Rick Johnson has joined with American Suzuki in four major capacities, thru the year 2005.

RJ will help Suzuki as a race team consultant, primarily their 125 team riders. He will continue to assist Seb Tortelli, and will help Stephane Roncada in a limited capacity as well.

Also, the Rick Johnson School of Champions will feature Suzuki’s support across the board. That includes a multiple DVD instructional series to be completed later this year.

Additionally, Rick will assist Suzuki in the development of young talent, seeking out the stars of tommorow today.

Finally, Rick will be the ‘right hand man’ of Roger De Coster, Ian Harrison, and Ray Tetherton of American Suzuki. That includes helping in many areas, including testing.

Rick Johnson & American Suzuki team up - Photo 1 of 2
Mel Harris, Rick Johnson

Rick Johnson & American Suzuki team up - Photo 2 of 2


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