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Spotlight Profile:

Birthday: May 29, 1991

Height: 6′ 1 1/2″

Weight: 180 lbs

Born in: Puallup, WA

Bike: Yamaha YZ-F450

Hobbies: Mountain Bike, Fishing, Go Karts, Snowboarding

Sponsors: Rock River Powersports, Decal Works, Fly, Scott, Dr.D, RG3, Hammerhead, Etnies, Ogio, Asterisk, Dunlop, Cycra, Tag, Stomp grip, Hot Cams, CP Pistons, ASV, Uni, Yamalube, Sheehan Construction.

Mechanic: Dad

Trainer: Dad

Ben LaMay, is a 17 year old privateer from Anchorage, Alaska. At the young age of 3, his Passion for riding came about when dad bought him a PW for Christmas, “I was super excited” he remembers, “I could barely say the word MOTORCYCLE, but I was riding it everyday. He rode that PW 50 around in fields and occasionally raced some local Flat Track Races. Shortly after that Christmas, he and his family moved up to Alaska and started signing up for all the local races. He raced in Alaska for about 5 years, and soon began winning time and time again. Knowing right away that racing was what Ben had his heart set on, his parents put there whole lives aside so they could support Ben in his passion.

They decided to take him down to Las Vegas to race the World Mini’s, to see how he would do. Very quickly, he started making a name for himself. When he was 8 years old, he received 10th place in his first national race on a KX 65.

He is now in the privateer area at every Supercross rac. Trying to make his dreams come true, not only for himself, but to repay his Mom and Dad, “I plan on making it and getting some money and letting them go on and do what they want to do.” When I asked Ben what he sees in the future, he responded, “My goals are to make the mains in SX and hopefully somebody will see that I have the heart to race and would give me a ride, and they see that I have the speed to race up front and all I need is some good bikes.”

Good Luck ben! We Hope to see you make your dreams come true!

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Why did you start riding?

Because my dad got me a PW for christmas and when I started riding, I guess i thought it was fun to ride around over jumps and stuff. So ever since I was 3, I’ve been hooked.

What is your favorite part about racing?

My favorite part about racing is being able to battle with the best guys in the world. Try your hardest to get up in the front where you can make a name for yourself and have a good time racing with the top pro’s.

Who is your favorite racer and why?

Travis Pastrana for sure is my favorite racer because he has a lot of talent in every single sport he does or trys to do. When he raced sx he always would be up front and either crash or be sick or always had some kind of problems, but that never held him back from trying to go out and do it all again. He had amazing style and technique on the bike and was a really cool person to be around. I went to his house in Maryland for a week and had so much fun riding with him and doing backflips and just messing around. Travis is definetly my favorite rider/racer.

What are your thoughts as you ride past the factory teams in the pits?

Every time I ride past the semi’s, I just hope they realize that I’m young, up and coming and I deserve to ride with one of the teams out there.

Fees you have to pay each race? (I.E. Tickets, gas, passes, license, ect…)

It’s a lot of money to do a race so when you get there, race, and driving to the next round, you better make sure you made more than you payed for.

Riders liscense is around $500. Then you need a mechanics pass which is around $400. You gotta get all these forms notarized and get all kinds of photo I.D.s. Gas to get to some of the races usually go anywhere from $100-$1000 for each race. And you of course you have to pay the entry fee’s to each race which is $200. So if you do every round its a whole lot of money. That’s why you need to make so much every weekend.

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