St. Louis marks the approximate halfway point of the 2013 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series. This series has been surprising and exciting in many ways.

First, let’s start with the series points leader Davi Millsaps. To some, Davi leading the series is a surprise. But, it shouldn’t be. Davi has won a title in supercross before (the 2006 AMA East Regional title). And don’t forget – last year – he finished second to Ryan Villopoto in the championship.

Just as important to Davi’s success this year is his support system. The Rockstar Energy Suzuki team. The bike itself. Trainer Ezra Lusk. Davi has everything needed to continue his run at the top – as he’s lead the series from race 1 in Anaheim.

Second in points coming into St. Louis – the defending champion – Ryan Villopoto. Ryan also has all the ‘tools’ necessary to produce good results, and even defend his championship. He’s won the most amount of races so far this season, but what puts him second in points is a few mistakes at a few events (like falls). However, Ryan’s been in the position before. If he racks up a few more wins, he’ll be right back in a good striking position of Davi.

Ryan Dungey is third in points coming into St. Louis. Ryan, just like Davi and RV, has a great support system around him. The team, the bike, comfort level, etc. He’s also won a supercross title before (in 2010). He also knows what it takes to win. What’s kept him from winning more this season? Same as Villopoto – a few mistakes in main events (poor starts being one).

In the 250 East, Dean Wilson is leading the point standings coming into St. Louis. Dean is not only fast on his bike, he’s got quite an engaging personality. If you get a chance to get his autograph or meet him in the pits – he’ll chat you up. And he’s incredibly entertaining and funny.

Dean says “I’ve had an awesome week so far compared to last week. After getting second-place last Saturday in Atlanta, I really want to get back on the top spot of the podium this Saturday in St. Louis. I can’t wait to get out there and have some fun.”

Wil Hahn. Wil won his first ever 250 Main event last week. He’ll be riding the number 19 Honda, and he’s quite confident that he will continue to do well. After his win last weekend Wil said “It’s great to know I have all these friends and fans who are out there supporting me. With travel and everything it took the better part of a day to get back to everybody. I had close to 230 text messages before I even made it back to the trailer in Atlanta. It’s a pretty awesome thing. It feels great that all the work and training I’ve been putting in has paid off this way. Now it’s just a matter of getting back out there and building on what we’ve already done. I feel like last week is going to be the first of many wins for us.”

Wil Hahn winning in Atlanta last weekend

Let’s mention last week’s winner in Atlanta. Mr. James Stewart. It was a big win, not only for James, but for the sport. Why? James is incredibly popular! Check out some of the numbers on our Facebook page where there are photos of James!

And speaking of the two winners last week (Wil Hahn and James Stewart), check out the race recap, results, points, and photos from last week in Atlanta.

How about another two-time AMA Supercross Series champion who is extremely popular with the fans as well? Chad Reed. Here’s what Chad had to say after Atlanta: “Last weekend was one of those you would like to forget. I got a shocking start and from there I was stuck back in the pack – a mid-pack race has a very different dynamic to one where you are out in front or close to it. There are risks being taken all around you and you have to take risks yourself. Every point counts in this Championship so I was pleased we salvaged something. I missed the event in St. Louis last year so I’m really looking forward to getting back out there and seeing all of the fans. I’m hoping we can make up for last week’s result with a strong showing this weekend.”

Broadcast coverage of the 450SX Class can be seen this Sunday, March 3, on CBS Sports beginning at 12 Noon ET (9am Pacific). Coverage of the 250SX Class can be seen later that afternoon at 2:30 p.m. ET (11:30am Pacific) on SPEED.

Last year in St. Louis, Ryan Villopoto & Justin Barcia were the big winners. Check out that race here.

Notes courtesy Feld Motorsports

450SX Class: St. Louis Stats

* The first race was held on April 27, 1996, and Jeff Emig won on a Kawasaki
* Emig’s win broke Jeremy McGrath’s 13-race win streak
* This will be the 18th time that a race has been held in St. Louis
* Kawasaki was winless in St. Louis since 2001; Ryan Villopoto snapped that streak last year with a win
* Justin Barcia became the only rider to win St. Louis three times in a row in the 250SX Class. Could he start a similar streak in the 450SX Class in the Edward Jones Dome?
* Chad Reed will make his 150th career 450SX Class start; he will pass Nick Wey for sixth on the all-time 450SX Class start list
* Ricky Carmichael won his final 450SX Class race in St. Louis in 2007
* Reed was the last rider to win back-to-back races in St. Louis (’03-’04)
* Nathan Ramsey is the only first-time winner in St. Louis

450 SX Class: Wins By Brand in St. Louis, Yamaha: 7 last win 2011, Suzuki: 5 last win 2010, Kawasaki: 3 last win 2012 Honda: 2 last win 2008

250 SX Lites Class: St. Louis Stats

* The first race was held on April 27, 1996, and Kevin Windham won on a Yamaha
* This is the 18th time the gate will drop for an 250SX Class race in St. Louis
* Reed gave Yamaha their last win in St. Louis in 2002
* Brandon Jesseman gave Suzuki their last win in St. Louis in 2003, can Blake Wharton give Suzuki another win?
* Honda has won five consecutive 250SX Class races in the Edward Jones Dome

250 SX Class: Wins by Brand in St. Louis, Honda: 7 last win 2012, Kawasaki: 4 last win 2007, Yamaha: 3 last win 2002 Suzuki: 3 last win 2003

250 SX Class: First Time Winners in St. Louis, Stephane Roncada: 1997, Ben Townley: 2007, Blake Wharton: 2009

450 SX Class Laps Led: Ryan Villopoto: 55, Davi Millsaps: 37, James Stewart: 20, Justin Barcia: 20, Ryan Dungey: 19, Trey Canard: 7, Jake Weimer: 1, Mike Alessi: 1

250 SX Class Laps Led: Eli Tomac: 39, Cole Seely: 21, Ken Roczen: 19, Wil Hahn: 15, Dean Wilson: 15, Martin Davalos: 7, Jason Anderson: 4

Past Winners in St. Louis

450 SX Class

March 3, 2012: Ryan Villopoto
April 9, 2011: James Stewart
April 17, 2010: Ryan Dungey
March 21, 2009: Chad Reed
April 19, 2008: Kevin Windham
March 3, 2007: Ricky Carmichael
February 18, 2006: Chad Reed
March 5, 2005: Ricky Carmichael
March 13, 2004: Chad Reed
March 22, 2003: Chad Reed
April 6, 2002: Ricky Carmichael
March 31, 2001: Ricky Carmichael
March 18, 2000: Jeremy McGrath
March 27, 1999: Jeremy McGrath
March 28, 1998: Kevin Windham
April 5, 1997: Jeremy McGrath
April 27, 1996: Jeff Emig

250 SX Class

March 3, 2012: Justin Barcia
April 9, 2011: Justin Barcia
April 17, 2010: Justin Barcia
March 21, 2009: Blake Wharton
April 19, 2008: Trey Canard
March 3, 2007: Ben Townley
February 18, 2006: Davi Millsaps
March 5, 2005: Grant Langston
March 13, 2004: James Stewart
March 22, 2003: Branden Jesseman
April 6, 2002: Chad Reed
March 21, 2001: Travis Pastrana
March 18, 2000: Travis Pastrana
March 27, 1999: Ernesto Fonseca
March 28, 1998: Ricky Carmichael
April 5, 1997: Stephane Roncada
April 27, 1996: Kevin Windham

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