2009 250 West Coast Lites Privateer Interview with Amanda Woods

Privateer Spotlight: Topher Ingalls - Photo 1 of 9

Spotlight Profile:

Birthday: July 03, 1989

Height: 5′ 8″

Weight: 145 lbs

Marital Status: Single

Residence: Templeton, CA

Born in: San Luis Obispo, CA

Bike: YZ 250F

Hobbies: Gaming, texting, basketball

Sponsors: Slm (San luis motorsports), Fly Racing, 180decals, TCR weel lacing, Rg3 suspension, Eleven Ten Mods, No toil, Hurley international, Scott goggles, Pro Circuit

Mechanic: Jeff Ingalls

Trainer: Himself

Topher Ingalls, or “T.I.” grew up a natural born athlete. With a dream of becoming a professional Skateboarder, like Tony Hawk, he worked hard and was completely dedicated to becoming the best. In his words, “I skateboarded pretty dead serious.” That dream changed in moments when he got home one afternoon and noticed his big brother riding a brand new 65cc dirt bike in the yard, immediately envious he looked at his dad and with a smile his dad took T.I. into the Garage. There sat a brand new PW 50. After ridding the bike the rest of the day T.I. had a new dream, to ride dirt bikes for the rest of his life. He was eleven.

“My parents are the reason I am able to race. They help me so much, by getting me to the races every weekend and they help me to eat right. Thanks to them I can really focus on racing. I have an older brother, and he likes to do the tough love thing ha, ha. My goals are to just keep plugging away, get some top tens before this series is over and do as many outdoors as I can get to. And of course get some top tens! I feel like I have the talent, now I Just gotta figure everything else out.” T.I.

Privateer Spotlight: Topher Ingalls - Photo 2 of 9

What’s your first memory of a supercross race?

The first SX I watched I went for my friend Mikes birthday. RC ran down McGrath and got the victory. It was awesome!

What’s your first memory of a motorcycle?

Back when I still skated, this kid down the street from me was riding a pw 50 up and down the street and he let me give it a shot.

What is your Favorite part about racing?

Pretty much, any time I do better or as good as i expect to do I’m stoked.

Who do you look up to right now in Supercross?

I’m a big fan of the Grant kid, he can always put down a lap as fast as anyone.

What does the words Factory Team mean to you?

Ha, that’s definately the plan to get there. I feel like it will happen.

Fees you have to pay each race? (I.E. Tickets, gas, passes, licence, ect…)

$200 entry fee

$50 mechanics pass

$120 three tickets

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Photo Credit: Gerald Geronimo

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