Who is Amanda? Why is she smiling? And who is the little girl next to her?

Amanda is, among other things, Miss BooKoo Supercross 2006. She’s bright, energetic, and beautiful. She’s hardworking, with a great attitude, and always smiling. She’s a great example for young girls wanting to pursue a career in motorsports, or any other professional endeavors.

"Nine Things About Amanda" - Photo 1 of 1

We could go on … but we’ll should let Amanda tell you the rest …

Here’s the link to see Supercross.com’s Video Podcast area.

This is Supercross.com’s foray into video podcasting. We’ll publish whatever we find unique, informative, fun, funny, or ‘behind the scenes’ for you, on a totally random basis.

You can play it, download it, keep it on your computer, put it on your

iPod or video player … whatever you like!

Thanks to Brad Lovell, as well as Amanda and her family for making this happen.

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