Passion, Drive, Strength: 3 words that define Devin.

Devin was born in Canada. He was born with a severe disability, that some may have worried would set him back in life. One arm didn’t fully develop, but the other one is normal. He’s now 20 years old and he has gone his whole life without letting that disability set him back. In anything.

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Spotlight Profile:

Racing Number: 57

Birthday: January 19, 1990

Height: 5′ 7″

Weight: 148 lbs

Born in: Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada

Residence: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Bike: Yamaha YZ450

Favorite Food: Subway. Eat Fresh!

Favorite Band or Music: I’m actually a country guy – my favorite artist is Jason Aldean

Goals: To get a factory or privateer race team ride and do a full national motocross season

Advice: No matter what, never give up and never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. If you put your mind to it, it can potentially happen!

Devin developed his love for racing at the age of five years old. Some of his best memories in life are of his Dad taking him out to local mx tracks, and his drive to be competitive grew more and more. But after a series of bad crashed Devin decided to take a break for a while. That break didn’t last too long and after some time thinking he decided, he wanted to get back on his dirt bike.

His passion for riding and racing really exploded after the first race he entered – in the beginning of 2006 on a 125. Devin says “I was lined up with 28 other guys on the gate and as I looked left to right to see them something in me just really wanted to beat them, I looked out at the first corner, grabbed the throttle fast enough and took the hole shot. At that moment I knew this was what I wanted to do for as long as I could”.

While riding, Devin has blown out both knees and suffered a multitude of other crashes – but that doesn’t stop him. His bike has to be prepped differently – the throttle is on the left hand side. And he just got a brand new YZ 450 F! He says “MX isi a lifestyle for me, not a hobby. I put so much work into this, I really want to make it”.

Amanda: A day in your life, walk us though it…

Devin: Its pretty much the same everyday unless I go into work. I wake up around 6 AM and head straight to the gym. When I get home I’m in the garage to work on the bike and do any fine tuning it needs, Then it’s time for breakfast, then head to the track, where I usually spend 3 to 4 hours. I like to get in six 20 minute motos before I head home. When I get home I make sure everything is put away and ready for tomorrow, eat supper then spend some time with my friends. Usually playing ATV or MX Reflex on Playstation. Then repeat!

Amanda: How is it possible for you to ride a dirt bike?

Devin: Mentally I was born this way, so I don’t really know anything different. But I do get small reality checks when I crash and eat dirt : ) I sometimes have to say to myself “Is this really worth it?” (with a laugh) But what keeps me going is Motocross is a drug for me, its affected my entire life, my family, my relationships, my career choices, everything. It takes so much time out of my day, but it is a lifestyle I want, one I love. I have the will to win I guess.

Amanda: You were just training out in California for the past few months, what was that like?

Devin: I spent a lot of time there this year, to train and ride as much as possible. I was there to really take it seriously and to come back to Canada faster and with a lot more knowledge and skill. I had a lot of people help me out this year, and I’ve met so many great people. Two big helpers to me have been Chris Ridgeway and Tatum Sik. It’s always a great experience coming out to California.

Amanda: Supercross or Motocross?

Devin: 2010 has been my first year riding Supercross and I’m really starting to love it. I’m going to try and qualify for the X Games so I have been riding Supercross tracks a lot more. But nothing is better than outdoors, everything is so big and your going so fast. I’m a big fan.

Amanda: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Devin: I’d love to be the Worlds Fastest Adaptive Rider. I’d love to not only qualify for X Games for Adaptive riding, but also to be the first Adaptive rider to qualify for the night shows in Supercross, all of the nationals, and would love to have a good sponsored privateer ride or even a Factory ride. To make a buck on a bike would be a dream!

Amanda: Considering your are our hero already … who are your heroes?

Devin: A guy named Ken Brown – he races quads and he is paralyzed. He was the one who actually encouraged me to come out to California and try to qualify for the X Games. He has just been so inspiring to me. He doesn’t let his disability set him back, he’s out on the track competing just like everyone else. My other hero – Ricky Carmichael. He has worked so hard for what he has accomplished. He has set a tremendous model for anyone that hard work pays off. And that is my mentality.

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Privateer Spotlight: Devin Rochon - Photo 6 of 6


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