Tomorrow it’s Round 4 of the 2013 Lucas Oil AMA Pro MX Championships – aka AMA National Motocross Series.

Before tomorrow’s event, we look back at last weekend’s race in Tennessee.

During the week leading up to Muddy Creek, we learned that former 250 National Champion Dean Wilson re-injured his shoulder. He will miss the rest of the season following surgery.

Ryan Dungey said after winning the 450 class “It’s good to get the first win so early in the season. It was definitely a hard fought win today. The track was rough and there were a lot of tough guys out there but I think they key is just going to be consistency this season.”

Ryan Dungey

And his Red Bull KTM teammate Marvin Musquin said after winning the 250 class “This track really worked for me. It’s technical and rutted and just what I like. I just pinned it the first few laps of the second moto to try and gap the field. I knew I needed to finish second to get the overall and I was determined to not let them catch me. I am so thankful to my team for building me a great bike that helped me get a win.”

Eli Tomac “It was the starts. In the first moto I actually got a little lucky. I did a little wheelie off the start, somebody ran into my swing-arm, and I came back across into a couple of guys and almost went down. It’s tough to work your way back up In this class right now and I was like 20th around the first turn. The first moto wasn’t easy; I was pushing the whole time. I was scrapping for that fourth place the whole time and even had a crash. In the second moto, I got the holeshot and was able to run in clean air. It’s a lot easier when you can run your own lines and you’re not eating everyone else’s dirt.”

“Local” Zach Osborne said “It was pretty cool to lead that first moto for a minute, but then I made a mistake. The second moto was better but not great. It’s just little things here and there that make the difference between the podium and top five. Honestly the racing was the easiest part of the weekend. People always seem to come out of the woodwork when you have a local race.”

James Stewart said “Practice didn’t go good for us. I was kind-of disappointed. I don’t know, it was the first time in a while that I had a complete off day. I’ve had off practices but I always made it up in the Main Event but today, I just really didn’t have anything. I didn’t have any flow with the track. And it was pretty tough, with a lot of ruts and turns and jumps where you had to be pretty perfect on the motorcycle. So to have an off day on a track like that wasn’t good. But we’re going to make some changes this week, and I personally need to make some changes with myself, and then we’ll come back strong for Mt. Morris.”

Ryan Sipes: “Muddy Creek… was fun, besides crashing four times in the second moto. The first moto I felt really good, felt like I had a top-five in me and I just lost the front end and ended up ninth. The second moto – the start crash – I couldn’t really avoid it. After that back in 36th, guys just don’t ride like they do in the front. Maybe I was just in a hurry but I hit a guy and went down, then went down two more times. It was a tough second moto.”

Jason Anderson: “The weekend was alright. I ended up 7-7 on the day which isn’t bad. I struggled a little bit again with some situations. All in all it’s a step in the right direction. I think I got sixth overall, so I matched my second-best finish ever outdoors.”

Blake Wharton: “I used to race Muddy Creek a lot as an amateur. I’ve been coming here since I was nine. It was a tough track then and it’s still pretty tough. It’s got gnarly ruts and you don’t know where you’re going sometimes and you just ‘gotta pin it. My first moto, I got 11th, second moto I got ninth. It was a decent weekend for me just putting in more time. I just have to keep pushing and not rest no matter what. I’m looking forward to finishing further towards the front. Highpoint will be similar to this I feel. I’m looking forward to next weekend.”

Nico Izzi: “I felt good rolling into Tennessee. Killed it in the first practice with P4 and the second with P6. Then we came into the first moto and I didn’t have the best start, probably around 12th. I made a couple passes and was battling with Cole Seely for ninth. Then with four laps to go, my bike was losing a lot of power and I rode it until it died and I went over the bars. I’m going to be back to lay the hammer down at Highpoint. I love that place.”

Clement Desalle: “This morning’s qualification was good. In the second practice, I was second fastest. It feels good to go into the first moto with a good gate pick. I tried a new technique on my start because I have nothing to lose here and it’s good practice for me. It was positive and my first start I was fifth or sixth. Then in the first two laps, these guys ride much different than what I’m used to – so aggressive in the first couple laps – so I lost some positions and at the same time made some mistakes. Then I was eighth or ninth and I came back to fifth. On the last lap I almost passed James Stewart. It was exciting. I didn’t get him but it was good racing. In the second moto my start felt so good. I was about fourth in the first corner and I think somebody hit me. I lost the front wheel and crashed and some guys ran into me. It was a big pile of bikes and mine was at the bottom so I started last. Then I came back to ninth and I tried to keep pushing, but I was really tired. The conditions were really warm here for me. But it was good practice for the season and hopefully the weather is less humid next week in Europe.” Facebook Twitter

Ken Roczen

Eli Tomac

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