Red Bull Dirty Dozen, a unique amateur motocross series, will take place in conjunction with the existing Thursday Night Motocross (TNMX) season at Portland International Raceway. Out of the 24 regular season races at TNMX, 12 will be designated Red Bull Dirty Dozen races, and competitors will accrue points from each towards a title. At the end of the series, amateur winners from six of the participating classes will be invited for evaluation and coaching prior to the next Red Bull JAM’s Motocross Performance Camp.

The 12 races will not be announced beforehand, so riders who attend all TNMX regular season races stand the best chance to earn points. Once riders arrive at the track, a raised Red Bull Dirty Dozen flag above the starting line will communicate that points from that race will count towards the title. At each of the 12 races, the points leader for each class will wear a Red Bull Dirty Dozen leader’s jersey for the nights, alerting everyone of “the rider to beat” and putting additional pressure on the class leader to perform. Red Bull Dirty Dozen kicks off at the TNMX opening night race on April 7 and the winners will be announced at the final race on September 29.

Classes for Red Bull Dirty Dozen include:

Woman’s Novice/ Amateur                                   50 Beginner/ Junior/ Intermediate

60 Beginner/ Junior/ Intermediate                        80 Beginner/ Junior/ Intermediate/ Super-mini

Open Beginner/ Junior/ Intermediate                   250 Beginner/ Junior/ Intermediate

BTH Amateur/ Master                                          OTH Beginner/ Junior/ Intermediate  

Racing at Portland International Raceway on Thursday Nights began back in the early 1970s and has become a landmark staple in the Portland/Vancouver dirt bike community. Thursday Night Motocross gained both local and regional excitement right out of the gate as there was no other place to race during the week in such close proximity to Portland and certainly not under lights.  

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