Today has started off great – not a cloud in the sky, and it’s expected to be in the 70’s and sunny today here at Angel Stadium of Anaheim for Round 1 of the 2013 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series.

Something new for this year – the names of the two racing classes (450 cc and 250 cc machines) have changed. It’s now officially “450 SX”, and “250 SX”. No more “Lites”. Good.

Supercross in the USA is much more than the actual motorcycle racing. Being in the pits is an experience in itself – almost like a party! (Some of the photos might show that : )

The photos help tell the story. Click on the thumbnail to view larger images …

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The front of Angel Stadium of Anaheim

The front of Angel Stadium of Anaheim

To view the AMA’s (American Motorcyclist Association) Live Timing, you can open this link to their site.

Roger, Kenny, Ian - Anaheim 1 2013

Roger, Kenny, Ian – Anaheim 1 2013

James Stewart waiting to head out to practice - A1 2013

James Stewart waiting to head out to practice

Davi Millsaps and Broc Tickle 01 05 13

Davi Millsaps and Broc Tickle

SPEED's area in the pits 01 05 13

SPEED’s area in the pits

It IS a party in the pits! 01 05 13

It IS a party in the pits!

Final Qualifying for the 450 SX is in: Ryan Villopoto on top 55.9. James Stewart next at 56.2. Davi Millsaps 56.8, Ryan Dungey 57.1, Trey Canard 57.3, Kevin Windham 57.3, Chad Reed 57.5, Broc Tickle 57.6, Justin Brayton 58 even, Jake Weimer 58.7, Justin Barcia 58.8, and Andrew Short 12th at 58.8 as well.

Final Qualifying for the 250 SX class: Eli Tomac 57.3, Kenny Roczen 57.6, Martin Davalos 58 even, Ryan Sipes 58.2, Blake Baggett 58.4, Jason Anderson, Zach Osborne, Jake Canada, Malcolm Stewart and Christian Craig round out the top ten.

Chad Reed number 22 tonight

Chad Reed number 22

Ryan Villopto - the man so far

Ryan Villopoto

Opening ceremonies has started. It is a party. Lights. Music. Fire. Lasers. Fireworks. And then Kevin Windham comes out onto the track in the dark, and does a ‘nose-wheelie’. Next up – Justin Barcia is introduced to the crowd. Then Chad Reed is introduced. Now comes number 5 – Ryan Dungey. Next, defending Supercross Champion Ryan Villopoto is introduced.

One question – where is James Stewart?? Rumor has it right now that James has injured his knee – and is not racing! ?

7:34pm. First race of 2013. 250 SX Heat 1. Looks like it’s Jessy Nelson with the hole-shot! But not for long – Kenny Roczen has rocketed into the lead! And he’s pulling away already on the second lap. It’s Roczen 94 first, Nelson 36 is second, Cole Seely 43 is third. 250 National Motocross Champion Blake Baggett is seventh. This qualifying heat will go six laps.

Kenny Roczen wins it! Second is J Nelson, third C Seely.

250 SX Heat 2: It’s new Pro-Circuit rider Martin Davalos number 40 with the holeshot. Zach Osborne – who has been racing the World MX GP Series for the past few years, now riding for GEICO Honda (number 338) is second. And Michael Leib, another American who has been racing the World Motocross Championships, is third (number 80, riding a Honda).

At the finish, it’s Davalos, Osborne, Kyle Cunningham, and then Leib. The top nine transfer to the Main Event for 250’s.

OK, news about James Stewart. He is not 100%. But he is going to try to race. We’ll find out in just a few minutes as the two 450 SX heats are coming up …

8:01 pm: The first 450 SX heat blasts off. Guess who is out front? Yes, it’s Mike Alessi! Number 800 on the MotoConcepts Suzuki! Justin Barcia 51 is next, followed by Matt Goerke 61 riding a KTM. Then Jake Weimer, then Ryan Villopoto. Chad Reed is mired in eighth.

This qualifying heat will go eight laps. Four laps in, it’s Justin Barcia leading – pulling away, Mike Alessi is second, Ryan Villopoto has moved to third. Goerke is next, followed by Jake Weimer. Then Chad Reed. Mired even farther back in the pack – Ryan Dungey is only up to ninth!

The fast guys are on the move. Barcia is out front with a nice lead. Villopoto has moved into second – but closing quickly on Barcia! Alessi third. Reed and Dungey are moving up.

Last lap – Barcia and Villopoto have pulled away from everyone. Barcia is leading – but Villopoto is within striking distance! Villopoto make a move to pass inside Barcia on the last corner (a tight left hander), but Barcia holds off for the win! Villopoto second! Alessi finishes third. Then Weimer, Goerke, Dungey, and Reed!

Now it’s the 450 SX Heat 2. Is James Stewart racing? We are about to find out …

Yes, Stewart is racing. By the time they exit the second corner, number 7 on the Suzuki is in the lead! Number 41 Trey Canard has moved into second.

Stewart did strain his knee in practice. But he is out their racing after sitting out opening ceremonies. And going for the lead against James – Trey Canard! They battle side by side here on lap 5 – and Canard makes the pass stick! It’s Trey Canard leading! James Stewart second. Davi Millsaps third.

Trey Canard is slightly pulling a lead. And guess who is closing up on Stewart for second? It’s Davi Millsaps! Lap seven Millsaps goes inside of Stewart and makes the pass!

Last lap – Millsaps in on the move! He makes the pass down long straight to overtake Canard! At the finish – it’s Davi Millsaps winning! Trey Canard is second! James Stewart third!

This is supercross! 01 05 13

Fourth thru seventh in that race – Andrew Short, Josh Grant, Broc Tickle, and Kevin Windham.

9:24pm. The start of the 15 lap 250 SX West Main Event. It’s Eli Tomac with the lead! He’s followed by Kenny Roczen! 1 and 94! Defending West Coast champion versus 2011 World MX 2 Motocross Champion!

It’s Eli Tomac with a nice lead, Roczen is second. He chased by number 32, also on a KTM, Malcolm Stewart. Cole Seely 43 is next. Tyla Rattray is eighth. Zach Osborne 13th. Blake Baggett 18th.

At roughly the halfway point (8 laps of 15), it’s Eli Tomac with a big lead (seven seconds) over Ken Roczen. Tomac is on a tear – he’s already lapped Blake Baggett. Roczen is second. Then Cole Seely, Jason Anderson, Malcolm Stewart, Tyla Rattray, and Travis Baker (riding a Yamaha).

The first 15 lap Main Event of the year for 250 SX goes to Eli Tomac! The defending champion! Kenny Roczen finishes a solid second. Third place is Cole Seely.

250 Main Event Results:

  1. Eli Tomac – HON
  2. Ken Roczen – KTM
  3. Cole Seely – HON
  4. Jason Anderson – SUZ
  5. Malcolm Stewart – KTM
  6. Ryan Sipes –
  7. Zach Osborne – HON
  8. Tyla Rattray – KAW
  9. Max Anstie – SUZ
  10. Michael Leib – HON
  11. Kyle Cunningham – YAM
  12. Christian Craig – HON
  13. J. Savatgy – KTM
  14. Blake Baggett – KAW
  15. Travis Baker – YAM
  16. A Politelli – HON
  17. J Ramos – KAW
  18. J Nelson – HON
  19. J Canada – HON
  20. Martin Davalos – KAW

Eli Tomac takes the top spot on podium Anaheim 1 2013 250 SX

Eli Tomac takes the top spot on podium Anaheim 1 2013 250 SX

The 450 Supercross Main Event. 20 laps. 9:54pm. Blast off. It’s Davi Millsaps and Trey Canard. Millsaps leads as they go over the finish line jump. He looks strong.

Canard is second, Justin Barcia is third. Ryan Dungey is fourth. Chad Reed is fifth. James Stewart is ninth. Ryan Villopoto is 13th.

The top four – Millsaps, Canard, Barcia, and Dungey – putting a little distance on the next position of Chad Reed. And a ways back of Reed is Jake Weimer. Then Andrew Short. Then James Stewart. Justin Brayton, Broc Tickle, …. and Ryan Villopoto.

Millsaps is looking strong out front. Canard is giving good chase. Barcia right behind, and Dungey within striking distance of them all. Reed back in next position. Stewart eighth, Villopoto ninth. Nine laps in.

At the end of this lap – Ryan Villopoto goes down! He jumped awkwardly out of a rhythm/whoop section.

Davi Millsaps rides for the Rockstar Motosport Suzuki team. Does anyone remember that he finished second in last year’s supercross series? Did anyone expect him to dominate tonight?

Halfway thru this race – it’s Millsaps out front, Canard is second, Barcia third, Dungey fourth, Reedy fifth. Stewart is eighth. Villopoto is 14th.

Lap 17 – Canard is close to Millsaps for the lead. Did anyone expect either of these two guys to be battling for the lead? They are close. And third place Barcia is chasing both of them – then he hits the ground!

Trey Canard has passed Davi Millsaps! Canard is leading the Main Event! Trey is coming back from a broken back and surgery! What a great story!

Last lap – Canard lead Millsaps by a few bike lengths. And Millsaps makes the pass with just a few corners to go on a tight right hander! Davi Millsaps has won this race! Trey Canard is second! Ryan Dungey third! Reed fourth. Stewart eighth. Villopoto 16th.

450 SX Main Event Results:

  1. Davi Millsaps – SUZ
  2. Trey Canard – HON
  3. Ryan Dungey – KTM
  4. Chad Reed – HON
  5. Jake Weimer – KAW
  6. Andrew Short – HON
  7. Justin Barcia – HON
  8. James Stewart – SUZ
  9. Justin Brayton – YAM
  10. Kevin Windham – HON
  11. Josh Grant – YAM
  12. Matt Goerke – KTM
  13. Kyle Chisholm – YAM
  14. Weston Peick –
  15. Matt Lemoine – KAW
  16. Ryan Villopoto – KAW
  17. Vince Friese –
  18. Broc Tickle – SUZ
  19. R. Kiniry – HON
  20. Mike Alessi – SUZ

Davi Millsaps - winner tonight in Anaheim!

Davi Millsaps – winner tonight in Anaheim!

Next event: Saturday night – Phoenix, Arizona – Round 2

250 West Point Standings:

  1. Eli Tomac – 25
  2. Ken Roczen – 22
  3. Cole Seely – 20
  4. Jason Anderson – 18
  5. Malcolm Stewart – 16
  6. Ryan Sipes – 15
  7. Zach Osborne – 14
  8. Tyla Rattray – 13
  9. Max Anstie – 12
  10. Michael Leib – 11
  11. Kyle Cunningham – 10
  12. Christian Craig – 9
  13. J. Savatgy – 8
  14. Blake Baggett – 7
  15. Travis Baker – 6
  16. A Politelli – 5
  17. J Ramos – 4
  18. J Nelson – 3
  19. J Canada – 2
  20. Martin Davalos – 1

450 SX Point Standings:

  1. Davi Millsaps – 25
  2. Trey Canard – 22
  3. Ryan Dungey – 20
  4. Chad Reed – 18
  5. Jake Weimer – 16
  6. Andrew Short – 15
  7. Justin Barcia – 14
  8. James Stewart – 13
  9. Justin Brayton – 12
  10. Kevin Windham – 11
  11. Josh Grant – 10
  12. Matt Goerke – 9
  13. Kyle Chisholm – 8
  14. Weston Peick – 7
  15. Matt Lemoine – 6
  16. Ryan Villopoto – 5
  17. Vince Friese – 4
  18. Broc Tickle – 3
  19. R. Kiniry – 2
  20. Mike Alessi – 1

Eli Tomac on his way to win - Anaheim 1 SX 2013

Eli Tomac on his way to win – Anaheim 1 SX 2013

Davi Millsaps on his way to winning the 450 Supercross Main - Anaheim 1 2013

Davi Millsaps on his way to winning the 450 Supercross Main – Anaheim 1 2013


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