Are you wanting to be the best, but have no talent? Do you need a calendar to check your lap times? Having trouble getting air off jumps?

Then you need an instructor! RJ’s credentials as a teacher are impeccable. He’s been crashing and DNF’ing for over 30 years on courses all over the world!

Some quotes from recent School of Non-Champions graduates:

Josh B. from New York “I found RJ’s School of Non-Champions an excellent waste of my time and money. I did learn how to endo with the best, and throw a decent temper tantrum when coming in last.”

Says Nicky N. from Hollywood “The School of Non-Champions is a rip-off. $900 bucks, for what? I didn’t learn a thing. If my wife finds out, she’s going to kill me.”

Lots of people have been thru RJ’s School of Non-Champions. You can too!

(Click on thumbnail to see photos of graduates in action!)

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RJ's School of Non-Champions! - Photo 1 of 12

Can you tell what Jeremy McGrath is trying to do to Mike LaRocco here? We can’t.

RJ's School of Non-Champions! - Photo 2 of 12

This rider has both good & bad technique. Notice this rider’s head. This is not the ideal body position. You want to be in the ‘attack’ mode, with your eyes looking forward. On the other hand, this rider is demonstrating an advanced method of keeping his feet on the pegs. This style was made famous by Marty Tripes

RJ's School of Non-Champions! - Photo 3 of 12

Not quite sure what’s going on here with Nick Wey. This is not in any of the school curriculum.

RJ's School of Non-Champions! - Photo 4 of 12

Maintenance is important too. Don’t expect to get to the top (bottom?) by slacking on bike maintenance. Always make sure your wheel wobbles uncontrollably to distract your competition. Warning: This is a little known and highly advanced pro tactic.

RJ's School of Non-Champions! - Photo 5 of 12

In this photo, Ricky Carmichael demonstrates an award winning freestyle move, called the ‘floating motocross rider getting ready to hit the dirt’. We don’t recommend this maneuver. We don’t recommend anything, especially anything freestyle-related.

RJ's School of Non-Champions! - Photo 6 of 12

Body positioning is perfect – hands are uniform with nice relaxed grip. Forearms are extended. Whole body is square with the ground. Feet look settled and square as well. Only drawback is that the rear tire is getting ready to clock him in the back of the head, which will then plant his face into the dirt.

RJ's School of Non-Champions! - Photo 7 of 12

Here’s Marty Moates racing on the world famous Unadilla track. Marty is know for many things … being the first American to win the 500 US Grand Prix, helping to form the clothing brand No Fear, and locking himself in his office with only a scented candle & his computer. Not sure what that’s all about ….. anyway, Marty demonstrates how to get the best PR by crashing right in front of our photographer. Any PR is good PR!

RJ's School of Non-Champions! - Photo 8 of 12

Many riders look down at their front fender – but the fast guys always look farther ahead on the track. Chad Reed (#5 on the Kawasaki) looks up the next straight and into the following corner, while Jeremy McGrath looks farther up ahead on a completely different part of the track, planning out his strategy. Outstanding.

RJ's School of Non-Champions! - Photo 9 of 12

Lofting the front end is important in negotiating rough obstacles. Dragging the right toe and left knee are techniques only for the advanced.

RJ's School of Non-Champions! - Photo 10 of 12

If it’s muddy, just call it a day and chill with your friends. There are plenty of games to play while it’s raining too.

RJ's School of Non-Champions! - Photo 11 of 12

Martial arts are a great way to work out for MX. Karate is especially good. Grant Langston demonstrates some karate.

RJ's School of Non-Champions! - Photo 12 of 12

Learning is key. It’s always good to listen and watch. Ezra Lusk watches and listens at Anaheim.


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