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Spotlight Profile:

Racing Number: 213

Birthday: November 13, 1988

Height: 5′ 9″

Weight: 165 lbs

Marital Status: Single

Residence: Canyon Hills, CA

Born in: Cameron Park, CA

Bike: Yamaha YZ 450F

Hobbies: Road Cycling, Beach

Sponsors: E Street MX, Works Connection, Roseville Yamaha, Pro Action, Utopia, Guts Racing Seats, Alpinestars, SDMX, NoToil

Mechanic: Himself

Trainer: Scott Davis

Kramer Patterson is a rare gem in the “privateer” world of motocross racing in the USA. In talking with him, his bubbly personality really becomes infectious – he is so full of life and passion, and he looks at things differently than most.

Although his racing results haven’t been attracting sponsors eyes (yet), his attitude and the way he carries himself seems to be bringing luck his way, not to mention tremendous friends. What’s his secret? What keeps him pressing on? “Easy” Kramer says. “I’m so lucky to be able to pursue my motocross and supercross racing dreams! What is there to complain about?!”

Krammer gets help from a few select sponsors and friends, including, Broc Tickle (whom he lives with) and just recently the Alessis’, who hired Kramer to drive their bus from race to race. So just like most privateers, Kramer makes just enough for the pursuit of racing happiness …

Kramer received his first bike at the tender age of eight years old, as a Christmas present. Always envious of his friends and their motocross bikes, the Xmas gift was a total surprise. After riding it around for fun with friends for a year, Kramer got the “need for speed” and signed up for his first motocross race! The race was the “Danny Magoo Chandler Special” in Placerville, CA.

“I just remember wanting to go fast! Hah! And I did! I won!” From that moment on, the racing has never stopped … he had a few career highlights while racing 80’s and Mini bikes, but when asked about those achievements, Kramer is humble and says “Those aren’t worth mentioning. What is worth mentioning is the fact that during 1998 – 2006 I just rode my dirt bike, had fun and keep out of trouble.” And what Kramer will certainly talk about for as long as you let him are the people who have inspired him along the way.

And that includes a local hero from his hometown, Danny “Magoo” Chandler. “Danny was an amazing talent, with a deep passion for the sport of motocross and supercross, such a big heart and not only that, Danny was FAST” says Kramer. Although Danny was paralyzed from a crash at a European supercross in 1985, that didn’t discourage Kramer at all. It only made him want to work harder.

At the age of 19 Kramer made the decision to pack up his motocross bike, a bag of clothes, just about no money to his name and move seven hours south to the Motocross Capital of the USA – southern California!

He had one friend out here: “T-Bone” (Sara Price’s old mechanic) and no plans as to where to live or how to make money to pay for his MX dream. Kramer ended up moving in with T-Bone & Broc Tickle in a home in Canyon Hills, CA. Since moving there, Broc and Kramer have become like “two peas in a pod”. Riding together almost everyday and constantly motivating and pushing each other to do the best they can.

Earlier this season, Kramer gave Tony Alessi (father of Mike & Jeff Alessi) a call to talk about the annual Hangtown Motocross round of the AMA National Motocross Championships, and told him how he just wasn’t sure how he was going to get to the next National Motocross. Tony offered him a job to drive Mike Alessi’s bus to the next few rounds. Kramer was able to make some cash and get his bike and himself to the races to compete! “Tony was such a big help! I am very grateful for that opportunity”

I asked Kramer the question belows and I found his answer to be unique:

What are your goals in this sport of supercross and motocross?

The goal is, when I am all done with this sport as a racer, I just want to be remembered. I want to have an impact on people, especially kids. It takes a lot of work, struggle, and heart to do what we do. And if I can inspire another person to follow their dreams by my example … well, it will all be worth it.

What’s on your iPod?

Boy George, Prince, Michael Bolton.

Weekly Race Expenses:

Gas $300

Food $100

Entry fee $200$

Bike parts / maintenance $900

Overdraft fee $150

Good Luck Kramer! We will be watching!

P.S. You can Visit Kramer on his Myspace;

And he will soon have a profile in our community where you can email him!

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