiful, sunny, typical Florida ‘Board of Tourism’ glorious day at the 2009 ‘Daytona Supercross’ by Honda! The track – also typical Daytona – rough, rougher, and roughest. Sandy, bumpy, brutal. Incredibly brutal. This series is the AMA/FIM Supercross Series, but it can also be called ‘The Chad Reed/James Stewart Juggernaut’. But, in timed practice, the fastest lap time of the day went to Jason Lawrence! Portend of things to come?

250 Class: In the East heats, Nico Izzy won the first one of the night, and then Austin Stroupe won the second 250 Lites heat.

In the Main Event, on the first lap, Austin Stroupe crashed in a big way – out of the race. But the early leader, Martin Davalos on the KTM! Five laps in it’s Davalos leading, series points leader Christophe Pourcel in second, Matt Lemoine third, and Nico Izzi fourth. On lap 12, Christophe Pourcel figured out a way to get by the hard charging Martin Davalos. So, with three laps to go it’s series points leader Christophe Pourcel, Davalos in second, and Nico Izzi third. At the end of the 15 lap main event, Christophe Pourcel pulls out his third win of the season! And with his best finish ever, second goes to Martin Davalos! Third place – Nico Izzi.

450 Class: In the 450 Supercross class heat 1, James Stewart started in seventh position, but he passed all six riders in front of him by the end of the first lap. And James went on to win like it was a piece of cake! In the second 450 Supercross heat, Josh Hill put in a great ride to hold off Chad Reed to win. So first was Josh Hill, second Chad Reed, and third Jason Lawrence!

In the 20 lap Supercross Main Event, the two heat winners, James Stewart and Josh Hill, are both involved with others in a first turn crash. Up front, it’s Mike Alessi leading, with Jason Lawrence running in second. On lap three – Jason Lawrence, riding in his first 450 Supercross, takes over the lead from Mike Alessi. After three laps it’s Lawrence first, Alessi second, Thomas Hahn third, Kevin Windham fourth. Chad Reed is seventh, and James Stewart is 16th. After seven laps, Jason Lawrence looks to be pulling away! Second is still Mike Alessi, third is Kevin Windham, followed very closely by Chad Reed. Ryan Villopoto is now fifth. Stewart is in 13th. At the halfway point (10 laps) it’s Jason Lawrence leading, Chad Reed has moved into second, Mike Alessi is third, Kevin Windham is fourth, Ryan Villopoto fifth. James Stewart has moved to 12th. Is it going to happen? Will Jason Lawrence win his first ever 450 Supercross? It’s looking like it – he’s got a eight second lead with five laps to go over defending AMA/FIM Supercross Champion Chad Reed! But the brutal Daytona track – how much will conditioning pay off? Guys like Reed and Stewart are used to running 20 laps hard in Supercross. Jason Lawrence was ill last week in Indy, and normally in the 250 Lites series he’ll run 15 lap main events. On lap 17, Chad Reed looks stronger and goes by Jason Lawrence and into first place! Lawrence is still second, followed by Mike Alessi. But Davi Millsaps is coming up strong! He’s in fourth now, followed by Windham, Villopoto, and in maybe a series saving ride, James Stewart in seventh. At the checkered flag, it’s Chad Reed with the win! Jason Lawrence finishes second! Third goes to … Davi Millsaps, followed by Mike Alessi (they tangled on the last lap). Then it’s Kevin Windham in fifth, Ryan Villopoto sixth, and James Stewart comes back to seventh at the finish! Reed now takes over the points lead by 11 points over Stewart in second position.

The post-race press conference was a great celebration as the top three 450 riders (Chad Reed, Jason Lawrence, and Davi Millsaps) joked and laughed with each other, and joked around with the press on hand. Jason said he’s going to the gym in the morning, Davi said he thought it was pretty funny when James Stewart grabbed Josh Hill’s bike to remount after the big first corner crash. And Chad said he was surrounded by ‘kids’ (see photo).

Notes: Josh Grant had to try to qualify thru the LCQ, but crashed, and is not in the Supercross Main Event. Lap times were approx. 1 minute 10 seconds on average.

Roll your mouse over the thumbnails below. Then click to see the larger image. The images below are: Start of 450 Supercross Heat 1, Daniel Blair 125, former National Motocross Champion Mike Brown raced on a KTM number 3, 250 Lites winner Christophe Pourcel 377, Josh Hill 75 (twice), Nico Izzi 20, Jason Lawrence 338, Supercross winner Chad Reed 1 (twice), Ryan Villopoto on the starting gate, Andrew Short thru the whoops, the Daytona Grandstands, a new friend of’s, James Stewart after his heat win, Stewart thru the whoops, the post race press conference (Chad surrounded by two kids : ), Austin Stroupe 981 in practice, Christophe Pourcel in practice (twice), Pourcel on the starting area, Chad Reed 1 in practice, Tim Ferry 15 in practice, Josh Hill 75 one-handing it over a jump, Honda’s big rig, James Stewart waiting for practice, James Stewart 7 roosting in practice, Kevin Windham waiting to ride, Jason Lawrence showing that he finished ‘second’, Matt Lemoine 41, Mike Alessi 800, Michael Byrne 26, Martin Davalos number 577, Chris Pourcel, close up of Chad Reed in corner, Reed and Millsaps talking before practice, Ryan Villopoto number 2, Andrew Short 29, James Stewart jumping in front of the grandstands (twice), Austin Stroupe thru a corner, Wil Hahn 50, Blake Wharton 61, Kevin Windham and James Stewart talking before practice.

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