Mission: Infiltrate Red Bull’s Media Ride Day 2009

Date: 15 January 2009

Location: Top Secret Facility in Southern California


Red Bull has a top-secret ‘Compound’ for all their motorsports athletes to train at, located in southern California. Using the latest technology, including aerial photography from spy satelites, we were able to find the location, and actually enter the compound pretending to be ‘media’. It was, after all, Red Bull’s first ever ‘Red Bull Media Ride Day’.

And you wouldn’t believe the place! It truly is a compound! With areas for their freestyle athletes, supercross stars, motocross, off-road, foam pits, trails, and …. fun!

On hand today were Team Honda’s 2009 supercross/motocross team, including Andrew Short, Davi Millsaps, Ivan Tedesco, and … the newest and first woman ever to be on the big-time factory Honda team – Ms. Ashley Fiolek!

What will you see in this video? Andy from Red Bull tells us a little bit about the secret facility. You’ll see some of the coolest practice facility stuff we’ve ever seen, Davi Millsaps 18, Ivan Tedesco 9, Andrew Short 29, and Ashley Fiolek 1 riding. You’ll see and hear from Jerry Bernardo and Honda Red Bull Supercross/Motocross Team Manager Erik Kehoe. You’ll see a couple of freestyle motocross back-flips! You’ll see Andrew talking about the facility, and him introducing Stephanie. And Stephanie talks about how cool is it to have Ashley on the team now! And you’ll see Ashley talk about how cool it is to be part of the Red Bull and Honda team!

Thanks to Red Bull and Jordan for making it all come together.




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