Mooresville NORTH CAROLINA: Rick Johnson becomes the first person to win a supercross …. in a car!

At the first annual running of the Mooresville supercross, Rick Johnson and his #22 Chevy Monte Carlo make history with the first ever win in supercross by an automobile!

Rick Johnson comments ‘I’ve always had racing in my blood, and wanted to win a race here in 2001, since these guys today are making so much money. Plus, if I got good enough again, I might have a video game named after me, and that way I could start getting them for free, instead of mortaging my house to pay for them. That would be very cool with my kids!’

Rick added ‘My big fat slicks really shot me out of the gate well, and then I stuffed everyone in the first corner. It’s hard for them to fit in that corner when being pushed by a 4000 lb car. Once I was out front, it was clear and smooth sailing. Around lap 10, I saw Carmichael and McGrath in my rear view mirror, but then I just floored it over the triple and pulled away. My mechanics have been working over time with a lot of testing, and my Monte Carlo was running great.’

Rick went on to say ‘We scoured the rule book and saw that there were no rules against racing in a 700 horsepower, 6000 cc, fuel injected V8, so me and my team decided to go for it. Once this supercross season ends, I’ll be attempting to win the Indy 500 on my scooter. I’ve got a neat fairing, and I put a new pipe on it. It hauls!!!’


None of this is true. It’s APRIL FOOLS!!!

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