Hi friends,

Remember that ol’ RJ Says column I used to do? Well, it’s back. Only in blog form. (Thought you had gotten rid of me didn’t you?)

I’m going to write mostly about what I’m doing. What I’m working on. And I’ll give you a piece of my mind on current happenings in supercross and motocross too.

That reminds me …. I’m sick of all these riders being so damn ‘nice’ to each other these past few years. They get up on the podium and compliment the guy that just beat them. BS. Me, or anyone from my era of riding, from David Bailey to Johnny O’Mara to Broc Glover to Jeff Ward to Bob Hannah … all the way back to Roger De Coster – would be so pissed off at being beat. We’d be seething mad!

Although all of us are older now, and friends, we were anything but friends on the track. We hated each other guts. We weren’t afraid to rub it up anytime, anywhere. For me, my competitors like Jeff Ward and David Bailey are what drove me to be good. I’d wake up thinking about how much I’d want to beat them. They were my reason for living – I wanted to kick their butts. I’d wake up and train, and ride all day thru tanks and tanks of gas – all with the thought of one thing – kicking their *** that coming weekend.

Even NASCAR realized they went a little too far in making the drivers too ‘nice’, and they’ve brought back an element of rubbing and bumping and toughness that’s needed. It creates great rivalries, gives the fans something to look forward to …. and you never know what’s going to happen on the track.


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