Chad Reed is the 2009 AMA 450 National Motocross Champion! Chad takes 450 Motocross class win today, clinches 2009 Championship with two rounds to go! Jake Weimer wins 250 MX overall while Pourcel extends points lead.

450 Results
1. Chad Reed 2/1 SUZ
2. Davi Millsaps 1/6 HON
3. Ivan Tedesco 5/3 HON
4. Kyle Regal 4/4 YAM
5. Thomas Hahn 12/2 KAW
6. Michael Byrne 6/5 SUZ
7. Tim Ferry 9/8 KAW
8. Andrew Short 7/10 HON
9. Matt Goerke 3/27 YAM
10. J Albertson 11/12 YAM
11. Justin Brayton 17/7 KTM
12. Tyler Bowers 10/15 HON
13. C Cooper YAM
14. A Balbi HON
15. Nick Wey YAM
16. Jake Moss KAW
17. Christian Craig YAM
18. Josh Grant YAM
19. S Skinner HON
20. J Thomas HON
450 Points

Chad Reed 434
Andrew Short 330
I Tedesco 322
Josh Grant 280
Michael Byrne 276
Thomas Hahn 229
Justin Brayton 201
Cody Cooper 176
Nick Wey 176
J Albertson 150
M Alessi 142
Davi Millsaps 141
Ricky Dietrich 136
Matt Goerke 91
A Balbi 81
Tyler Bowers 80
Kyle Regal 78
Jeff Alessi 75
Jake Moss 72
Jarred Browne 72
250 Results
1. Jake Weimer 2/1 KAW
2. C Pourcel 1/3 KAW
3. R Dungey 3/4 SUZ
4. J Barcia 4/7 HON
5. A Stroupe 8/6 KAW
6. Brett Metcalfe 18/2 HON
7. M Lemoine 14/5 YAM
8. Ryan Sipes 11/9 KTM
9. PJ Larsen 10/10
10. Tyla Rattray 6/15 KAW
11. D Durham 5/35 YAM
12. Broc Tickle 16/11 YAM
13. Tommy Searle 7/21 KTM
14. Taylor Futrell HON
15. K Cunningham KAW
16. T Hibbert
17. Alex Martin HON
18. Blake Baggett
19. W Browning HON
20. J DeCotis
250 Points

C Pourcel 432
Ryan Dungey 419
Brett Metcalfe 312
Jake Weimer 302
Tommy Searle 282
Justin Barcia 267
Broc Tickle 242
Blake Wharton 214
Tyla Rattray 196
K Cunningham 174
Matt Lemoine 174
Darryn Durham 150
Trey Canard 139
Ben Evans 124
Max Anstie 107
Wil Hahn 97
PJ Larsen 96
Steven Clarke 94
Alex Martin 82
A Stroupe 77

Budds Creek MX Park

450 Motocross class: In Moto 1, early leader is Davi Millsaps, number 18 on the Honda. Points leader Chad Reed, number 22 on Suzuki, was running around eighth place. Chad Reed kept moving up during the race, and at the end, was right on Milllsaps tail. But Millsaps would hold off Reed, and win the moto. It’s Millsaps first moto win of the season.

For Moto 2 – it is raining. Ivan Tedesco is the early leader. Chad Reed is in second, with Thomas Hahn in third. Two keys here – where is Millsaps as far as the overall? And, where is Andrew Short as far as the 450 Motocrosss Championship point standings? At the four lap mark, Millsaps is in fourth, Short is in fifth.

On lap five, Reed moves into the lead! Tedesco is second, Hahn is third, followed by Millsaps in fourth, new name Kyle Regal number 475 is next, and sixth position is Andrew Short.

Will this be the day that Chad Reed wins his first AMA National Motocross Championship? With two rounds still to go in the series? Chad is leading on lap 11 ….. Andrew Short is in eighth. If they stay the way they are, Chad Reed will be the 2009 AMA 450 National Motocross Champion!

As the checkered flag falls after 14 laps, it’s Chad Reed winning the moto, the overall, and … Chad Reed is the 2009 AMA 450 National Motocross Champion!

Reed said “I want to thank everybody from the team. Roger (De Coster) worked his butt off …. just like any motorsports we’ve had our ups and downs … but we did it. And I’d like to thank all the fans.”

In winning his 2009 AMA 450 National Motocross Championship, Chad Reed has won his first ever AMA outdoor motocross title.

250 MX class: 250 Moto 1, the early leader is Kawasaki rider Jake Weimer, number 19. He’s followed by team-mate and current points leader Christophe Pourcel. Third is Ryan Dungey, number 10 on Suzuki. But on lap eight, Pourcel moves into the lead. It’s Pourcel first, Weimer second, and Dungey third. And that’s how they’ll finish the moto – Pourcel winning, Weimer second, Dungey third.

Moto 2 – Early leader, as the rain is falling, is Brett Metcalfe, number 24 on the Honda. Running second is Jake Weimer, and then 250 series points leader Christophe Pourcel. Ryan Dungey is in sixth position.

With the amount of rain, and the muddy track, lap times are now approaching 3 minutes. Rain and mud aren’t good for a lot of things – the riders, the bikes, work for mechanics, photographers … even walking around the track becomes difficult! : ) It’s that wet and muddy.

As the moto is coming to a close, it’s Brett Metcalfe still leading, Jake Weimer is right behind in second. Pourcel is in third place. Dungey has moved into fourth place. But Weimer has now passed Brett Metcalfe! It’s Weimer leading, Metcalfe next, Pourcel third, Dungey fourth. Lap times are now in the 3 minute 10 second range.

Because of the rain, water, and track conditions, the moto is over at about the 25 minute mark. The race will not go 30 minutes plus 2 laps – it is over. The winner of the moto is Jake Weimer. (And Jake wins the overall on the day.) Second in the moto is Metcalfe, then third place is Pourcel, fourth Dungey, then Matt Lemoine, Austin Stroupe, and Justin Barcia finishes in seventh.

At the end of the day in the 250 class, Christophe Pourcel has gained a few more points in the championship chase over Ryan Dungey. There are two races left (Southwick & Steel City), which means four motos. Pourcel has a 13 point lead over Dungey, as they come down to the wire for the 2009 AMA 250 National Motocross Championship.

Notes: Josh Grant returned to racing. It was thought that he would be out a long time with the foot/ankle injuries suffered from XGames … but he’s back now here at Budds Creek. Josh did start the first moto, and finished 13th. He did not start the second moto. Kevin Windham raced in the 450 Motocross class. He finished 22nd in the first moto, DNS the second moto. Lap times (with dry conditions) averaged just under 2 minutes 30 seconds. MX2 World Motocross Champion Tyla Rattray returned to action today – he rides for Pro Circuit Kawasaki, and is number 411.

The next round of AMA National Motocross is next Saturday in Southwick, MA.

Preview & Series Statistics of Budds Creek AMA Motocross Round 10:

Info courtesy of MXSports

  • Chad Reed and Ryan Dungey share the series lead for overall victories with four apiece.
  • The win was Reed’s 43rd career AMA victory but just his fifth in AMA Motocross. The remaining 38 have come in AMA Supercross.
  • As a whole, Roger De Coster’s riders have won 55% of the overall victories across both classes (10 of 18).
  • Reed has won six of the last eight motos.
  • If Reed earns 18 or more points than Andrew Short and leaves Budds Creek with at least a 100-point lead, he will claim his first career AMA Motocross championship.
  • Christophe Pourcel is the only rider in the series to finish on the overall podium at all nine races. His worst finish of the season came at Washougal with third overall. It is the only time he didn’t finish in the top two.
  • Dungey and Pourcel are in the midst of one of the most competitive championship battles in the history of the sport. With his win last weekend, Pourcel holds a six point lead with six motos remaining.
  • Both Reed and Pourcel lead their respective classes with 387 points.
  • After making his 2009 motocross debut last weekend in the 250 Class, Kevin Windham moves up into the 450 Class for Budds Creek.
  • Tim Ferry captured the Ricky Carmichael Hard Charger Award at Unadilla

450 Class Stats:

  • The first 450 Class race held at Budds Creek was May 22, 1994. Mike LaRocco would win on a Kawasaki.
  • This will be the 16th time the gate will drop at Budds Creek for the 450 Class.
  • Ricky Carmichael held a perfect record at Budds Creek. In eight starts he posted eight overall wins, winning 13 of 16 motos.
  • Kevin Windham registered the last “non Carmichael” win in 1999 and is the only rider in the field to have a win at the facility.
  • Prior to his return to the series this season, Budds Creek was the site of Chad Reed’s last Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross Championship race in 2007. It was the only race Reed competed in that season.
  • Wins by brand at Budds Creek: Honda – 6, Kawasaki – 4, Suzuki – 3, Yamaha – 2
  • First time winners at Budds Creek – Ezra Lusk, 1997 – Yamaha
  • Riders to win Budds Creek in both classes: Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart
  • 450 Class Overall Wins: Chad Reed – 4, Mike Alessi – 2, Josh Grant – 1, Ivan Tedesco – 1, Ryan Villopoto – 1
  • Moto Wins: Chad Reed – 8, Mike Alessi – 4, Josh Grant – 2, Ivan Tedesco – 2, Ryan Villopoto – 2
  • 450 Class Laps Led: Chad Reed – 83, Josh Grant – 62, Ivan Tedesco – 57, Mike Alessi – 52, Andrew Short – 15, Ryan Villopoto – 8, Davi Millsaps – 3, Jeff Alessi – 2

250 Class Stats:

  • The first 250 Class race was held at Budds Creek on October 8, 1989. Mike Kiedrowski won on a Honda.
  • This will be the 20th time the gate will drop for a 250 Class race at Budds Creek.
  • Steve Lamson (’94-’96), James Stewart (’02-’04) and Ryan Villopoto (’06-’08) have won three in a row at Budds Creek.
  • Suzuki looks to earn its first win at Budds Creek since 1991, which remains its only win at the track – a 16 year drought.
  • Kawasaki is looking to capture its fourth consecutive win at Budds Creek for the second time in the history of the facility. Kawasaki has won seven of the last eight races at Kawasaki.
  • Wins by brand at Budds Creek: Kawasaki – 9, Honda – 7, Yamaha – 2, Suzuki – 1
  • First time winners at Budds Creek: Tallon Vohland, 1999 – Honda
  • 250 Class Overall Wins: Ryan Dungey – 4, Christophe Pourcel – 3, Jake Weimer – 2
  • Moto Wins: Christophe Pourcel – 10, Ryan Dungey – 7, Jake Weimer – 1
  • 250 Class Wins by Brand: Kawasaki – 5, Suzuki – 4
  • 250 Class Laps Led: Christophe Pourcel – 113, Ryan Dungey – 80, Justin Barcia – 43, Trey Canard – 21, Jake Weimer – 11, Martin Davalos – 6, Blake Wharton – 6

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