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National Teams for the 2010 Red Bull FIM Motocross of Nations Have Been Announced

31 Countries Are Primed and Ready to Challenge Reigning Champion Team USA

LAKEWOOD, Colo. As the month of September officially begins, the countdown to the 2010 Red Bull FIM Motocross of Nations from Thunder Valley Motocross Park is heating up. In just a few weeks, the best motocross riders from across the globe will converge on Lakewood, Colo., for the biggest, most exciting professional motocross event in the world.

In a recent announcement, Youthstream revealed the lineups for all 32 countries that will compete just outside of Denver on the final weekend of September. The three-rider teams are littered with the biggest names in the sport, including riders from both the U.S.-based Lucas Oil Motocross Championship and the European FIM World Motocross Championship.

Team USA leads the way after capturing its fifth straight win at the prestigious event last season in Italy. Rockstar/Makita Suzuki’s Ryan Dungey returns as Team Captain for the U.S. in the MX1 class, just one year after leading the team to victory. Joining the newly crowned 450 Class Champion of the Lucas Oil Motocross Championship are a pair of his American motocross counterparts that will each be making their respective debut at the Olympics of Motocross.

Honda Red Bull Racing’s Andrew Short is a veteran of the sport and coincidentally enough, a native of the state of Colorado. Thunder Valley serves as the eight-year pro’s home track and there isn’t a better place in the world for Short to make his first appearance as a competitor in the MX3 class. Rounding out the impressive Team USA lineup is GEICO Powersports Honda’s Trey Canard. The third-year rider had experienced a breakout season in 2010 and has risen to become the top 250cc rider in the U.S., making him the obvious choice for the MX2 class.

Here are the remaining lineups for the 2010 Red Bull FIM Motocross of Nations:

Team France

Team Brazil

Team Iceland

Christophe Pourcel – MX1

Marcello Lima – MX1

Gylfi Gudmundsson – MX1

Marvin Musquin – MX2

Cristopher Castro – MX2

Eythor Reynisson – MX2

Xavier Boog – MX3

Antonio Balbi – MX3

Hjalmar Jonsson – MX3

Team Belgium

Team Ireland

Team Lithuania

Steve Ramon – MX1

Stuart Edmonds – MX1

Mindaugus Kazakevicius – MX1

Jeremy Van Horebeek – MX2

Martin Barr – MX2

Nerijus Rukstela – MX2

Clement Desalle – MX3

Gordon Crockard – MX3

Rimantas Pazemeckas – MX3

Team Germany

Team Latvia

Team Venezuela

Max Nagl – MX1

Ivo Steinbergs – MX1

Giovanni Perrotta – MX1

Ken Roczen – MX2

Matiss Karro – MX2

Humberto Martin – MX2

Marcus Schiffer – MX3

Lauris Freibergs – MX3

Raimundo Trasolini – MX3

Team Great Britain

Team Finland

Team Philippines

Shaun Simpson – MX1

Toni Eriksson – MX1

Jolet Jao – MX1

Dean Wilson – MX2

Harri Kullas – MX2

Ralph Alvarez – MX2

Tommy Searle – MX3

Jon Soderberg – MX3

Kenneth San Andres – MX3

Team Italy

Team Sweden

Team Ukraine

Davide Guarneri – MX1

Tom Soderstrom – MX1

Oleksandr Pashchynskyi – MX1

Alessandro Lupino – MX2

Fredrik Noren – MX2

Mykola Pashchynskyi – MX2

Manuel Monni – MX3

Alex Eriksson – MX3

Roman Morozov – MX3

Team Australia

Team Russia

Team Japan

Brett Metcalfe – MX1

Evgeny Bobrishev – MX1

Akira Narita – MX1

Dean Ferris – MX2

Alexander Tonkov – MX2

Takuya Mihara – MX2

Jay Marmont – MX3

Sergey Astaykin – MX3

Yoshitaka Astuta – MX3

Team Estonia

Team Austria

Team Costa Rica

Tanel Leok – MX1

Matthias Walkner – MX1

Johan Mora – MX1

Pritt Ratsep – MX2

Pascal Rauchenecker – MX2

Alejandro Rojas – MX2

Gert Krestinov – MX3

Gunter Schmidinger – MX3

Roberto Castro – MX3

Team Switzerland

Team Puerto Rico

Team Ecuador

Greg Wicht – MX1

Christian Ruiz – MX1

Felipe Espinosa – MX1

Valentin Guillod – MX2

Zach Osborne – MX2

Martin Davalos – MX2

Arnaud Tonus – MX3

Kyle Regal – MX3

Andres Benenaula – MX3

Team New Zealand

Team Canada

Team Guatemala

Josh Coppins – MX1

Jeremy Medaglia – MX1

Rodolfo Fernandez – MX1

Brad Groombridge – MX2

Kaven Benoit – MX2

Esteban Castillo – MX2

Ben Townley – MX3

Kyle Keast – MX3

Tomas Angel Castillo – MX3

Team Spain

Team Croatia

Team Mexico

Jonathan Barragan – MX1

Nenad Sipek – MX1

Martin Garcia – MX1

Jose Antonio Butron – MX2

Marko Tumbri – MX2

Alberto Herdia – MX2

Carlos Campano – MX3

Danijel Bozic – MX3

Giovanni Blanco Victor – MX3

Team Portugal

Rui Goncalves – MX1

Hugo Basaula – MX2

Luis Correia – MX3

Tickets to the 2010 Red Bull FIM Motocross of Nations are available now! VIP Packages start at $150 and General Admission tickets are available for as low as $45, but are going fast. With a new starting area and a never-before-seen section being implemented for this event only, fans can get an up close look at one of the most challenging and technical layouts in Red Bull FIM Motocross of Nations history. The picturesque hillside with breathtaking views of the Mile High City serves as the ideal spot to watch the fastest riders on the planet lay it all on the line for national pride and glory.

To take advantage of this rare opportunity to see the fastest riders from around the globe compete head-to-head for national honor, log onto today to get a head start on the competition and reserve a spot for the world’s biggest professional motocross competition before its too late.

About Thunder Valley Motocross Park

Positioned along the beautiful foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Thunder Valley Motocross Park is located in Jefferson County, Colorado on the western edge of the Denver suburb of Lakewood. The track is easily accessible within 15 minutes of downtown Denver, 30 minutes from Denver International Airport and just an hour from several major mountain resorts. Since 2006, the facility has hosted professional outdoor motocross nationals for the AMA Pro Racing-sanctioned Lucas Oil Motocross Championship and has become a premier destination for motocross events worldwide.

With an exceptional staff and extraordinary location, Thunder Valley serves as the ideal location to host the world’s biggest motocross event. In 2010, the Midwest’s foremost motocross venue will host the Red Bull Motocross of Nations, welcoming the planet’s most notable riders for an international competition amongst national teams composed of the most elite riders in the sport.

About Youthstream

Youthstream is the company that manages the exclusive television, marketing and promotional world wide rights of the FIM Motocross World Championship, the FIM Motocross of Nations, the FIM Women’s Motocross World Championship, the FIM Veteran’s Motocross World Cup, the FIM Junior Motocross World Championship, the FIM SuperMoto World Championship, the FIM SuperMoto of Nations, the FIM Snowcross World Championship, the UEM Motocross European Championship, the UEM Motocross of European Nations and the UEM SuperMoto European Championship.

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